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Archives - 2008 March

24th March 2008, Monday, 21:32:26

I just came back from my trip last night. And it wasn't a pleasant flight! x.x It was horrible! :,c But it was a pretty fun trip nonetheless. I will be posting my pictures soon. ^_^

Here are some random pictures from my trip ::

I bought this for HK$19 from around the corner.
Thought it was kawaii.

these I love to eat ^_^

I found this hanging on the street sign in Kowloon

Here's a glimpse of what I will be posting soon ::

And here are some flowers (and a tree) from Kowloon Park ::
(I'm starting to have this sort of thing with flowers.. they're so pretty to take pictures of)

16th March 2008, Sunday, 17:12:16

I painted my nails today ^_^

(it's black with pink hearts on it)

There's not much going on today. French classes aren't until next week, and I'm two days away from my trip. haha! On a sad note though, they took away my turtle last night :( (they didn't really, she just had to stay somewhere else while i was away). And I'm truly grateful for that. ^_^ I just miss my turtle. haha.

16th March 2008, Sunday, 01:05:25

Some cute stuff from [ Les Zillus de Missbean ] ::

14th March 2008, Friday, 23:55:11

I've uploaded new (well, actually old ones that I just uploaded) pictures. ^_^

Here are some of my favorites:

pink flowers we picked up from around the corner in the afternoon

teddy bears! you can find them at Queen's.

Stanley Beach

and again.

and still Stanley Beach.

11th March 2008, Tuesday, 23:02:20

So I've uploaded about half of what I've done online. Right now, I'm writing on the "read about my trip" section for the pictures. I actually find it useful for people planning to go but don't know where to go, or people who go there so often they don't know where else to go. haha. (I'm talking about Hong Kong. Probably not for the other places I've only gone to once) ^_^

Check out Hah, you're going to love those creatures.

10th March 2008, Monday, 20:43:15

Agh. >.< I still have a lot to do with regards to the site (uploading pictures). I hope I finish everything before leaving for Macau/Hong Kong on the 18th. I'm quite psyched about it. Will be in Macau for a couple of days and then I'm off to Hong Kong. I've never been to Macau so it's going to be fun.:)

Moving on, I'm checking out a couple of codes I might use for the site. ack.. hope I come up with something useful. :P

7th March 2008, Friday, 23:45:35

I was out with a couple of friends today. And I've been craving Café Bréton since last week (so we went there) and I had Galette Marakkech (which is funny because I've been watching Feast Bazaar and it featured Morrocan and Syrian food---which i also like).

here are a couple of shots i took today while i was out:

and fishies in the pond:

and by the way, i dressed up my monkey! :p I made him a cute little white shirt (and still planning on making more fashionable ones)

6th March 2008, Thursday, 00:30:09

Some things I bought today..

(1) clip thingy: (for my sis)

(2) and a funny-looking monkey for myself

4th March 2008, Tuesday, 22:35:04

A couple of things I bought today:

(1) bleach key ring: (front and back view)

(2) deathnote ring on a necklace:

2nd March 2008, Sunday, 20:54:01

I had french this afternoon, and I have to admit, i'm kind of confused now and it is getting kind of complicated. (might also be because I stopped taking french for a while and studied German and Spanish instead). I'm still taking spanish now, as a matter of fact. As for German, I had to stop too because of the limited schedules they had to offer. I seem to like German more than Spanish though. It's more because I feel that Spanish is a really common language now and somehow German seems to interest me more. I am, however, planning to take German again..(if my schedule allows it). haha.

I had a lot to do today. I'm running out of shelves for my books! Besides doing my homework for French this morning, I stuffed a couple of my old books (really old ones that I own and don't plan on reading anymore) into boxes hoping to put up some of the books I haven't read onto my shelf. lol.

Play blog killer here. It was kind of amusing really.

1st March 2008, Saturday, 17:21:08

I have been working really hard on the site (changing the layouts, and the old contents). It might take a while for me to finish the whole thing and upload it since i only get to work on it four nights a week..:sigh:

Spanish was pretty fun today. I was surprised we had free food during our break. I didn't really know what event was being held then, there in school. But everyone was eating and the food was yummy! It was pretty fun because the whole class was cramped into this one little table and we finished loads of plates! haha.

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