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27th September 2009, Sunday, 22:42:06

The power just came back on moments ago! Finally. (See, that's what happens when you live in the third world..=.=")

The storm came around 11am yesterday... And it really was the worst yet. I had a language class yesterday (and an exam too~), we were dismissed at around 12nn.. But we couldn't go home because it was pouring heavily. (We still hoped the downpour would lessen/stop altogether.) But it just continued raining and by then it was already 2pm! I called home to ask someone to bring me my boots and large plastic bags to cover my legs and feet. (Yes, I was desperate!~) But it's been years since I last used them and they couldn't find it. (Gaah! where are they when you need them!) So I thought, since there still are a lot of people in the building, might as well wait and see how things will turn out. They made us watch a couple of films but after a few minutes, the power went out. (The power at home went out already hours earlier.) So we went back down again to see how the flood was doing. Unfortunately, it's already reached the flower pots and was quickly rising up. Within minutes, the water's reached the first floor (just around the ankles). By around 3pm, the rain was less severe so we thought it was time to go (despite the flood). Except, there was absolutely NO WAY one could get on any means of public transportation. Cars couldn't go through anymore because the water level's too high EVERYWHERE. (People at home thought they'd get uncle to fetch us but there was no way their car can go through.) Even buses had to stop and wait it out. (It was that bad.)

A classmate of ours tried to check the news online on her i-phone but unfortunately there was no connection. The professors and the students were planning on spending the night in the school but it's actually in a pretty notorius area.. and it will be dark power, no food, no water, and phone connections would have died by then.

It was nearing late afternoon when a pedicab (a local transportation, kind of like the rickshaw.) finally passed by and was willing to take us for P200 (around SGD 6.50, USD 4.00). There was now way we could sit inside anymore because the seats were already submerged in water. Instead we sat on its ROOF. It was around 4pm then and the winds were getting stronger. Drizzling, but very strong winds. We waited it out again and after a few minutes, finally decided to set out. I asked for some plastic and was given a bubble wrap. Didn't care at all where it came from or whether it was clean. I wrapped it around my head and put on my hood. The water was knee-deep and cold! T_T

I've never experienced riding on a roof, braving the storm, and not knowing what lies ahead. We passed by cars parked along the roads (all without their drivers & passengers -- probably sought out better shelter).Thankfully we reached our area safely. The water was higher around here (a little above the knee). But knowing it's home is somewhat a relief. ~_~

The water level's going down very SLOWLY now. But the good thing is it IS going down. There are all sorts of rubbish floating around --why is it that people in this country NEVER learn? (plastic cups, plastic bags, rubber slippers, planks of wood, and the worst, FLOATING dead and undead COCKROACHES---yes. i saw about 3.). So whatever my legs were soaked with yesterday... YUCK.

before 12nn

people pushing a pedicab along with passengers inside.

fighting the water

around 12nn

the flood level outside

by around 4:30pm

the time we left. This was how bad it was already.

the road

still the road.

the LRT (Light Rail Transit) above.

we passed by worser areas (but my phone might get snatched/wet/fall).. Haha. Plus it was too hard too keep my umbrella on me. The bubble wrap helped lots.


A friend of mine sent me the following photos while im-ing, here's what's become of DLSU. >_< (Some of the other photos I got from the photos passed around Facebook.)

floating uni?

What used to be the amphitheatre is now submerged in water.

the central plaza

the south gate

looking out the street, from the conservatory

Where there used to be green grass......

Seen from around the corner of Miguel building..


That's pretty much it..... =.= HAha. I've never experienced the Uni like this. Only minor ones. Most of the students spent the night there. xP

...and left their cars parked outside. >_< poor cars leh.

It's a good thing I never experienced anything like this back then...n_n"

I'm off to sleep now. Good night. :D


Be safe, everyone. ;)

23rd September 2009, Wednesday, 22:58:03

I'm soo happy today. Work was tiring. But this little bunny's made my day. ♥

I'm really really attached to it right now~ :P


so, what have I been doing these past few days?

