Friday, February 25, 2011

Dinner, Lush Decor, and a Lovely Sweet Finish

Photos from last night shot with my PSP Camera, who thought it actually takes decent photos!
It was well-worth the money after all.

Took photos of myself while I waited for my ride


Where we had dinner:

Stuff I had on my plate. Lol, I have already started digging in when I took this photo. Messy. n_n;


A look at the rest of the restaurant:

This is the part that I absolutely love:

Bread, and the like.

Heading straight to dessert..

They're lined up pretty nicely, eh?

Used fish-eye for mobile lens on my psp, and this is how it turned out..

Choccie love.

What I actually ate:

...are a load of sweets..

a closer look,

and more sweets (but this is sugar-free, and it tastes lovely.)


I never forget to take photos of.... and this is the ladies room where you get to freshen up...and gossip.


So we did some walking outdoor, and this is the restaurant seen from outside.


The pool area, where they play some cool music.
(here you can see the PSP Camera's flaws.)

If I could swim I'd jump right in.

and you can get your drinks from the bar,


Photos taken @ the hotel lobby:

The place is chuck-ful of lush interior.

Desk, painting in the background..

The other side of the hall.


More photos of the lobby:

Some seating spaces:

Very interesting chair, don't you think? Must be nice to sit by the window during the day.

I am so taken by the grandiosity of it all.

This flight of stairs lead to I do not know, but it sure looks marvelous on this photo.
[.......and yes, these were all taken with my psp. great colour, great quality.]

Arches, dark wood, high ceiling,....

This is where you'll find the front desk, and all other guest services (mail, etc)


  1. Looks like the PsP was worth it! We need to have a reunion dinner/lunch!

  2. @Acha I was pretty happy to see these photos come out better than expected.:D Now I am sure this was a good buy! ;)
    Haha, meet up soon please! :) I haven't seen you both for the longest time! T_T