Friday, August 27, 2010

I have japanese class again tomorrow = I need to sleep early tonight. ToT Haha, I have studied the vocabulary (some) earlier. But my stubborn brain wouldn't remember the Kanji(s) I'm trying to memorize...O_O It is one of those days where the best thing to do is just sleep your worries off. SIGH SIGH. (OR is it just me who feels that way? hmm..)

Gah~ I better start studying.. But before that here are some photos I'm leaving you with.:)


OHMY.. These food photos are making me hungry! (I have been looking through which ones to post.:D)

The カレオムライス I had:

It was yummy of course! I've long been a fan of curry. And this one with the ketchup-y blend and scrambled egg.. divine.:P

This one was pretty good too. Not the best, but quite good as well.

This is one of my favourites, we have it every time.:D

I'm not sure if you can tell by this photo, but it's TOFU. How I love TOFU too.:D

And of course, tempura.

I'm not the biggest tempura fan there is out there. I can do without tempura.


A plouche! ^_~

Off to study, I am.

Have a lurve-ly weekend you lot.:D

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What a busy week! :) (Err, more like cleaning, washing, and drying plushies.)

More cleaning over the weekend. (my room is a whole lot of work...)


Daily dose of CHOC! (A choc a day is enough for me~~ sugar rush.)

Pucca Biscuits (more like pretzel, the texture)


A dress I bought recently, and a hat fitting the warm season..


The lightswitch in my room:

I absolutely love chiyogami paper and its beautiful patterns!


Pretz -- My favourite. I love the roast and fried flavoured ones.

This is a japanese pretz, salted.

Below, Pretz inside a cosmetic case I recently bought for myself.:D

Wonderful lining.:D

And again from a different angle.

I got this recently too...:D I think it's pretty cute.

A pretty reindeer print:

Imagine sleeping on that reindeer print! So cute.


The following photos were taken weeks back, obviously under bad weather~~

Look at that sky!

The fog lifting:

Let's hope for sunny shinier skies!


Random stuff I bought (How much have I spent this week! ToT)



Being random, here's a kiwi:

The tiny little details are beautiful. And the bright-coloured inside of the Kiwi is definitely refreshing!


Ate out the other night, and here's another photo of the moon.:D

I brought the SX110is one, so I think this is a good enough photo.

Have a great week! :)

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

I have been playing the guitar again! Picking up where I last left off. LOL. This is the reason why I never ever become good at it. :P I stop for a few months, pick it up again when there's a good song I really want to learn, and realize I never completed the previous song I was learning to play... So in the end I never learn a new song. >_< I have started watching ホタルノヒカリ 2. Waaah. It is ♥ ! I've watched the first season twice already, and the latter half of it about 4times.:D I didn't like Makoto-kun in the first season, so I'm glad he's out of the story.:P Lol. Anyway, here are some entries I meant to post weeks back...

2010/07/23 23:24

VELONICA - Aqua Timez on endless loop~~~

Studying for the finals.

頑張ります! \(^-^)/


2010/07/29 22:51

Ahh!! I have been downloading so much recently I started to run out of space on my hard drive. Decided to get rid of some old files, and that was when I realized what a mess the files on my comp were. I have this habit of putting everything of the same sort into one folder.. and there are just too many folders on my comp now! T_T Imagine having to look for a file.

I burned a copy of the music I don't listen to often. You can't imagine just how much memory music eats up on my comp.:P And now I have to start flipping through my CDs when I want to listen to some songs from the previous year!

Have been listening to some classical pieces since I started watching Nodame Cantabile, it lulls me to sleep.:P Haha. I still keep my favourites (like Coldplay which I listen to endlessly, JohnMayer/JasonMraz/DanielPowter when I feel like singing to them, and my Japanese favourites). It's weird I don't have a lot of new stuff unlike before. You can say I used to know everything about the new music that came out, artists, their backgrounds, and such (err.. back then), now it's down to nil. HAHA. Am I getting older (the new songs feel like noise) or is there not a lot of good music coming out now?

SIGH SIGH. And now to change the songs on my MP4... Am also putting in some Japanese magazine scans to flip through when I have nothing to do. (and there is just so much I want to do!)

Below, some of the things that have crossed my mind as I type this entry:

[ ] play the guitar
[ ] study the next chapter of our japanese textbook
[ ] play a videogame (I have not played for months, and when I do play I can't stop. It's me lil druggie.)
[ ] read 'Por la vida de mi hermana' (I stopped somewhere in the middle, and that was last year too.)
[ ] translate some of my favourite clippings into French. (I managed to translate one a long time ago, and I have so much more lined up. But it takes too much time!)
[ ] watch anime (there are far too many animes for me to watch, and so little downloading capacity)
[ ] watch j-dramas (=LOVE. But yeah, it's time consuming)
[ ] watch Hotaru no Hikari (=my recent fave. I love the plot, the cast, ....)
[ ] buy jap plushies (to expand my collection.:D but where to keep them....)
[ ] bigger room, more storage space, new furni!
[ ] shirotan. <3 [ ] cosplaying with hachi and reira [ ] review the german language (else it'd go to waste.=/) [ ] more Sho-Comi. OMY. Another of me lil druggies.


2010/07/30 20:50

My internet connection is pretty bad. Thus, I couldn't upload + update my webbie. Instead, I'll just play the guitar. It has collected quite an amount of dust now. I haven't touched it for some time already. xP