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24th June 2010, Thursday, 22:10:03

Have not updated for awhile because I had trouble uploading my previous post (Is it my connection or the upload site?)

Had a Bulgogi Burger from Burger King today. (I'm surprised they've added a Bulgogi burger on their menu.)

It tasted like any of their other burgers.:P Mushroom Swiss is still my ultimate favourite from Burger King.

After walking around for a bit we had ice cream. And where else other than DQ!:D

Their Dilly Bars and Sandwiches are the best.:P It's light and not too stuffy.

Here's the inside.


Had a pretty fun afternoon off work. Played a bit of guitar (WAH. And I still want to buy a new guitar! A good one.). And then listened to more japanese songs. The best way to learn to speak the language better is through music after all. I'm starting out with a few easy ones that do not include a lot of Kanji...:P

21st June 2010, Monday, 00:44:35


(err, it's already past twelve, after all.)

Soz for the short entry last time! :D

Last week, I came in late for class and was told to pick a teacup. They all had beautiful designs on them but everyone's picked theirs already so I just picked this one!:D What a cute litte teacup, eh?

Our prof brought a bag of Lady Grey Tea the following week and we helped ourselves to it in class.:D (explains photo above, teacup on my desk). Is it rude I forgot to ask who brought these cups in the first place?! (ACK. I shall ask when I go to class).

It was pretty fun, the tea was very fragrant too. Lol. (I usually drink a lot of other teas at home too, save for this one.).

The teacup is now on my shelf along with a bunch of other stuff. ^_^


And then I started taking more:

Have you ever had one of these old-looking bronzy pencil sharpeners? :D

I glammed up my MP4 (well, glitzy stickers). *キラキラ!!*

Somehow reminds me of the "Makitty" episode from the j-series Shinzanmono.;)


I would love to have a kotatsu in my room! :D But instead I only have a makeshift one (using one of the storage boxes -- there's absolutely no leg room at all!).

But I sit on the floor all the time. The telly in my room has a pretty low elevation it leaves me no other choice.

This is one of the sitting cushions.:D

Suteki~! It is japanese after all.:D I also have a blue-coloured one but I've wrapped my bentou with it.


The book I'm currently reading.. I must have mentioned this before already. I hardly have any time to read anymore it takes me so long to finish a book. This one I'm rereading because I completely forgot what it was about. (?!)


This is a candle holder. But I'm not a candle person at all. So instead I put this on display.

Amazing how much detail goes into each of those little things!


Snacked on this blueberry bread in the afternoon while watching Sunadokei (J-Dorama-TV Series). I've seen the movie version and preferred the kids who played the main characters compared to the ones playing in the series.

I love my current sheet.:D It's all pink.


I made this years back!

It was my first attempt to recycle old clothing and make it into something of this sort.

This wasn't what I originally had in mind. Does it come off as voodoo-ish to you?! (HAHAHA)

Free-falling from the top of a building...

And more random ones from Toronto..

And more...

What a great view! :O


I'm off to watch some anime now. Am currently watching 君に届け Kimi ni Todoke.:)


15th June 2010, Tuesday, 22:17:35



しろろ ♥ 。。Apple ユーサーです。。。:P


日本とカメルーンの試合が有るんです。。。サッカーワールドカップ。 (Not that I follow, but it looks like しろろ does.)


あたしのプロファイル写真をかえた~ 中国で撮った。 好き。

7th June 2010, Monday, 20:36:16

After the exams, I've had a little more time to do the things I need to do. So I managed to organize 2 days' worth of China photos. Those were the two days with the least shots. There are about 1200+ photos in each of the other albums.. so, HMM. I wonder when I'll ever get to finish! That was just a quick rotate-&-review, the editing comes after, and that's even more work.. at least, for the not-so-good ones, thanks to the rainy weather!

I have to finish them soon, before it piles up again when I go to Shanghai. (WISH.WISH. Will ask for tickets when I'm free.) I would love to see Shanghai again.^_^ I hope I manage to get decent tickets on the days I want.


But that aside, some of the photos from China:

Guilin, top view:

Cormorants -- They're beautiful. Cormorant fishing is still being practiced in Guilin and other parts of China (but in recent times it's a more popular tourist attraction than it is a livelihood for the locals).

Graceful and vibrant. No enhancement/editing done on this photo either.;)

Flowers. These were the first blooms, start of Spring.

A series of random photos from the city centre.

Thought I'd post this Dr. Tea thing, since they almost always include it in itineraries.

A view of Guilin and its mountains (it is, after all, famous for its natural landscape).

[high-res photos will be made available as I put them up on my photoblog.]

And finally here's me, at the local airport, waiting for my flight to Xiamen.

It's pretty cramped, eh? Well, the arrivals and departures all converge in this one space. So do expect that.


Late afternoon yesterday, after studying for Jap class.

The mighty afternoon sky:

Beautiful clouds:

This next one was taken in the morning:


Mascot strap:

There's more where this came from, but this is my favourite:

Another photo of the moon. No editing done, only resized it. The noise is natural.

Until my next post! :)

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