Monday, February 18, 2013

Simple rolled maki and Onigiri

Something I made for dinner. :3 Very simple to make and quite good.

Bought a huge pack of frozen crab sticks from the supermarket last week, was about time I used them! :D

I rubbed a little wasabi on the crab sticks before I rolled them to add more flavour.

But I ate the maki with soy sauce and some more wasabi anyway.:p



I had more rice to spare so I decided to make onigiri. (Ah, playing with food is fun.:P)

Made these with onigiris from combini in mind.:D

This one was filled with Tuna.:D

Filling of the onigiri I had in Tokyo


Hate that the weekend is over, and dreading the start of another very loooong week of work...=S (Another one of those times when I wish my parents gave me a choice and let me work in a field I was more passionate about, then I would be more enthusiastic about work....=/)

Anyway, spent most of my weekend knitting and now I need more yarn...n_n Did I also mention catching up on some tv dramas.. :D

Oh well, until my next post. ;)

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Illustration: Images of Sol, Madrid

I spent some time on this, reviewing my photos and picking out the details. Although I already had an image of what I wanted in mind.

This was it, exactly.

I really love the iconic bear with the tree. XD Originally wanted the Sol Metro Sign in the background but thought it worked better as a frame.:P

Ended up placing the metro entrance and the post office behind it.

My mood board..

Watercolour is actually my least favourite medium, and is something I definitely need to improve on.XD


I work best with chalk, and oil pastel. charcoal a little, but too messy for me. (Simply put, quite the opposite of this.XD)

I am quite satisfied with how this turned out in the end though...:3

Friday, February 01, 2013

Illustration: The Colosseum in Rome

A quick sketch of The Colosseum in Rome. :3

And here's one with the photo of it:

Not quite perfect...>_<

The two reference photos:

Here it is with colour...

and the final outcome...:P