Friday, March 20, 2015

Incoming mail 20150319

Two postcards came in the mail today! X3

This one being my favourite, how I love art cards like this one!

(and coincidentally I was also hoping to receive a painting with a winter scene, somewhere along the lines of Brueghel. I love his works.)

The painting above shows A Quebec Village Street in 1920 by Clarence Alphonse Gagnon.

As you would have guessed, the card came all the way from Toronto, Canada. And this painting is on display at the Art Gallery of Ontario. ♡

My heartfelt thanks to the sender who went out of her way to get this card for me from the museum shop.:3

To add to the already lovely card, it came with a cute unstamped Ram stamp. ^_^

I received a similar Year of the Ram stamp from Singapore when I got that CNY card around February.:3

I certainly hope to get more of these stamps from Hong Kong, Taiwan, China -- to add to my collection. *A*

I also got this nice card from Indonesia, which came in with folds and smudgy inks (seriously bad handling).

But I appreciate the card nonetheless! ♡


However, one thing that really bothered me was when i caught this stranger from our apartment reading my cards! T_T

I was like "hey, ain't that mine???" =_=

Oh, sigh, them nosy people.

I'm so paranoid i keep checking the mailbox more than twice a day now!


You can visit my postcrossing blog below...

[ DCBPOSTCROSSING [dot] wordpress [dot] COM ]

... to see all the cards and stamps I have received. ^_^


Do also check out my new post on my photoblog below.. (which will go to this Weekend's Black and White meme.)

[ SNAPPERONI [dot] blogspot [dot] COM ]

Until my next post! :X

Monday, March 16, 2015

WorkInProgress: Oilpainting

This weekend's progress:

I'm really quite enjoying this, painting in oil. (Well, minus the fact that I keep getting paint everywhere -- accidentally dropping my brushes and such).

But otherwise, it is such a fun hobby.

I'm waiting for it to dry before I continue.:3

Will work on the rest of the details next week.^_^


Here was when I started last week: WorkInProgress: Oilpainting 20150308

Some quick links for myself to refer to next time.
Winsor & newton - tips
Winsor & Newton paints
Schmincke/Mussini Oils

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Another Daiso Haul 20150314

New buys from Daiso


Got this cute mini furni, it's the perfect size for my desk, and the drawers -for stationery.

Bought some fabric tape (thinking of using it for my postcrossing cards actually. :D

The packaging

Up close

Ideas on what else you can do with it.


Also bought an iron basket.

Wool Socks

Japanese packaging is always so well thought of.

It's also in black but I prefer brown.

Really love the cute winter-reindeer design. :3

I'm actually using them as sleeping-socks. I love to keep my feet warm when I sleep.:3

Friday, March 13, 2015

Incoming mail 20150313

So more postcards arrived today.

Love this stamp from the USA:

I have never seen a stamp from Bulgaria..

Or Sweden..

This was the only card that came for me today:

It came all the way from Poland! And I just love these beautiful stamps:


I'm actually thinking of traveling to Poland sometime soon.:3

I actually have a rather appropriate blog for these post-related things here:

[ DCBPOSTCROSSING [dot] wordpress [dot] COM ]

I still haven't decided whether to keep wordpress or not. :D

It's a super simple blog showcasing everything I have received from postcrossing. X3


Oh, and this was from 2015/03/10, came all the way from Moscow, Russia!

I did ask for some character cards, which is probably why I was sent this.

It's actually a Russian version of Winnie the Pooh, which is interesting. Apparently, it is "Vinni Puh" when in Russia. Would never have known this existed if I wasn't sent this card. :3

Linking to this interesting post on Vinni Puh!, also linking to the wiki entry here.

Monday, March 09, 2015

WorkinProgress: Oilpainting

Remember how I've always been curious about oil painting but never had the time to (figure it out)? Well, yesterday I finally got started.

I've never really worked on canvas before. Always on textured paper.


And then the lead smudged everywhere.'O'

My makeshift workspace.

I didn't have an easel. So , I improvised -- took the mini rocking chair from a Teddy Bear, stuck a box of pastels underneath to keep it from rocking. Took a mini white board and used it as a 'table'. And placed the canvas atop it.
Well, of course you can just go and buy yourself an easel and that solves everything.

Using a hard flat brush.

Palette. Base colours.

It applies dark but dries light. I was horrified to see the colours lighten when it dried. Horrified because it was not as I pictured. (The tiny photo is the photo I was trying to paint)

And this is me holding the brush.

No idea if I'm holding it right. Anyway what matters is the painting. We'll see how this goes.

Anyone had any experience with oil?? I'm super noob to this medium and am open to any suggestions, recommendations, and tips. :3

P.S. I feel so helpless right now but I am determined to get this done. =_=;

Sunday, March 08, 2015

SKETCHES :: Milan in Watercolor

So over the weekend I thought I'd try to sketch one of the photos from my trip to Milan.

I know I said I was never good at watercolour, but I'm just really stubborn.

Last week while at the bookstore shopping for some art supplies, someone recommended a watercolour brand I've never used before. It was worth a try....:3

This was the inspiration:

Started in pencil like I always do.

Trying to capture as many details as possible, only to be altered and re-altered later. :D

Defining lines. Always with pigment ink. There are many kinds. Find one that works for you. This was a 0.5, other times I use 0.1 and 0.2 for smaller scale sketches in ink only.

Compare, add details.

Mixing and choosing the right colours.

Fill the colours in.

And this was the final outcome:

It was only when I posted and everything that I realized I forgot to write the street name. :P