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23rd December 2009, Wednesday, 14:36:55

Aaah. It feels great to sleep the morning off today. >_< It's nice to get a good rest for at least one day and get me all powered up for blogging, photoediting, studying, and playing on my PS2. Haha! :D

Right, so here are a bunch of photos I've uploaded on my Facebook last Sunday (from Sunday's brunch).. I've finished editing them already by then but haven't gotten around to posting them on my blog. Turns out my sis has posted these pictures on her blog already (yesterday's post), I guess I won't be able to post them on my photoblog anymore right? So instead of saving them, I'll just dump them all here! ;)

(I hate to see my editing efforts go to waste...n_n;)


This is the second time we brunched at LiLi's ( at Hyatt Hotel and Casino's fifth level). I like that place. The food's lovely, place is wonderful. Good interior, good service, quiet, just enough privacy.

This photo I was able to shoot from a different angle last time.. ;p I quite like this part so here it is again. :D

Some of the seats..

Inside one of the rooms..

Check the boxes and place your orders

Here's where you go to get your share of desserts. Last time's line up was better then this one. But it's good too. Especially the holidays thingies they have. :D

Another area (bar room) leading to the casino, next to the dessert room.

Little details..:P The plate?..

My place..That's tea I'm drinking, ahh, and it's good tea.

I thought I'd take a photo of every food they served that day. But I ended up only taking this! :P

barbecue puffs!

After that I just gobbled everything up.


Here are the special holiday ones.. x3

What's on my dessert plate?

The purple-yellow one is marshmallow jelly. Soft and light, it is.

The Yule Log Cake is magnifique. xP Tastes like choco mousse. It was good. Probably one of my favourites from that day. reflection... :P

I like these on my feet. :P Bought them in SG a couple of months back. First time wearing them. Very comfortable.:D


Some trees? :P


Merry Christmas again everyone! :D See you in the New year.

21st December 2009, Monday, 23:18:45

I was planning to post something for Monochromatic Monday (for my photoblog), but it took so long to edit my photos! And since I did mention I'd be away for the holidays, I might as well resume blogging come January. So, how's it going for me these past few days? Busy! But tomorrow's the last day of work (luckily for me).. and yes, I do have the rest of the days off to START PACKING and have fun. XP Don't even ask me how my packing's coming along.. I haven't even started yet! x3

Speaking fo which, anyone nice enough to look after my turtle? I hate to have to leave her alone. T_T The longest I've left my turtle without food is 2.5 days. You think it can survive one week? I'll be leaving some veg and food sticks for her to nibble on when she's hungry... Though I'm not sure how long they'll last. You know these turtles, always begging and gorging food down their necks even though they're not hungry. Lols. I was thinking of setting up some stuff so that when she pulls on a string food will come falling down.. Except I'm not sure my turtle's smart enough to do that! :P

Now how am I supposed to enjoy the holidays when I worry about whether my turtle's eating right? T_T


I came across some Wallace and Gromit Christmas thingy showing on the BBC when I opened my Facebook today. Ah. I LOVE Wallace and Gromit (--same goes for Shaun the Sheep and Timmy Time!.).

I hope you enjoy this picture. We don't normally decorate the house with Christmas-y things... (I hate the keeping-them-again part) ... But I do miss those times we did. The very home-y nature of this picture makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone! (^-^)v

*I remember making snowballs a few years back when we went to Yosemite. It was so much fun. xP I wish I could do that again.. Is there a place in Singapore where you can get fake snow? xP*

4th December 2009, Thursday, 21:37:14

Something's made me insanely happy last week! xD

THE EOS 500D! I wanted Mark5D orginally but it was far too expensive! o_O Besides, 500D came with cool features too. I'm using EF 18-200mm IS lens.. Good enough, I'm still learning.. :D

the box!


THE cool CAMMY! :D see how huge the lens are!

some book about EF Lens and their zooming power.

like I said, EF lenses...:P


Random things I got last week:





Momiji dolls I'd like to have! ^-^ *hint.hint*



Sunday's lunch...Haha.

Studying japanese...or at least trying to. Haha. That's the bread plushie I bought recently.



What I'd like to have in my room! :D

I used to have an inflatable snoopy tent. I remember it was my favourite. And I used to write my journal in there too....I think I've tried sleeping in that too...Heh! xD


I've recently been trying to reformat our old computer... but to no avail = No Heroes for me this week too. I will have to fix it / get it fixed soon and resume my downloads right away.

Only a few days more before Chirstmas. This year's gone by pretty fast, yeah? What have I been doing the whole year? Hmm..

SG in a few days (can't wait!), and yes, I will be spending the new year there. ;p But if there's one thing I'm really looking forward to, it's summer in Spain next year! @_@ But no rush.. I will wait patiently until end of June :D I have yet to enjoy the 5 months before that,and prepare for when I finally get there. (Haven't spoken the language in at least a year!--very bad sign).

Let's hope I speak enough to get by.. ;)

Oh right, and get that darn student visa approved because living in a tiers-monde requires it.


Alrighty then, I better get my homework done......(and this time it's Japanese).;p

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