09/18/09, I had Taco Bell for lunch. Mmmm. i just can't get enough of their burritos. :D

I also got this stripey guy...

i'll show you my stripes if you show me yours.. Hahaha. Quid pro quo?! xP

09/20/09, Love the long weekend :D Read Shadow of the Wind again as soon as I woke up. (ah, the feeling of picking up a nice book on a weekend...) ;)

After breakfast, I played FFXII until around 2pm.. (hooked, alright! :p).. Was feeling annoyed at some point because my level was too low and I couldn't complete one of the sidequests... one with the wall in raithwall's tomb. that was really frustrating. Couldn't take the first wall down. Came close, but didn't make it. :Sigh:

So i thought.. since i haven't been able to do any decent cleaning around my room for a while......

I cleaned my shelves, changed the sheets (aaah! can't imagine how long it took me to get my stuff off the bed. Hahahaha.)

stacked pillows, etc

some stacked stuffies and japanese magazines

and, voila...! the after...

Is it any better? xP


09/21/09 was a holiday too!! :D So, I took a photo of these flowers because they smell so nice!! ;p And very pretty too...

There's a peach-coloured one mixed in with these bunch and it looked a bit off... So I excluded it from the photo. ;)


Ooooh. And since I had nothing to do the other day I decided to take this photo. (Yes! I love my wallpaper too, thank you. lols :D).

Me and my japanese boyfriend. HAHAHA.♥

We look nice togetherrrr. WAHAHA.


Ack. I laugh too much! =.=

17th September 2009, Thursday, 21:43:05

Haha. I need to do some jap homework so here's a quick recap of what happened today..

This morning I went out taking photos of random things I thought might be interesting. (you'll know why later. ;))

Hm, then sometime later this afternoon, I tripped on the stairs on my way up. T_T Gaah. It's been a while since I last fell. Hahaha. I didn't feel the pain earlier loh but now I do!! =.= The bruise showed up hours later.xP Haha. I hope it goes away soon.

Weird weather today too.. I swear it was friggin hot this morning. =.="" But right around the time I came back home it started pouring! (Yep, and quite heavily too!)



I will just leave you with a photo I posted on my photoblog (will link later, coz I haven't actually changed the layout yet and everything is still very noob.:D)

Very nice shot, eh? Of course, the place was very nice too. Too bad I shot this with a very low quality cam (old Sony Ericsson phone). It's orginally coloured, but very dramatic in b&w.

So yeah, that's pretty much it for my photoblog.:D It's been around 2 weeks since I started.:D


Speaking of camera (earlier), here's an old camera that still works!

My Ah-pe bought this for my dad before, back when dad was still in Hong Kong. So you can imagine what year that was. Hehe. I think it's pretty cool leh. i'd really like to try taking photos with it. Except I don't have any spare film with me.xP


Dinner from the other day.

I ordered the angus beef again. (It's really good. :P)

the other order was porkchop..


bread. ;)

That's about it for now. :D Homework.........~!

7th September 2009, Monday, 17:48:02

I meant to blog some time ago but was too lazy to so here I am now. Haha.

I made these yesterday. ;p It's a bit messy because I didn't use the wooden thing to roll it. :D

J'ai l'intention de bloguer plus tôt mais j'etais paresseuse..Et bien, je suis ici. Haha.

J'ai les fait hier. ;p c'est un peu désordonné mais je n'utilise pas le thing en bois pour le fait rouler. :D

Tengo intención de hacer mi blog antes pero estoy muy perezosa. Haha. Pero estoy aquí. Haha.

Ayer, yo hice estos. ;p Es un poco desordenado pero no me utiliza la "cosa" para lo hice panecillo. :D


Little things like these make me happy. :D

Je suis heureuse de les petites choses comme celles-ci. :D

Sencillas cosas con estas y estoy muy contenta.:D

No, they're not edible.... Read the tag. xP

Non, ils ne sont pas comestible.... Lissez bien le tag.:p

No se puede comer... Leer el tag.:p

Pretty neat, eh? ♥

Très cool, hein? ♥

¡Qué guay! ♥


My September 2009 issue of Ciao

It'd be great if I manage to understand all of these.;p

Si je comprends tout les dialogues ici, sera super.;p

Si lo he entendido todo, es muy bueno.;p

I actually still prefer Sho-comi over this. ;p because I like the stories and the illustrations better. But Sho-comi's out already. =( They usually come out mid-month.. T_T Haha. But Ciao came with very cool freebiesss! Bento box.:D a pen, and some other stationery. (Will post photos next time.)

Je préfére Sho-comi. ;p parce-que les histoires et les illustrations sont mieux. Mais il n'y a plus de Sho-Comi. =( Il publie au mi-mois.. T_T Haha. Mais Ciao a des cool cadeaux! Bento box. :D un stylo, et quellesques papeteries. (Vais poster des photos à la prochaine.)

