Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

So, here's something fitting the day.

Heart-shaped cookies! :3

The cookie was quite plain, but it's cute.XD


And here's something I got from my mom (from a few weeks ago but I'm just posting it now).

I really love this cute case.
There were some exquisite soaps in it originally, but i think I'll use it for my hair scrunchies/accessories.

Here's how it loks with the lid on, it had some laces and ribbons on it before but I didn't like it and removed them. Plus it was really vintage so it was showing some signs of age...

I think I will decorate it with something else instead or just keep it plain.

Some bells on the front which O didn't remove.

Will find some use for it....soon.


I hope you are all enjoying Valentine's Day.

As for me, I will spend Sat evening cooped up in my room watching some tv drama. :3
( the company of some pizza and some beer. :P)

Until my next post~~ á plouche!:X

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Clay figures, miniatures

This evening I decided to make some clay. I haven't for a while, and since I have a few series up to marathon.

Here's a super cute totoro, so small. I had a bit of trouble putting some of the stuff in place.

I'm still thinking whether to colour it or not.

UPDATE: sad thing is, when it dried up the left eye fell off,then the arms followed. I will make another one and find a way to fix this....

Sunday, February 08, 2015

Shopping :: After-Winter Sale H&M

Bought these super cute mittens at H&M. :3 It was so difficult to pick a decent one because most of them had already been snagged here and there. Sigh. I found a semi-decent pair and bought them.

That. cute. face.

And it fits me perfectly.

Curious question, do you ever remove the tags like these when you buy stuff? I don't. But this was like 9 pages long.

It's only recently (two months ago) that H&M became available in my city. I don't know if these mittens were long available in other countries, I think their goods come from elsewhere in Asia.

Speaking of which (it opening in my city recently), I saw some socks I bought in Vienna in 2013on display-- I got it on sale at only 3eur there, but here it's being marketed as a "new item" at regular price which cost about --converted, approx. in euros-- 8eur. (That's equivalent to two pairs + change)

Well, just saying.


Also bought fingerless gloves,

which I never had, until now. (Well, I knitted one back in 2013, which I used when I traveled to Munich. But it was my first mitten project and it did not fit as good as I expected it to)

Thumb without the cover

Thumb with cover

...And when it gets too cold,


I try not to buy more than I need. BUT... when I see things I like I JUST CAN'T HELP IT. =_="

And I rarely even go out....n_n

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Snail mail & Postcrossing

Hello! This arrived last week! :3

I finally got Sam's latter after traveling for almost a month from when she was still in Seoul.

She sent some adorable Alpaca stickers which are LOVE.XD

so freaking adorable, these fluffly alpacas!:P

(I have decorated my phone with some of them already.X3 It brightens me up to see such cute things.)

And these cute cat stickers all over her stationery.


On another note, I have joined postcrossing last week. :3

These are the first five cards I'm sending out (+Sam's letter which is going to Germany now)

Can't wait to see how this goes.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Ahmad English Breakfast Tea + Telephone Booth Tin

Got this as a gift and I super love it.XD

I drink tea like water (90% of the day), so.

The packaging,

I love collecting tins. :3

Plus it has a slot for coins. (I also have a lot of tin piggy banks.)

It has four iconic London landmarks on all sides.
(Did I already mention I'm in love with anything UK?!)

Tea Bag

Pure Ceylon from Sri Lanka.

I can't wait to drink this.XD I still have a lot of teas from my travels bought from the years past, so I will probably keep this for later.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Christmas Travel 2014, connection at Schiphol

After being on the plane some 16++ hours, we have reached Amsterdam (where we take another plane to Nuremberg).

It was drizzling in Amsterdam when we arrived. And it rained even more while we waited.

We had 3hours, and with not much to do, we just went around Schiphol and looked at the shops.

First we went to change some money. We were traveling to Prague somewhere in between and had no Czech Crowns. The exchange is not so good but better to have some in hand before we arrive.

We had them changed at two different places and had a better deal at one of them (see above photo). On top of that, the cashier granted my request for smaller denominations (It is that big a deal because Czech people almost never give the right change. Some return the right change when confronted, but others just lie in your face and deny it.) So even with a not so good rate, I'd rather change my money here than in Prague.

Miffy goods. I absolutely love Miffy. :X My first Miffy merchandise was bought in Hong Kong, was the first time I was introduced to this super cute bunny. XD It was when I traveled to Japan that I found out Miffy was Dutch! I thought Miffy was Japanese.=_=

Soft white miffys.

Some pretty Dutch goods. I love collecting tins and this one looks rather nice. I didn't buy it though as it was our first leg and I was already carrying a lot. (next time I'm thinking of taking only 1set of outer clothes (this is a challenge!:O) and bringing an empty luggage).

I want this tin (I forgot what's inside, probably cookies), I hope cookies, It's kinda small though for 9,90.... I'm always debating whether to buy or not, it's frustrating. Haha. XP


And then another chocolate store with a really warm interior.

Knitted goods. Do you think I'll be able to knit more complicated patterns??:3

A lot of food places, this was one of them.

Cool seats with a socket right next to the table. How convenient.

Although you can always find charging/laptop zones like this one here:

Another food court above, which we decided to check out.

Although after having had 3 meals on the plane, we weren't really looking for food.

Here's how it looks inside, however.


There was a bridge in front of the food court that overlooked the busier lower level.

Thick glass panels on the bridge.

The shops below:

Starbucks with its nice warm ambiance.

Here's how the rest of Schiphol pretty much looks.

As we were walking back to our boarding gate,

..we came across this:

which was titled so: ('Two incredible sitting black snowmen' by Tom Claassen)

How many times have I been to Schiphol but only saw this now!

Walkalators to our boarding gate.

The sun had come up and the raining ceased...
The weather is always so glum you can't really see the sun.

See you next post.