Saturday, November 30, 2013

Daiso Shopping Spree

Daiso Haul from 2013/11/03 XD

Cute magnet hooks, to hang stuff with on the fridge. :P

What I loved most out of all these was this bookend.

I absolutely love books and having one of these keeps the odd ones in place. :3

Bunnies are not from Daiso but elsewhere.;D Aren't they adorable!

The floral design on this bookend is just..*_____*

Also bought the medium-sized paper lantern.

It has a built-in light and is battery-operated.

However, I replaced it with a bulb to be more practical. It is hanging on a corner in my room.

Earphone reels. I'm using A4tech pluggies and the wire is too long and often gets tangled up in my bag.
(pluggies in this photo are samsung ones)

Cat reel on bookend. X3


I have an addiction to Daiso and always end up things I don't really need. XD In my opinion it is highly therapeutic and drives the stressful events of my everyday life away... at least for a moment!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bento Boxes and Matcha Latte

Was going through my stuff last weekend and found this, a bento box I bought years back (and never used!)

Unwrapping the furoshiki!

This isn't exactly a furoshiki, I used a square-shaped cushion cover. It's japanese-made and the material and print were perfect to use as furoshiki.:3 Not to mention the size of this fabric was just right. So I did! I hope this gives you an idea.XD

It looks so traditionally japanese....or is it just me?!


In the afternoon, I made some 抹茶ラテ Matcha Latte, I love [AGF - coffee please] products! :D

I always see them in japanese dramas just before the program starts when it screens some partner sponsors.

This was so damn expensive. And I do not exaggerate. X_X

Btw, the sundial in the background is one of my favourite purchases from $10 shops that used to be so popular in Hong Kong. I bought this many years ago! It is quite heavy but just classic.;D

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Preparing for my trip - city maps

So I have found a better map of Vienna and am putting it together....XD

Next up is the Munich map.:3
Luckily I have a Cadogan version of Florence.:D

Friday, November 01, 2013

Food Review :: Sze Chuan House

When it started to rain, we made a spur of the moment decision to eat here.

The place has been around for as long as I can remember, and most of the funishings are old and dated.

The entrance is lined with buddhist statues and some other (I'm guessing) religious antiquities.


Sze-Chuan Chicken (Sze-chuan style dishes are supposedly spicy but this was so-so. :O)

It tasted nice but didn't hit the right spot... something like that.

Stir-fried Beef -- tasted like home, and I rather liked it. Though I would have prefered more onions.:D

A clay=pot filled with mushrooms, veg, squid, and sea cucumber -- This was nice! the texture of the the sea cucumber was just right as well.

Fried chicken -- was rather bland. The chips that came with it were too hard.

Shrimps -- were too dry and overcooked. I have never tasted shrimps this bad in a long time, to be honest. :O

What I loved best from tonight's dinner was the Xiao Long Bao, I love dimsum and this almost always never fails! XD

Sze Chuan House - @R.Blvd

Food 7/10 [was rather expensive for something that tasted average]
Service 8/10 [dishes took forever to be served but the staff were very nice]
Presentation 7/10

Outfit :: 20131101

On normal days I take whatever shirt, old jeans, and grab my bag.

Today I'm wearing these floral-printed brown pants I bought two weeks ago~~

Since we were having dinner somewhere close, here was my outfit.

Was still waiting for some people to arrive so I was taking photos of myself in the mirror. (hehehe, soz for being so vaaain.:O)