Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Knitting my first scarf with Korilakkuma

After having learned how to do the most basic of basic stitches, I went ahead and bought more yarn.

This time I thought I should knit something with all kinds of patterns in it. A scarf! Perfect for practicing difficult stitches.

How it it looking? The cute little pattern on it is called the raspberry stitch, or so youtube tells me. Lol.

Knitting with korilakkuma! <3

These are pretty much the colours I'll be using, can't wait to see how this project turns out! :3

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The day I decided to wear a fringe

I know it sounds crazy but I just cut my own fringe! XD (Like I said -on twitter-, by far the craziest thing I've done this year, cutting my hair and not knowing what it'd look like after! LOL) -- Okay, please don't laugh! :S

It's a little crooked, but I'll trim it as it grows out a bit.XD

Shy photos of myself with my new do. These were taken with the PSP.:D

My stubborn hair keeps parting so I wore a clip to keep it together for a few days.:D

Now it kind of clumps together naturally. :3 (Although I don't normally wear this look at the office, it gets in the way. -_-"")

Haha, a few days after this I also decided to cut my own hair! Was actually fun. XD And it turned out the way I wanted it to so I was quite satisfied. No, overjoyed. :P

Shall not do anything more drastic than that for now!

Heh. XD

Will post photos of my new haircut some other time. n_n Although the difference is not too noticeable I think? Except that it's shorter, about shoulder length, and gradually longer at the base.


Just a quick update and I'm off to sleep! Can't wait to spend next week (hols!) lazing around at home! :D (--> in desperate need of more holidaze!)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Perfect Red Boots

The title says it all, a couple of years back I suddenly wanted to own a pair of red boots... but to no avail! XD

While I found some locally, they were poorly made...! >_< And then in Berlin, I found a pair at Deichmann that costed only 22 euros. And I thought, thisizzit!! [Wsa on the verge of buying it, ...maybe around two more people before me at the cashier... when I ditched it at the last minute, because it didn't feel too comfortable.XD ]

Well well, who would've thought I'd find the perfect pair in time before I left Madrid? n_n;

Fits really well and was quite comfortable to wear.:3

And I got it for only 17euros.<3 What a steal~!


Have not had an occasion to wear this out yet though.:O

Instead, I have been wearing this around my room occasionally (..ah, such is one of life's simple joys.^_^)