Saturday, June 30, 2012

Paris - entry 003

Ma soeur et moi n'avons pas perdu aucun temps quand nous sommes arrivée à Paris.

Premiérement, on fait un petite visite á Les Deux Magots, un cafe très populaire avec les écrivains etc (mais en un rien de temps!). Maintenent, c'est les tourists qui y aller!

Notre logement est près d'içi, et le Bd. Saint Germain est connu pour ses cafés au tout le coin.

On rencontrait avec Peter (un photobloggeur --d'origine suédois-- qui écrit de Paris dans son blog).

Un verre de Moët et Chandon,

C'etait vraiment de bonne qualité.

L'interieur de ce café:

Il a un l'air très parisien!

Peter, qui nous parle de ses aventures á Mongolie et Chine.

Et ça, c'est un bon début de notre voyage à Paris.

À la poste suivante, alors~

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cute Japanese Notepads

Treated myself to some notepads (yet again!)

It came with some cute stickers as well.

And you can stick them here:

or here:

So many pages to fill! :3

Can't wait to write on them! :D

Monday, June 18, 2012

Blingies I lurve

Some things I meant to post but have not had time to..

My blingies! Lol.

A closer look..

One of my favourite rings, so indian-inspired!


A crown pendant that I love to bits, bought this back in 2007! (Can't believe s'been five years! :O)

I remember using the last bit of coin I had on me to get this! (Haha, used up all my pocket money, wouldn't have extra to pay for excess luggage...---Luckily I didn't have to! n_n")

The ribbon ring I wore last time...

à plouche~!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Haikyo much?

The creepy "museum" sign seen from the inside...

The ticket booth..

.. Well, believe it or not this "museum" is still in operation! (So it doesn't exactly pass as a haikyo post...sadly! >_<"))

...But such an old building in this condition....I have always wanted a little haikyo adventure of my own...XD

Thursday, June 07, 2012


Meant to post this last month..

The iPad3. :3

It was actually a gift from my cousin in Canada. He works for Apple.

Would you believe this is my first apple product?


It was more a 'shared' gift, so can't exactly call it mine.:P

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Hong Kong - six years ago

Not much have changed, I'm guessing.

This was Hong Kong back in 2006, wonderful view.


Ages ago, this used to be on the 'Travel' page of my blog. Funny to have come across this photo today while browsing some of my old files.XD The photo is a product of my old Nokia phone, I'm quite surprised myself! There are glitches though, at times.


Ever wonder how crowded Hong Kong's streets can get?

This was along Jardine's Bazaar (@ Causeway Bay), a street lined with shops popular among the young as a hip fashion haven. [kind of like Japan's Takeshita Dori (@ Harajuku), except Jardine's Bazaar was busier...and t'was almost impossible to shop, really.XD]


By the way, that yellow sign (with red text) you see on the right, it's a popular local fast food place. Great food.XD ..with a load of choices. I don't mind Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner at this place!:P (...since they have different items for BLD almost everyday, save for a few staples.) Err, of course other food places are a must-try too. Thing is you find great food at almost every corner in Hong Kong, and all very greasy, which makes you feel guilty after the trip.xP