Saturday, April 05, 2014 - Spécial ÉTÉ

Içi, l'issue été de ELLE l'année passée. Je le trouve dans une librairie d'occasion. C'est pas toujours que je peux acheter des livres en autre langue dans mon pays.n_n

En Asie, c'est déjà été. Et cette magazine est juste parfait.


Quelques clippings à l'intérieur.

Des Mueslis at les choses qu'on peut mettre/manger avec ça.

ELLE Livres -- Il y'a beaucoup de recommendations -- anglais et français. Mais je peux pas lire un livre française en entière.. pas dèjá.XD

Au lieu des romans, j'essaie de lire des BD, online etc. C'est divertissante et très visuelle -- cette dernière m'aide de comprendre le texte. Dans cette photo, une BD vintage.

Au suivant, ELLE Culture. Il y'a une section sur une groupe de pop japonaise.

Mais la que j'aime bien est cette article de voyages.
Vacances à Roma.:3

et blabla, des images de stars et la mode (mais bien sûr XD)..

Un petit BD par une artiste nouvelle.

Recettes.. et une de les recettes.

ELLE Tourisme mets un valeur : Un weekend à Vienne. :3

Et encore p'tites photos des choses miam du tout.XD


Sunblock. SPF. Un chose incontournable dans l'été. Moi, je n'utlise pas ça parce que je ne doit pas.XD Je ne peux pas nager même-que j'ai m'enseignée aux classes de nager quelques fois.T_T

Texte random.

Bon ben, je te laisse. :X

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Travel [plane] - From here to Taipei

Since there are no direct flights to Europe from here, the first leg of my trip flying with KLM stops at Taipei.

And here are some random shots from then:

I don't remember what I was watching (??) And I couldn't tell from this photo either. Was probably Indian or Japanese... or maybe I wasn't watching anything when I took this photo.

I was ttrying to remember why I took this photo and then it came to me -- The moon was so bright that night and it was directly outside my window. The light reflected on the wings and all.

Soz that photo looks horrible. XD


And finally the food! ( which I was very disappointed with).

The food tasted normal -- the salad (upper left) was so-so,

the chicken and brocolli overcooked and limpy,

and for bread they served pandesal! -- I was expecting croissant but noooo. Well, I don't mind pandesal, I do like it, but it's everyday breakfast kind of food -- plus the local corner bakeries make it better. this tasted like commercialized ones.

and P.S. that cake (upper right) tasted horrible. o_O (please give me yoghurt and fruits -- it'd make me happier).


They started serving tea and coffee. I had tea (like always -- well, I was avoiding the coffee more like.XD)

The cup was cute and the statement read: "Every cloud has a silver lining."

They served Jasmine tea. It was nice and strong, the way I like it. :3


The flight was quite short, I thought it was 3hrs but it was shorter than that. (..approaching Taipei)

(Me and time -- I used to be very conscious about time back in univ, but now I am too careless. -- Until the day before we were to leave for Taipei, I thought we were to depart at 5pm. I had scheduled for cab pick up and all until I realized I got the time wrong! This was the evening before. Luckily I realized it in time. And also lucky that I thought it was 17:05, because our flight was 20:40. Point being we don't miss the flight either way. but!! That was close. Had I not realized it I would've wasted a lot of time or I would have missed it if I thought it to be at a later time. And I swear I checked it a million times! =_=)


Upon arriving Taipei we had to leave the plane and go through another security check, etc - the works.
We were given a transit card which we had to present at the next gate.

Brochure stand at the information counter.

Passed through a couple of shops as well.

Skyping with family while waiting to board.

...and yes, that's me with the stripey pink socks. If there is something I learned about going on long flights, it's to wear comfortably -- I can't imagine having my shoes on for 20+hours straight. Flip flops are perfect -- and toe socks to keep my feet warm.X3

The wait ranges from 30mins to 1hour. Funny thing is, twice I have flown with KLM, and twice we were never told what time we arrive in Taipei, what time we board/depart from Taipei. And on the way back, the same thing.

Boarding pass and Transit Card.

Boarding the next leg: Taipei - Amsterdam XD

Friday, March 28, 2014

TRAVEL - Paris

  • Paris 001 - Arriving in Paris [read more]

    Aéroport CDG, Train, RER, Ticket, Luxembourg Station, Paris Metro.

  • Paris 002 - Accommodation [read more]

    Room, Service, View.

  • Paris 003 - Les Deux Magots [read more]

    Les Deux Magots, Café, Bd. Saint-Germain, Moët et Chandon, champagne.

  • Paris 004 - Printemps Haussmann + Cafe Pouchkine [read more]

    Au Printemps - le grand magasin, Boulevard Haussmann, Shopping, Shop displays, Christmas, Nöel, Cafe Pouchkine, Matryoshka, Russo-French Pastry.

Sunday, March 02, 2014

My narcissistic side

Photos taken yesterday.

The lighting was really too good to pass up.XD

I have just cut my hair a week ago,

I cut it in layers like I always do. :3 Also trimmed my fringe but it looks a little chunky. n_n;

I think I did a good job with the layering though. :P


Oddly I look like I have a wig on in that last photo. Haha.XD

This shade of green is my least favourite colour (I use this as sleepwear), but somehow it looks nice in this photo... surprisingly.


Anyway, also changed my twitter header and avatar a few days ago, (be warned: Still NODAME-themed! XD)

Twitter: @miyuupepper
Instagram: @xxpepperonixx