Tuesday, June 28, 2016

I'm back!

Hey everyone ~~ Sorry for being away so long. A lot of stuff happened this year and although I want to write, I just didn't feel like it. =_=

When I came back from my trip in January I was in high spirits, Like, really. I mean who wouldn't. But then stuff happened in February, not anything grave, but depressing.... and I don't know, I hate for my life to be like this and my family situation. Not anything to worry about though.

So, by mid-March I finally had something else to keep me busy, helping my mom with her Japan trip. She's on a package tour but she had a couple of free days and I was helping her sort stuff out.

Was also during this time that I rekindled my love for the arts -- In the small vacation time that I had, I spent at home painting. And I quite enjoyed it -- the perfect de-stressor and every work gives me a sense of fulfillment.

I will try to post my work in the next few posts... but if you're following me on instagram you may have seen it already. :3

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❤ ♡ ❤


On a lighter note, posting these [a pending draft dated 20150112] which I saw on a shop window in Nürnberg - a city I would love to go back to.

Have always loved little trinkets such as these. I played with Polly Pocket and other Bluebird merchandise, but never these. Read about the Sylvanian Families in books are love the heartwarming stories that go about their little village.

Hope you enjoyed them.

See you in a few. x

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Saturday, January 16, 2016

New Years' Shopping x End of Season Sale

A quick look at what I bought recently.

I love the stuff from Terranova because it fits me just right. Plus, the quality is slightly better than that of H&M's.
(H&M quality has sadly dropped and more so when it started expanding in Asia...They seem to be sourcing their products elsewhere now.)

Bought this because I own matching shorts with the same print! :D
(My first choice was the one in grey but the last of it was XS. I could fit in it if I wanted to, but practically speaking it was just too small.T_T)

And this grey one feels Nordic. And I love Nordic feels. Or is it just me?
What caught my eye were the silver strands entwined in the knit. :3
(It is super subtle and not noticeable in the photo sadly..)

And.. you know how I love grey. XD

Monday, October 26, 2015

Ramblings 20151025

Hey everyone. S'been a while since I last posted.=_= Sorry about that. Have been busy planning my trip this year and have not had time to write anything.

Anyhow, had my visa interview last week, it was horrible. I slept 3 hrs the night before as we had to pick our mom up from the airport -- She was returning from her trip to Vietnam. I had to wake up early that morning as traffic is super bad. It took me 1hr+ to get there. Anyway, all of my papers were in order. But for some reason, they wouldn't release my passport unless I procured this other paper they were asking me for. Apparently they are allowed to ask for extra proof of they deemed it necessary. I have been traveling to the EU for the past 4 years, why now?:O Anyway it is too much hassle.=_=

Will explain when I do get my visa.-_-

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Ramblings 20150922

Busy these past weeks making preparations for mt trip (the usual stuff, the enormous paperwork to be submitted at the embassy, and a lot of research to organize the whole trip -- in my case printing my own map that has all the streets listed there- I have learned from my mistakes...and it's always better to have a physical map on me.:))

// Düsseldorf - Köln - Hamburg - Bremen - Bologna - Venezia //

That is a lot of maps.XD ... and I better get to work.

Before that, leaving you with a few photos I took in 2013! (Sorry but I have no new photos to post..T_T)
How time flies.... It feels like I just took these some weeks back.

Watching my favourite anime then 'Shirokuma Cafe' and enjoying McD's Caramel Sundae.

Learning to play 'Asturias' on the guitar with some Meiji chocolate to power me up. (Haha). And the highlight is this little plushie. I was deprived of plush toys when I was younger (well, a little. my parents thought it impractical to buy as I'd outgrow them + the fur and all can cause allergies.) so it probably explains how much I love to collect them now.

And my favourite fluffy coin purse! I love frog products and have been collecting them for a long time now. :D

So now you have learned a few things about me.:D

Anyone with suggestions and recommendations in any of the above cities I would love to hear them! <3

Monday, August 24, 2015

Sketches :: The Moomins

These past couple of days were cool and rainy. Today was exceptionally cloudy & windy without much rain.

Made a quick doodle:

First the silhouettes.

Quite enjoyable; I love drawing trees.

Contemplating whether to draw the background in (mostly horizontal lines for the evening sky and added depth).

But here is how it looks so far...

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Quick recap:

Not much have been going on lately. I'm watching this chinese reality show with kids (it is really funny) which is on every Friday and yes, I'm on this channel at ten sharp every friday.XD We also had a work holiday this week which I spent sorting photos from my previous trip. As for my next trip, I haven't decided yet... But I'm very much looking forward to it.
These past days I spent watching Seis Hermanas, a Spanish tv series which I quite like. I'm already on ep. 78 and it is a little dragging at the moment but it's quite nice anyway. :D I also just finished a UK tv drama - Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. Only 7 episodes and I'm looking forward to see the next season, if there should be one.:3
Another thing I'm really looking forward to is Downton Abbey Season 6 (pbs announcement), which is due to air in 2016. (yeah, next year.:/).
On other notes, I have been sending and receiving a lot of cards; but will be on a break from OCT and NOV to prevent cards from coming in on December while I'm away -- I don't like my mail getting mixed up with everyone else's for too long as they might get "lost".:O
I haven't abandoned my blog -- but while I've been away from my comp, I have been learning a lot of German.:3 And also learning a lot of German songs.:O

Until then! xx