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Archives - 2009 March

29th March 2009, Sunday, 19:48:22

I finished watching Traveler today. n_n; I love the series but how it ended was a total cliffhangeeer! =/ I really really loved it though. It's quite different from the usual stuff you see in series. If you happen to come across it try watching it. ^_^

...although I think you might hate the ending...! (and you won't find any more episodes either as they have discontinued it as far back as 2007...).. But still worth watching. :P


Last week I bought this:

A hello kitty chinese zodiac keyring :P Of course I bought the bunny one. :D I so want to use it already but it might get dirty or something... =/ Haha.


Oh yeah, and I made this one! I'm supposed to use old scraps of paper but couldn't find any so I tore up some magazine paper and made it into this!

I realized I should not have used magazine paper as it's hard to mash up. (In fact I wasn't able to mash it up..). So instead of just using water I mixed it with glue. I left it for 1 week on my window sill. It's already super hard now.. like plastic. :p It works nicely as a coaster too....


Below are some random photos I took...:P

Where do you think I took these? It's not a very nice place, where it is..(I think one can tell if you look closely..). But I always thought the edifice was nice.. And the interior too.. I never went in but it's very oldish and had this spiral staircase which I find quite dramatic. It's not open during the day though, I think. At night it's outlined with lights.

27th March 2009, Friday, 22:53:20


Something happened today... n_n; I was sitting on my chair when it caught one of the wires lying around and it went *boom*. Hahah. I was on the phone with someone and the next thing I know there was like this super bright light and a loud booom. It all happened so fast... But I saw the light first before hearing the boom.

Thank God nothing happened to me. >.<

Someone quickly shut down the power and what happened left a black thingy on the ground. o_O For some time it smelt of fire and smoke...~_~ But later it was gone.

Just thought I'd tell ya since these things don't happen quite so often... And maybe I should be more careful. (yeaaah, okay okay..)


I made curry shrimp today with lots of veggies .. and shrimp. And it was sooo nice.;) Then I played an online game for 2 hours and started studying (hahaha. note: Playing comes in first for motivation...! xP Hmm.. You should think that's totally messed up...well, not quite.)

I'm actually not finished studying yet so I think I should go back to it.... n_n; Until my next post then...


But before that, since I won't be able to post anything tomorrow (I think i'm going out... :P), Here's a little something for 28th March...

In case you didn't notice that little thingy above my post today.. :o)

Pls. support Earth Hour and turn off your lights too. ;)

I've turned mine off... So good night. =X

Haha. Still playing with the light on the image, aren't ya?

25th March 2009, Wednesday, 21:55:35

Had Taco Bell for lunch today..

I had burrito last time.. which was better than this rice meal. Burrito had more beef in it too. :P

And here's my Pokka Cappuccino..^-^

24th March 2009, Tuesday, 18:49:10

城田優 ♥ on last month's junon.. =X

cuuuuute, right? (^-^)V

Oh yeah.. I reactivated my facebook account today....n_n;

20th March 2009, Friday, 21:26:00

Haha. I have completely uninstalled the Creative Suite as I was told (remember I was having problems with some of the stuff on my comp?). Haha. I'm going to have newer versions reinstalled next week. Yay.:) The problem was with the updates... Haha. I don't think I will be doing anymore updates :p

Now that's done, I better study. Haha. :)

And after I study I think I'm gonna go read a book. (I haven't read a book in ages...:p) Any book you can recommend would be nice. :p

19th March 2009, Thursday, 21:33:58

Ack. My Adobe Acrobat Reader won't work... neither does Photoshop.. and there are bugs in my Fireworks program. T_T Does anyone know how to fix it? o_O It doesn't say much other than an error has occured and the program needs to close.. and then it closes. I tried reinstalling, but something seems to keep me from reinstalling it.. Vista stuff. So I tried excluding that from the list but it still won't reinstall. I also tried repairing but to no avail. hmm.. T_T

Have you encountered something like that?

I think I'll take sick sick lappy to computer guy sometime this month... T_T

15th March 2009, Sunday, 22:39:05

Flipflop display at the mall...xP

Ate here in the afternoon...

And I had schnitzel which was really really lovely. :)


Today's my friend's birthday by the way. :P Happy Birthday Acha! :o)

12th March 2009, Thursday, 20:55:00

Long overdue photos..! xP

December buys from Kinokuniya..

Two weeks' worth of Hello Panda.. and Pocky.

And err.. dinner! :)

This is pretty cool..


I haven't uploaded my SG photos from last time because i'm feeling so lazy to! :p But also because I'm a bit busy with other stuff.. Oh, and i do have a bunch of SG albums here already... =.=

I think I'll pick up my Japanese book now and review a bit.. :P Reminds me..! It's cool that I was able to get these Japanese course videos in Japanese/Portuguese. Yeah... I don't even know Portuguese. :p But since it's so similar to Spanish, I'm able to get by, more or less. :o) It's usually 1hr10m (a bit long..), but I think i'll try to watch it every other day...Haha. I said the same thing when I started with Pimsleur but I never got past the 10th :P I'm trying anyway...

9th March 2009, Monday, 21:56:54

Pepper Lunch - SG

Hurry, mix it up~


Some photos from Food Republic at VivoCity..

I just thought it's styled pretty nicely.. :p The one at Suntec is nice too.. it's made to look like an old library of some sort.

This one's (at Vivo) chinese-y and random. There are even bikes hanging above. I couldn't take more photos because I only tao hip-ed a little. Plus, there were a lot of people -- mostly tourists.

That's someone telling me off. :p No picture taking allowed. I'm so stubborn.


I suddenly thought of putting these pictures up because a friend of mine's currently in SG.. and i'm not! T_T
Haha. I think I'll be back again around June...

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