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25th January 2009, Sunday, 23:59:06

Un petit dessin ce matin...(^-^)

J'ai commence a apprendre le japonais la samedi derniere.. et c'est pas mal! (le facade et l'interieur de l'ecole n'est pas bon). Le cours c'est jusqua juin cette annee. Et je brule avec impatience de l'apprendre. (^-^)

I have started taking Japanese last Saturday and it turned out to be alright. (Because the school was so hiong..! Even older than William Hall!). It's until June this year and I can't wait to learn. (^-^)


Celebrated CNY this year at uncle's house. (^-^) Dinner was nice. :o) Although I was already a bit full by then because I slept the afternoon off then ate some pasta and Calbee when I woke up....! Haha.

lantern along chinatown

so hard to take pictures while the car is moving! So I only took this one lah.

That concludes my evening. ^_^ I feel a little disappointed today because I was supposed to get something yesterday and didn't get it. So.. sigh. o_O Hopefully I get it this sometime this week. *wink.wink* Can't tell you what it is though... :-|


Last night at Tempura Bar and Grill ::

pretty light

Tofu with mushrooms. Love this one

Chizu Tempura

Curry Yakisoba. Too MSG-ish

Sukiyaki. Not my order. n_n;

Pork thingy. Not my order either. n_n;


Photos from Friday :: (will dump them on my Friendster tomorrow)

Little thingies I made for my friends:

Some truffles my friend made!



Our drinks:

frome here:

Camwhoring~ xD

acha & me .... acha & bianx .... bianx & me

bianx .... me .... acha


Happy CNY everyone! n_n;

19th January 2009, Monday, 19:23:49

I've put a pingbox from Yahoo Messenger on my blog! So you can send me IM's when I'm online! (^-^)

Click here to try it.. It only works when I'm online though.. ;)

16th January 2009, Friday, 22:42:24

Cute bunny rings I bought last saturday..

pink and white! (^-^)

And here are some keyrings I bought... last monday.. ;)

rubber pork and chicken! ^_^ kewlizzh!

That's all for now! I started playing an online game (again) last night and I levelled up a bit.. Now I'd really like to play before I go to sleep. I actually started playing it around October or November last year... and then I got bored and stopped.. and now I thought I'd give it a go again. :p

sooo..I guess it's good night for now and happy levelling for me xP

13th January 2009, Tuesday, 22:07:59

Last night, I watched 叶问. It was soo nice. n_n; I watched it without subs though... So I didn't catch those Japanese words they exchanged. xP Lol. I super hate the japanese guy with glasses! Without his gun, he (or any of those jap people) definitely can't win against 叶问! His moves were too cool. xD Haha. And that last part where he fought the jap general was like the nicest thing! The jap guy was totally defenseless. Although I also hated it because I know something bad would happen after. So yeah, the jap guy with glasses shoots 叶问 but luckily he only hits his shoulder! So he lives! :P And the police guy (who worked as a puppet for the jap) finally turns his own gun to shoot him. Boy, did that feel nice! The ending was good (because 叶问 didn't die! :P). His friend helped him and his family leave the place. I actually kind of pity his friend actually, always getting involved with trouble and getting punched.... =.= What's all that money he's making worth when he's being treated that way... =/ He should have equipped himself with basic martial arts, at least. But luckily he turned out alright at the end too...

Here are some photos related to the movie:

You should see 叶问 too!! It's really good. :P


I was finally able to buy a new controller for my ps2! n_n; So many things broke when New Year came... After so looong of having not played on my ps2, I thought I'd give it a go. And guess what! The X and O keys weren't working! Of all the keys that could go wrong! It had to be the two most commnly used. xP So anyway, I have been looking for a reasonably priced controller.. I found some that sell cheaper but I don't think they're originals.. So I didn't buy it. But I still didn't get the original anyway because the other one was at half its price... I haven't tried it yet! But I hope it works alright...
So what else stopped working? My DVD player. Actually, I wasn't the one who broke it. Someone else did. That SomeONE tested his CD on my Player and after that my DVD started turning off and on by itself! Hmp. You better not try your CD on my player next time... Ack. whatever's in it.. =.= So, good thing too that I was able to get a new one, to replace the one he broke! -_- But it's an older model... and it's definitely less glamorous. I mean, the design.. it's kinda bulky. Compared to the one I owned.. But definitely better than no DVD Player to drown myself in on weekends..:p

