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Archives - 2008 July

27th July 2008, Sunday, 23:02:24

○○○ ♪ window shopping ♪ ○○○

j'ai vu quelques choses très jolie aujourd'hui dans le magasin! o^.~o

Et des gateaux...

tous sont les jouets en peluches..!

j'aime ceci... ^_^ かわいい!


un monstre avec un parapluie. :b

les étalages, j'aime beaucoup. (mais, pas les vêtements!)

[they should have sold lolita dresses instead...:b]

je ne sais pas pourquoi il y a ce chose là..!

Et encore...:)

J'aime aussi les papiers chiyogami maintenant.. >.<

Tu as peut-être remarqué sur les photos que j'ai affiché récemment.

Et, j'ai décidé de changer ma mise en page... (si pas le mois prochain, après..!)

le thème: le japonais et les papiers chiyogami.

22nd July 2008, Tuesday, 20:38:45

Mon cours d'espagnol (niveau 7) a commencé aujourd'hui. Encore, c'est pour deux semaines.

on n'a pas discuté le nouveau livre, mais n'importe. >.<

We're supposed to look for more tongue twisters (in Spanish) for tomorrow's class. They can get quite confusing, especially when you have to listen (to the tongue twister) and not read them from somewhere.

But that might just be good.. to practice on the speech thingy.

Still viewing yuu's blog. (which is on my links page, should you wish to see it yourself. Although, it's all in japanese, and it's better translated to chinese than english, since it makes more sense. Haha.) He has some pretty nice pictures there too. *drool.drool* (just steal all the good ones...!)

Oh, and he's half spanish too... (which might be why i just mentioned him...)

Agh, and i have to stop blogging in english... T.T

21st July 2008, Monday, 22:29:54

Salut! C'est mon anniversaire aujourd'hui!

Happy birthday to me! ~ *sings to self*

*Some things that need mentioning:*

I love the strawberry beanie (haha, and all the other beanies!:P).

And the shimmering lotion is just wonderful. :P


And here's some fascinating artwork thingy on the card:

Yep, all done by hand. (which is really really thoughful!) Merci beaucouppp!

And to everyone who greeted, thank you! o^.~o

18th July 2008, Friday, 18:30:56

I have finished working on the new link, "sketches".

It's a collection of some of the things I've drawn in ink, pencil, color, and a couple of other materials. (Although, it isn't actually that much! ~_~).

You can view them here.

Here's a personal favorite:

() ()



...a little something i received a couple of days ago.

The grape-flavoured one is quite addictive!

3rd July 2008, Thursday, 21:24:57

shirota (the one on the left with the toothbrush). Sooo cute. !

@beyoungka :: thanks for this one! (lurve those thingies on your phone.)

.. and more photos from today ..

cream puffs! (asamoto cream puffs? --if you watched 絶対彼氏)

blueberry cheesecake (something one can't go wrong with)

2nd July 2008, Wednesday, 22:49:04

Un petit dessin ^_^

front & within. it folds in three. and meets in the middle.

Just a little
something I made for my friend's birthday scrapbook thingy. (Oops. I don't think I should be posting this before she actually sees the scrapbook on friday :P But.. I just feel the need to.. haha.)

() ()


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