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26th February 2009, Thursday, 20:58:39

Goodies from Macau..

Haha. It's finishing up pretty quickly... ^-^

There's more where this came from..:p And this happens to be my favourite....that's not the whole stack...xP

These almond cakes are pretty good too..~ I'm not much of a fan of Almond Cakes though.. But they're popular in Macau... xP So yeah.. here it is...!

But since I really love this one so much... are some photos I took of it while I was munching away..



I got きのこの山 today and thought I'd blog about it. I absolutely love Meiji products.


the back

the packaging inside

the cookies! they're mushroom-shaped....!

I went to its webbie and it's absolutely adorable!

It has interactive content for kids and I had fun playing with it. xP ..Although I could hardly read the japanese text that scrolled occassionally on the screen. Haha. I'm still starting so I'm pretty slow reading jap text.^_^


Some photos from dinner the other day...

I wasn't able to take photos of the actual food because I only remembered when I finished eating... xP



Haha. Quite a long post... ^-^ Yeah, I sacrificed playing an online game to post this! =.= Nah.. I have to study anyway.. So I should stay away from addictive online games... *_*

It's so nice listening to Daniel Powter's album Under the Radar. If you should get your copy, I recommend listening to Fly Away (my ultimate favourite from the album), as well as Next Plane Home, Am I Still the One, and Best of Me. But the rest of the album is fantastic anyway.. So yeaa....

...I better go study now. :D

22nd February 2009, Sunday, 17:38:22

Feb22. It's Baden Powell day, right? in scouting? xP Haha. Can't remember the right term for it now..

oh well. Mom went to Macau today with a bunch of her friends. And I'm here. =.= Haha. Macau is a pretty nice place.. I'd like to go back. xP :sigh:


Here are some photos of the new manga i bought... Well, it's not really new. It's been around for awhile but I just bought it recently. So...(^-^)

front covers


first page of the fan book... stickers! *_*

this is so cute! the cat and the mouse (kyo and yuki).. I prefer the cat.. but i don't like real cats. :P

These plush toys are absolutely adorable. Wish I had these! *_*

And more collectibles featured! The tiger, ox, onigiri and cat are pretty cute! The bunny looks okay I guess. :p

And lastly, this is the first thing I did when I woke up today. So don't complain if this is a bit messy. n_n"

Well, that's all for now. I better go take a bath and get ready.^_^ I'm going out for some japanese for dinner, xP

18th February 2009, 21:59:03

I just got home. And dinner was lovely! (^-^)

Hm.. I haven't posted in a while. Soz about that. I've been busy. :D Anyways, here's something I was supposed to post for Valentine's.

and the err.. emo one... Something wrong with the bottom part... didn't bother fixing it. x_X

And of course, these I've been wanting to post!

They look sooo yummy! ^o^

11th February 2009, Wednesday, 23:37:20

I made some rava dosai today and it was a disaster!! =.= Hahaha. Although, it doesn't taste half as bad when paired with the thingy I made to go with it. That one was marvelous. xD It's mainly potatoes and onions..coconut milk and some masala mix... and .. a secret ingredient! :p I was thinking of something sweet to contrast the spicy-ness..And it worked quite well.

i mostly just put whatever I feel like putting... and I sometimes use basil leaves because I just love the smell! But that's mostly used on pastas right? ....But as long as it fills me up nicely it's good. :D Enough about food now 'cause it's making me hungry. :o


I went out to buy some stuff yesterday (and today).. And I'm pretty happy with my recent buys. :p I'd like to post them but I haven't transferred the photos from my cam yet.. so yeah, some other time. Remember the butter cookie can i posted last time? Apparently its only the can that looked good. The cookies inside weren't yummy! T_T It wasn't bad but it wasn't really something you'd want to eat either.. And now I have to finish it. xP


Oh yeah, I found my hello kitty mouse! I kept it in a box somewhere in my closet. >.< Hah. :p I'm going to turn in for the night now. ..zZzzzzZzz... Need my sleeep. bon nuit! (^-^)

8th February 2009, Sunday, 16:15:09

Woke up today to the sound of birds chirping happily outside my window. Yeah, really. They were. (^-^) I don't have internet connection at the moment so i'll be typing away for now and post later when I go somewhere with internet. >.< Agh. It's so annoying I can't find my hello kitty mouse. =.= I looked everywhere! Where could it have gone, hmm? I'm sure it'll come out eventually when I least need it. :p :sigh:

5th February 2009, Thursday, 19:45:35

Currently doing my japanese homework.. n_n; ... Thought I'd take a break from it for a bit.

Here are some photos from an italian restaurant last night:

Dinner was so yummy!! ^o^


And here's a pretty butter cookie thingy i bought:

I actually love the can.. which is why i bought it. =.=


I also bought some textiles the other day.. =.= More sewing. I haven't bought zippers yet.. =/

Haha. I better finish my homework now. Can't wait to play Dekaron. =.=

1st February 2009, Sunday, 17:30:20

I watched Slumdog Millionaire last night and it's pretty nice.

I prefer the kids' portrayal over the adults' because the kids were more into it and natural. The story revolves around a guy from the slums who now works as a chaiwala in a call center. He later joined the game show Who wants to be a millionaire? and won millions. The host, as were the others, were astounded by this and could not believe a chaiwala from the slums can win this much. He was then taken away after the show for investigation, thus unfolding the life he had as a kid, and how he came to be. It's quite nice because as the story progressed, you get a taste of a little of everything. From music, culture, religion, politics, and the social life of those in the slums, and of India. :o Of course, that's not really all there is to it. You get the gist. n_n; You have to watch to know. :D


I have been slaving away since this morning sewing a pretty cover for lappy dear. =.= My handsewing was pretty neat I was surprised myself. But now I'm feeling pain in my arms and neck leh. *sianz* T_T

I can't wait till it's done! But for now i'll be resting (= playing!) because I do not wish to overwork myself. xP I'll be needing some more materials though, so I think I'll have to find time and buy some nice looking zipper. I think I will continue sewing next weekend as i have much to do this week. =.=

Oh yeah, we have a photoshoot this wednesday (or is it thursday) for my friend's clothes! :p It's pretty cool. I can't wait to see her work/dresses. xP I hope they make it next week though because I have to work this week + tons of homework + i need to buy some materials. =.= But I did promise to go to the next shoot....xD

I had Japanese class again yesterday and guess who I saw! Okay, you won't be able to guess because I'm not even close to this person! Yeah, but it's funny it's him I ran into out of all the people I know. xP Seeing him reminded me we're having our class reunion on Feb 22 (a few weeks from now). I really want to go (but also depends on who's going) but I don't think they have a definite place yet. Plus, it's on a Sunday.I guess they couldn't find another time when everyone's free.

Later then. I'm gonna go make myself a cuppa horlicks. I'm hungry already.~

..and it's too early for dinner. =/

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