Oh yeah, I was also going to get myself a new lappy (noteboook!). I'm kind of eyeing the pink VAIO...because it's pink! But I don't quite know what I should get yet! I've been looking at the lappies at Orchard when I went there a couple of weeks ago. If I have time maybe I'd drop by Funan or Sim Lim...>.< A friend of mine bought his lappy there.. But would it be better if i bought elsewhere? Someone told me he got pian-ed with something when he bought there. Lol. I see a lot of Lenovos but it's Made in China so I don't quite know if the quality is good. There's also this cheaper Sony VAIO-like pink which Asus made. Taiwan brand. My sis is also using Asus and it seems to work fine with her. But I'd like one with higher specifications because I install a lot.. and play too.. So.. I don't know! =.= Originally I wanted hp.. then after seeing sony i thought maybe sony is better...but there are also cheaper ones like Asus and Lenovo which works in the same way other lappies do...^_^ I don't quite like Apple though... So that one's definitely out.
hopefully I'll be able to get one before april...xP


I'm turning in for the night now. =.= Guten Nacht. xP

9th January 2009, Friday, 21:07:01

I just watched Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea (崖の上のポニョ, Gake no Ue no Ponyo),

a Hayao Miyazaki film.

I loved it! The storyline was good, and so were the animations.

I definitely recommend this one! It's very light and heartwarming to watch. n_n;

Other Hayao Miyazaki Films I love: Howl's Moving Castle, My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki's Delivery Service, Spirited Away, along with some others. If you haven't seen any of these, it's high time you did. =.=


Went out yesterday and guess who just spilled her drink?!

How can I be so clumsy? Haha. I can't remember the last time I spilled a drink. It's been a long time...(until yesterday, anyway).


And here's a photo of an instant carbonara I had for breakfast the other day.

It looks small but it's stuffy. Quite good though.

Another one of them maggi products. lol.

7th January 2009, Wednesday, 23:54:30

Something I should have posted last time:

I drew this on New Year's Day. Very Random. I didn't have anything much to do in the afternoon. My ring finger hurt a bit from playing the guitar.. so I thought I should stop playing (to not worsen it). And then I took this Japanese D.I.Y. book and saw bunny drawings and thought I'd draw one too. lol~ and it came out like that.

Those little yellow bookmark-like thingies hanging on the leaves are wishing cards. And only I know what's in them. :p (My own wishes anyway....!)

And the rabbits.. Hmm. it's not exactly the year of the rabbit. But I was born on a rabbit year... So... (^-^) I'm totally for the rabbits.


I haven't gotten around to resizing my SG pictures yet. But I think since I've been talking rabbits I might as well post some pictures of rabbits I came across at this petshop at Suntec... it's the one near the koi garden.
And they're just too adorable to not post!

peter rabbit loves the cam. lol. xP

these kinds are cute, furry, and soo round! Couldn't keep still though. o_O


Anyhow, I better get some sleep now. (^-^)

and so should YOU.

Good night. Sleep tight. :P

1st January 2009, Thursday, 23:17:13


bonne année!

So late of me to post. =.= Sorry for the long absence. But I have been away and really busy (with my own stuff). But first things first, Happy New Year (again, if you don't read chinese..or french).

I came back earlier than I wanted to.. so I had a few days' rest and time to do things I don't get around to doing much anymore. Although I would really have preferred to spend New Year's eve at S'pore for the Marina Bay Countdown. Lol. It would have been fun.~ Tickets were at $23 I think. Hm. but at least I got to write a wish on the sphere thing. :P I was at Suntec when I wrote on it but I took another photo when i saw it again at Raffles Place. Haha.

at Suntec...

at Raffles Place...

So many spheres along Marina Bay already. (photos were taken from Swissotel and from when I went on Ducktours. Lol.)

the spheres...from afar and up close

I've never really went on Ducktours until last December and it turned out to be fun. The weather was nice and it was pretty breezy. Lol. It was low tide that day though. So there weren't any splashes or *bump* when we got on the water. (*slight disappointment*)

ducktour-ing... going to water...

the other duckeee behind us is now beside us

And.. the funny thing is, that same day the flyer stopped moving.

photos of the flyer (when it was still moving..)

in the evening, when i heard about the incident at the flyer, it was already dark... and it wasn't lit... so i wasn't able to take a photo.

Here's the flyer news on the tellyyy..

And here's one when I woke up the next day. really bad weather. It wasn't operating. :p


Would love to tell you more but it's kind of late now and I really need to go to sleep. So... wondering how I spent New Year's Eve? (Well, since I wasn't in Singapore for the Marina countdown or the Siloso Beach Party.. )

I was playing mj (mahjong) with family. (^-^) Haha.

I took a couple of photos but this is my favourite:

I'm pretty lucky to get really good pieces at the start... :P See those (433221) tong ki i have? I had them already when the game started..Haha.

And yeah.. I did win this one...


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