Saturday, July 26, 2014

Coming down with a Cold


I've just recovered from a bad cold. Well, I still sound very awful but I feel so much better than the first two days.

Would you believe I woke up with a very sore throat on my birthday?! Haha!! Talk about coincidence.X_x

Anyway, I can't wait until the weekend (tomorrow). I have so much to do and to post.

Besides photographing my haul from the last two weeks, a friend of mine asked me to translate a document. It isn't much but I don't mind earning some extra.XD Actually I said I'd do it for free anyway since I'd do anything to save me from boredom. :P

Highschool homecoming is this coming sunday. I can't believe it's been 10years. I'm both anxious and excited but not anymore because I have decided not to attend. (I am feeling very anti-social right now but I've never been so social to start with.) I have responded to the invitation and said I couldn't because I had work on saturday. And then someone replied and said it was on a Sunday!! OMG. I seriously thought it was on a saturday. (My reason for not going -- a lot of people aren't attending, none of my "friends" are going... and there isn't anyone in particular I want to see...So. That is that.)

Anyway, found a few photos from 2012 on my "TO POST" folder...

.. I don't do throwback but what the heck. XD


Until my next post! :X

Monday, July 21, 2014

Sunday Shopping Spree

What I love about weekends: late nights watching my favourite series, waking up past noon, coffee (for a year now I've been cutting back on coffee and drink it only on weekends. There are reasons for this -- my previous daily coffee consumption caused the following things: frequently waking up between sleep, sleeping 8hours but wake up feeling like I've slept only 6hrs, frequent headaches when I miss / have my coffee at a later time, neck pain -- which went away months after I cut down on caffeine, and (my sudden) low bone density when I randomly had it checked once. Even though I love milk and take calcium supplements.), and blah.
Today I went shopping. X3 I don't shop often, only once in a while. Lately it has become more frequent. :O

Will post my haul sometime next week when I have time to photograph them.:3

Here's the beautiful afternoon sky today.

The weather has been good today after a week of gloomy/rainy weather. :D
It's past 12 and today's officially my birthday. Not too enthusiastic about turning twenty something and my birthday doesn't change the fact that I still have to go to work tomorrow. x_x


Also I've joined Sam's Giveaway [click here]. She has recently acquired her own domain [].

Items included in the giveaway are the following:

(photo credits:

The sumikkogurashi stickers are simply adorable (looks like a cross between Purin and Monokuroboo)!! But so are the other samples which I haven't tried! When I went to Taiwan to study before they used to give free samples outside shops and along some shopping streets. Here they don't give samples for free, you usually get them after buying some products from a store. XD But anyway I've always wanted to try some of these products.

If you'd like to join, it's never too late. [Sam's accepting entries until 31st July! :3)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Knitting: Red Hearts BeretxBeanie

Remember I started knitting a beret sometime around the beginning of this year?

and then I frogged it and remade it...:3

Well, I still didn't follow any pattern the second time around. I just started knitting by instinct. the result was that the beret looked more like a beanie, the ribbing was too loose (next time I should knit 40-45 instead of 50-60.X_x

I was quite satisfied with how it came out though.

Wearing the beret-that-turned-into-a-beanie! :D

Next time I will make a thicken ribbing. Maybe 2" instead of 1".

I did a fair amount of fair-isle knitting (--simply means working multiple colours at the same time).

The colour contrast is not too strong, which is fine. It looks plain from afar but cute heart details upclose.

I couldn't decide between the coloured one and black and white, so here's how it looks in black and white:

And the rest of the photos of me wearing it.

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Food Review :: Komoro Japanese Dining

This restaurant opened recently and thought I'd some in and try.

Some mask displays at the entrance.

Their menu.

They had soba (hot and cold), udon (hot and cold), bento, rice meals, and side dishes.

The interior.

And then there were some very informative food photos (and their origin) on their walls.


The Komoro Bento,

thinly sliced pork yakiniku, vegetables, and two slices of oranges.

Included with the meal is miso soup, which tastes just like.. Japan.XD


I had the Kakiage Udon, deep fried vegetables (although Kakiage is supposedly a mix of vegetables and seafood, I'm not sure I found seafood in mine -- was mostly onions, carrots, and was it leeks(?).) on top of warm udon in soy-sauce based soup.

This was very good, I like the light soup stock, the noodles, and the crispy goodness on top of it.


This was the Tentoji-Don:

Prawn, Kakiage, Okra, and Seaweed Tempura over rice.


We also had Gyoza which was my favourite part of the evening. 餃子は最高だ!!

These potstickers were so friggin' good!! You know when you could tell it's freshly made? This was it, exactly. The wrap was soft, the filling was made with vegetables and the taste was absolutely perfect.

The Gyoza was the perfect conclusion to the evening.


Komoro Japanese Dining @SanLazaro

Food 9/10
Service 7/10
Presentation 8/10

The taste was authentic, and was served very hot. The service was so-so. When we entered the store the owner was there so the staff were all-smiles and welcoming. But as soon as the owners left, the tables turned (sort of)-- the promotions stopped, the kitchen staff sang loudly, just minor things like that. When we left the staff were huddled in a corner talking and no one thanked us on the way out. Prior to this the japanese owner would thank and smile at guests who came and went - I had a similar experience at another Japanese place where the staff (didn't keep to themselves when the manager was away, and) greeted everyone who came in and out of the restaurant..

Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer Lace Shorts

I found these super cute lace shorts from Calliope Clothing. It was at 30% off and was the last piece so I didn't mind it being one size bigger. XD

Love this so much.:D


A few photos of me wearing it...

It's very very hot here and I shouldn't be wearing long-sleeved tops. but it's been raining a lot lately so evenings were nice and breezy.

It was very loose so the second time around I used a belt to keep it in place. XD

Soz, my room is a huge mess and I have no time to clean up yet.T_T

DIY :: Sewing :: Dress cropped into a skirt.

So there's this dress I bought because I love the pleated skirt...

In sections..

However I do not quite like the cut of the top part. I got this at a bargain and the quality wasn't as nice.

Here is what I'd like to keep. (This is how it's supposed to look after the alteration)

I love the brihht orange colour and the pleats.

So to atart with, I laid it out on a flat surface and decided where I want to start cutting.

This is the part I want to keep..

So I left an allowance and pullad the garter from the seams.

I started placing pins to keep the fabric in place; and a few hours later,
I turned this dress...

...into a skirt!:p


I haven't had the chance to wear it yet but I will.. soon! :D

Sunday, June 29, 2014

DRINK : Butterscotch Beer (Butterbeer)

I have always been a huge Harry Potter fan. I've tried stuff like Bertie Bott's all-flavour beans (which is amazing and has funny flavours like 'dirt' and 'sardines').

The only thing left to try was butterbeer. XD Anyway I came across one while shopping at an 'american-import' grocery and found this drink. Was damn expensive (more expensive than Guinness -which, by imported beer standards is also more pricey than other beers!).

I was looking it up and found that it included butter, cream soda,......
(I had high hopes!)

But I was disappointed to find it toooooo sweet. I cannot imagine how other people manage to finish the bottle!:O

It tasted like caramel, fizzy soda, and more sugar. I swore to never buy this drink again! Haha. XD

I ended up mixing it with cold water and some Jagermeister and found it wasn't so bad after all.