Tuesday, May 24, 2011

In the middle of studying

In the middle of studying, but thought I'd write a quick post.

Have finished downloading a couple of games for my psp:

Gundam. The game title is pretty long, I can't remember.:D

Not a big Gundam fan, but since it was available for download...xD

And here is Akiba's Trip

This one I can't play because my psp's running on a different CFW.


Lol, I'm having a hard time memorizing new vocabulary (Japanese), but the grammar part is easier than I thought.

This is where I keep my couloured pens and whatnots.

That's the octo-sculpy I made a few months back.:D

(I have not been sculpting for a while now....)

How I manage to fit them all is a mystery...

What is on my desk:

[background: the japanese textbook I am studying. (Photocopied a friend's book temporarily.) // upper left: my psp, where I keep the audio files for use with the textbook. // lower left: my little 単語帳, where I write new words I encounter.;) -- this has been incredibly useful to me of late as I have been learning a new word everyday! // upper right: grammar patterns. I have found this easier to manage than the regular notebook I used to write on. I could shuffle and re-shuffle as much as I want.xD]


I should get back to studying now. :) Made myself a warm glass of Horlicks. うまい!!--> I have been saying this word a lot recently.n_n""

And shall be turning in for the night after I finish this chapter. Lol.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Photography: Dusk and the Moonlit Night

Skies from 2011/05/10:

Beautiful play of colours.

[left] and [right] images were shot seconds apart. :D


Bought this last week:

It's been ages since I last had Andes choc. This still is my favourite flavour! :D

It's this small, 28 pieces in a box.

A little more expensive than Meiji's Meltykiss.

But the consistency of their chocs are pretty different, so I can't really compare.


More moon photos from me this week. :D

2011/05/14 Saturday:

[one more moon photo coming up at the end of this post!]


Stocked up on some coffee Saturday evening..

I was drinking this yesterday afternoon:

It's the second time I drank something from this brand, Sangaria.

Last time I had Ichigo au Lait [イチゴオレ] = Strawberry Milk. It was lovely!

So this time I tried their coffee, they have loads of different blends too.

It had a good smell, the taste was to my liking. [Definitely better than the Suntory Boss I had last time!:D]

I will definitely buy again.:P


So, here are more unnecessary things I chanced upon:

Yes, it's duct tape!:D What I'd do with it, I do not know. I like the colour. I think I will use it to patch up some stuff in my room, or seal boxes.


And this, can you guess what it is?

It's a heavy duty adhesive thingy...

Mounting tape, it says.

I love Scotch products.O_O

Like it says, no more nails! :D

Oh, and what's good about it is you can use it outdoors, rainproof and all.>_<" ~ My friends know how crazy I can be about paper thingies I keep and handouts.

This is what I do on weeekends.

Ever since I learned how to bookbind I have been binding everything! And most of them have survived the worst flips and falls.

I have been binding since .. as long as I can remember! :P

It keeps my stuff neat. [These are some of the German language exercises I got recently.]

It takes about half a day for the spine to harden and dry (depending on the weather). Here it is drying.:D


I also found a book on 関西弁 recently. I love love Kansai.:D 関西弁のアックセント可愛いだと思う、大好きや。

Haha, my normal japanese isn't even that good yet and I'm jumping to another form.

I should probably keep this for later. :D


I should stop buying things I don't need! T_T

Mini speakers. They were cute so I bought them!

My psp doesn't actually need them because it already comes with its own built-in speakers.

Lol, but my old Apacer MP3 Player probably does. :P

The sound that comes out is not very loud though, it's meant for your own ear I guess.


I watched the sunset yesterday. It was beautiful.

Yesterday was exceptional. いい天気や。

I love how warm this looks:

..the calm blue skies mixing in with the setting sun's fiery colour.

..Can you imagine India in this photo?

..Such a beautiful colour. It looks like a lake, with mountains in the background.

It's actually the sky!


As promised, here's the moon shot from yesterday evening.

Looks creepy.. somewhat. But I love this shot and how the moon silhouettes the branches.

Can you see how the moon has changed in just one day? ;P


Until then.:D

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I hope to see you there!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Update 2011-05-10

I did some minor editing (you may have noticed I took out some of the links from the nav bar (left).

The 'CHAT' option is now working again, contents from my old tagboard are still intact. So please send a message!

Will be working on the other parts when I have the time! O:

Waaah, I still haven't advanced to chapter44 of my Japanese textbook.

For now, I'm Vocabulary-wise until Chapter43, and Grammar-wise until Chapter41. 自習は大変だね。 頑張らなきゃ~~

Monday, May 09, 2011

Photography - Ominous Clouds

Pretty bad weather today, and heavy fog all throughout.

Whiled away and took some photos:

These bears are looking cool eh?

And here is one with the heavy clouds in the background:

And another with their hands up:

Alas, the skies have started to clear as the dark ominous clouds moved to another direction.

Winds were quite strong though..even as the sky opened up.

But how nice it is to have some light shine in on my room!

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Sony's Navi-system and my PSP

My psp, last month's wallpaper was Oreimo (Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai).

I thought it made a cute wallpaper so I kept it for awhile.


Some long overdue photos of みんなのナビ, based on Sony's Navi system, on PSP.

If your PSP is equipped with GPS, this is a godsend!

This is Shinagawa 品川 (left) and Odaiba (お)台場 (right)

And then we take a closer look at Odaiba お台場..

This is the Fuji TV Building! How cool right? It looks just like it.

You can even search for stores nearby, or elsewhere.

Some more screenies..

And here is the Harajuku area, (you can see Harajuku Station 原宿駅 on the map)

Here is Shibuya 109. the fashion capital~

A closer look at the building

Ahh, so convenient. I wish I got this earlier.;) [this is a version from some years ago though, so some of the shops may have changed.]


Now we head to Kyoto 京都。

(the streets are all set on a grid in Kyoto)


It has a map of Osaka 大阪 too, except I couldn't find Namba 南場.

Maybe it's on Disc2? [lol, I have yet to see Disc2.:D]


Here is a Tosho Card 図書カード I got from a bookstore in Tokyo when I bought a fresh dose of Manga.

Oh, I love Peter Rabbit~~ [note: I got a peter rabbit stuffie for only 50円, ちっちゃいだけど。。 but すごく安いだね! Great find~~ Peter Rabbit Merchandise are quite expensive]


A closer look at my psp wallpaper:

Another Oreimo photo:

This is a photo I took when I visited Mt. Fuji 富士山。


Some new games I downloaded..

AKB48 game..

Patapon3 game..


And that's pretty much it for my psp :D