Friday, July 08, 2016

Illustration: Godiva heiße Schokolade mit Fuß


Bought myself a decent-sized sketchbook and here is a page from it:

The size of the sketchbook -- super handy.

And a closer look.

I think I found what I love to do best -- product illustrations.

One's overall mood greatly affects the quality of the work. There are days when I'm feeling forced to draw for the sake of practice and those always come out bad. Feeling forced or rushed to finish a work never works --in my case at least. I need to be calm, collected, focused.... and then there are those days when I have so much inspiration in me I feel like I can draw anything. But that doesn't happen often. :D


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P.S. I am thinking about starting a youtube channel soon, to post videos of my drawing process with. :D Updates will be sporadic but I'm thinking it might be a good idea. Or do I have one too many accounts to keep up with now? XD

Working with markers for the first time

Just as I promised, making it up and posting some stuff from earlier this year.

In February, (amidst the moving-not-moving phase), we came across my sister's old univ stuff and found a bag full of Kuretake Markers. Coincidentally, I wanted to buy Copic Markers but found them too expensive... some 11,990 for a set that comes in a case. Kuretake Markers are not cheap either. But considering my sister had to use them in Design school before (and swears she doesn't want those damned markers anymore), I am very lucky.

In the long run I might want to buy a few extra colours, but for now I will make do with the ones I already have.


Trying my hand at markers and this is the first one I drew:

A Jaegermeister bottle! :D -- also my first liquor bottle illustration.
It is not perfect. I'm only just learning after all. The lines are crooked too.
Made this in under 10mins, but I know I need to practice.
(Recently I discovered the world of illusive 3d-art. Mixed media but I'd love to give it a go. Would take me hours but it's worth a try.XD)

Next up is a classic Guinness advert:

Amazing this stuff works even after being used and left in storage for some 10years..:D

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

I'm back!

Hey everyone ~~ Sorry for being away so long. A lot of stuff happened this year and although I want to write, I just didn't feel like it. =_=

When I came back from my trip in January I was in high spirits, Like, really. I mean who wouldn't. But then stuff happened in February, not anything grave, but depressing.... and I don't know, I hate for my life to be like this and my family situation. Not anything to worry about though.

So, by mid-March I finally had something else to keep me busy, helping my mom with her Japan trip. She's on a package tour but she had a couple of free days and I was helping her sort stuff out.

Was also during this time that I rekindled my love for the arts -- In the small vacation time that I had, I spent at home painting. And I quite enjoyed it -- the perfect de-stressor and every work gives me a sense of fulfillment.

I will try to post my work in the next few posts... but if you're following me on instagram you may have seen it already. :3

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On a lighter note, posting these [a pending draft dated 20150112] which I saw on a shop window in Nürnberg - a city I would love to go back to.

Have always loved little trinkets such as these. I played with Polly Pocket and other Bluebird merchandise, but never these. Read about the Sylvanian Families in books and love the heartwarming stories that go about their little village.

Hope you enjoyed them.

See you in a few. x

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Saturday, January 16, 2016

New Years' Shopping x End of Season Sale

A quick look at what I bought recently.

I love the stuff from Terranova because it fits me just right. Plus, the quality is slightly better than that of H&M's.
(H&M quality has sadly dropped and more so when it started expanding in Asia...They seem to be sourcing their products elsewhere now.)

Bought this because I own matching shorts with the same print! :D
(My first choice was the one in grey but the last of it was XS. I could fit in it if I wanted to, but practically speaking it was just too small.T_T)

And this grey one feels Nordic. And I love Nordic feels. Or is it just me?
What caught my eye were the silver strands entwined in the knit. :3
(It is super subtle and not noticeable in the photo sadly..)

And.. you know how I love grey. XD

Monday, October 26, 2015

Ramblings 20151025

Hey everyone. S'been a while since I last posted.=_= Sorry about that. Have been busy planning my trip this year and have not had time to write anything.

Anyhow, had my visa interview last week, it was horrible. I slept 3 hrs the night before as we had to pick our mom up from the airport -- She was returning from her trip to Vietnam. I had to wake up early that morning as traffic is super bad. It took me 1hr+ to get there. Anyway, all of my papers were in order. But for some reason, they wouldn't release my passport unless I procured this other paper they were asking me for. Apparently they are allowed to ask for extra proof of they deemed it necessary. I have been traveling to the EU for the past 4 years, why now?:O Anyway it is too much hassle.=_=

Will explain when I do get my visa.-_-