Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Eiffel Tower Card Stand

Bought these a few months back, ^_^

You can get them from

Retails at 504yen (originally)..

..and I got these for approx. 120yen. ^_^ So cheap right?
(Hehe, talk about finding treasures in thrift shops.XD)


Did you know I also saw this at a store when I was in Paris?

Arts Populaires along Rue des Canettes,

I really love this part of the city most. :3
Walking around in the morning and looking at the shops is such a nice feeling! XD


These are photos of it with some of the pages from the Nodame Cantabile manga.

The second season of Nodame is set in Paris, (obviously! :D)

L'eglise de Saint Germain des près in the background.


What you can do with it:

Clip some cute stationery


Room keycards! (This one from the hotel we stayed at in Osaka~:3)


Oh, I want to see Paris again... soon! X3



Thursday, November 22, 2012

Manga - Black Bird

I bought some manga last weekend. :3


Tada~! I wish more of these were on sale!

I only got #13, I hope to find the others dumped elsewhere.:P

This manga was recommended to me by a friend years back...
And I quite like it!:D

Just some of the cool illustrations inside




Wednesday, November 21, 2012

New find: Studded jacket

Finally, a studded jacket, have been wanting something like this for awhile now!

(Excuse the poor lighting in my room..! XD)

Have not had an opportunity to wear this out yet... More like the sunny hot climate is not giving me any chance to...!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Twilight's Breaking Dawn - Criss-cut Fries and Grape Soda

Was quite a fan of Twilight (the books -- not so much the movie! >_<") They were selling this at a fast food chain, and I thought '...Something to blog about!'

Oh yum! :3

Robert Pattinson on your chips...why not! (Actually, I liked R.Patty more as Cedric in Harry Potter than as Edward in Twilight....XD)

This was the soda float, grape-flavoured.

Tasted quite pleasant and surprisingly not too sweet!

I want more of this~! :3

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hello Kitty Lipbalm

Came across this at a store today. So cute!

It doesn't smell as good as it looks, sadly. =_=

A closer look:



I think I will use this to carry some of my other better-smelling lipbalms! XD

I love Fanta Grape from LipSmackers -- smells soooo good, and Apple from Lip Ice -- so minty!. Lip Ice is so soothing to use in the cold!:3 It moisturizes very well and that cool minty feel is just.. unbeatable!