Prefiero Sho-comi. porque los cuentos y las ilustraciónes son muy buenos. Pero ya no hubo más.=( Los publican a mediados de mes..T_T HAha. Pero Ciao tiene un montón de regalos buenos! Bento box. :D un bolí, y otras cosas de papelería. (Voy a poster los fotos el el próximo.)


Some photos from dinner last night:

Photos de hier soir:

Fotos anoche:



Comidas que estar expuesto..

"Caramel Smoogee" xP Tastes great..

"Caramel Smoogee" xP C’est très bon..

"Caramel Smoogee" xP Es muy delicioso..

"Yoshi Burger"

The burger tastes good, except for the bread/bun. o_O Oh, and the chips aren't enough~!

L'hamburger, c'est bon, sauf pour le pain. o_O Ah, et il n'y a pas assez de frites~!

La hamburguesa es buena pero el pan, creo que no. o_O Y tambien las patatas fritas son muy poco~!


I played FFXII over the weekend. (Weekend=Sunday, +today which happens to be a holiday.) Playing is so time consuming. =/ So sometime later this afternoon I decided to study French again. I started with where I left off last time (the third book) but it was so difficult so I decided to start from the beginning and work my way until the third book again. After minutes of rummaging through some of my old stuff, I managed to find my very first French book.;) I read and read until Unit 5 and started to get sleepy. So now I'm typing. :D

J'ai joué à FFXII pour le week-end. (Week-end=Dimanche, +aujourd'hui, qui est aussi une vacance.) ça prends beaucoup de temps, le jeu.=/ Et bien j'ai decidé d'étudier le français. C'est difficile de commencer a le troisième livre.. Et alors je cherché mon premier livre français.:) Je le lit et après quellesques minutes, j’ai sommeil. Maintenant, je tape. :D

Jugué al FFXII el fin de semana. (Es el domingo +hoy=vacacion.) Los juegos llevan mucho tiempo.=/ Ya, decidía de estudiar el frances. Es muy dificil de empezar al tercero libro.. Entonces buscaba a mi primero libro de frances.:) Más tarde, tengo sueño. Y ahora, escribo al ordenador.:D


Forum 2 and 3 - ah.. years of study and in one year I start forgetting them. =(

Forum 2 et 3 - ah.. ca pris quellesques années pour l'apprendre et dans une année je le peu à peu oublier. =(

Forum 2 y 3 - ah.. los apprendía por muchos años y después de un año, comienzo a los olvidar.=(

Forum 1 - when was the last time I actually touched this book?!!

Forum 1 - je ne me souviens pas la dernière fois que je touche à ça!

Forum 1 - no me recuerda la última vez que yo lo toqué!

Forum 1 workbook. Haha. The first few pages were neat. Don't bother asking about the rest. xP

Cahier d'exercices de Forum 1. C'est ordonné, ma écriture dans les pages unité 1 à 2. Haha. Pas pense à les unités après.

Libro ejercicios de Forum 1. Es ordenado, las primeras paginas, pero no pregunta a las siguientes.

Ah.. I should probably study French regularly on weeknights. (Yeaaah right, while play my guitar, update my blog, read Shadow of the Wind, and Japanese!) Haha, impossible.........T_T

Ah.. Je dois étudier le français régulièrement de nuit. (Ouaaais, et aussi je joue de la guitare, fais mon blog, lit L'ombre de le vent, et le japonais!) Haha, pas possible.........T_T

Ah.. Tengo que estudiar el francés regularmente. (Síííí, y tambien toco un poco de guitara, hago el blog, y leo La Sombra del Viento, y el japonés!) Haha, imposible.........T_T


That I managed to write my entry in three languages is just.. so cool! XP But the time spent doing this? Don't even ask!!! T_T So long since I last encountered and played with those words again. It took me HOURS to write this entry! *hairfall leeeh!!*


I shall not translate this part no longer~~~~! It's about time I get some sleep. :P

what a PAIN! o:

I started around 6pm, then had dinner, watched a few tv series, then continued translating. it's now 12+am xP I probably won't be blogging for a while after this. Haha. Just kidding. xP

Good night // Bon nuit // Buenas Noches // Guten nacht // Oyasumi :3

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