Tuesday, June 28, 2016

I'm back!

Hey everyone ~~ Sorry for being away so long. A lot of stuff happened this year and although I want to write, I just didn't feel like it. =_=

When I came back from my trip in January I was in high spirits, Like, really. I mean who wouldn't. But then stuff happened in February, not anything grave, but depressing.... and I don't know, I hate for my life to be like this and my family situation. Not anything to worry about though.

So, by mid-March I finally had something else to keep me busy, helping my mom with her Japan trip. She's on a package tour but she had a couple of free days and I was helping her sort stuff out.

Was also during this time that I rekindled my love for the arts -- In the small vacation time that I had, I spent at home painting. And I quite enjoyed it -- the perfect de-stressor and every work gives me a sense of fulfillment.

I will try to post my work in the next few posts... but if you're following me on instagram you may have seen it already. :3

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❤ ♡ ❤


On a lighter note, posting these [a pending draft dated 20150112] which I saw on a shop window in N├╝rnberg - a city I would love to go back to.

Have always loved little trinkets such as these. I played with Polly Pocket and other Bluebird merchandise, but never these. Read about the Sylvanian Families in books and love the heartwarming stories that go about their little village.

Hope you enjoyed them.

See you in a few. x