Friday, May 31, 2013

Repainting my room

My room used to be pink, now I'm painting it white!

I would have liked it in pink again or yellow, but I wanted oderless paint, and white was the only available one from the shop nearby. :O

My room looks brighter with white, but I couldn't move most of the furni so I just painted the visible parts.

left: yet to be painted, right: already painted

Will be taking down this poster of Kaname.XD Painting this section next.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Il Colosseo - Roma pt2

The perks of purchasing a Roma Pass!

We were able to cut through the lines and enter in a jiffy!


The stairs up to the viewing area. I think there was a lift somewhere but no time to spare.

Next to the shop were these,

The floorplan,

Immensely overwhelming. This place is chock-full of people.

View from the inside,

Finally reached the area with the balcony, a little description on the Colosseum.

Marvelous view from the balcony:

Street vendors:

Nice quiet arches and passages,

Some portion of the Colosseum is actually barricaded..


A little souvenir I got for myself..

Eversince my trip to the Grand Canyon some 9 years ago, I started a little rock collection! :D

I don't always find a nice rock to bring home, but I got one each from the Colosseum and the Palatine. X3 shh~ don't tell on me!


Some random photos from inside:

Me with my sis (She doesn't want me to post her photos.XD )

Setting up self-timer is sooo easy. XD I like to use it. But I think I should be more careful. :O When I did that in Madrid someone actually approached us to warn us about thieves.. BUT! where I live is actually worse.XD (Here, flashing a mere camera phone in public is asking for trouble! though in a well-off neighbourhood it's not so much the case.)


From my sister's camera! (they're mostly photos of myself.XP)

There were soooo many tourists. I just picked the ones without too much people.

Lovely view~~ I over-sharpened this one...=_= but I'm too lazy to change it now..


Here was the other gif I was talking about...

Thanks to boredom I made another one... :P

Looks ancient, eh?


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Il Colosseo - Roma pt1

We got a little lost on our way to the Colosseum, (this is not always the case!! XD - I swear there were more times I reached our destination without taking any wrong turns. Lol. =_=" )

We were planning to visit the Palatine Hill first, but my mistake for not having checked where the entrance was!! big mistake! -- (Instead we reached a dead end, on the other side of the entrance to Palatine. So we had to circle the whole area before reaching this, thanks to a super kind lady who told us where to go.XD -- Good thing about this unexpected side-trip was getting to see Bocca della Verita and actually treading on the whole Circo Massimo stretch!)

Luckily we bought a Roma Pass so we were able to skip the endless lines!

And just to make this trip worth it, here's a little something!

I made some edited versions of this too~ (shall post the rest tomorrow)

Well, until then! :3

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Knitting Progress

So I started knitting a scarf a couple of months back. Something to keep me busy while I watch my favourite tv dramas. XD

These were taken last month, and I am now halfway through this project! :3 (I feel like I have been working on this too long and want to move on to something else! XD I have yet to buy spare knitting sticks)


Yesterday I picked up some super nice multi-coloured yarn, which came in a huge bunch, so it's ideal for knitting! :3 I still haven't decided what to use it for though. :P It was quite expensive so I think I'll keep it for now and use it to make something I really like...^_^

Monday, May 06, 2013

Weekend Project :: Fabric Fun - Rilakkuma Bag

Simple things make me happy -- and Rilakkuma is one of them! :3


This weekend I was going through my stash of art supplies and found this unused set of Pentel Fabric Dye Sticks

I really love this brand and their products. The colours come out really well!

It comes in fifteen colours and I knew what I had to do!


What I used for Rilakkuma:



The completion of this project requires the use of an iron -- which I do not have!

Instead, I resorted to the use of my hair straightener! X3

The print lightened a little after coming in contact with a direct heat source. I used normal paper and some of the colour transferred while ironing it. Wax paper would probably be more ideal. :3

after ironing

The colour really did stay, however -- meaning the colours did not bleed anymore! (Although I have yet to test it out in the wash) :D

I know the bag is crease-y and all, but this was a spare one I bring with me all the time, just in case I had to pay extra for a bag after my purchases. (I guess I am stingy like that! :S)

I can't wait to use this! XP

Saturday, May 04, 2013

When I first started working with Watercolour

I rephrase - When I first started working seriously with Watercolour


At the end of my year in secondary, my school decided to open an art club. Believe it or not, my school didn't have one before then. They pushed mathematics and science, not so much writing and the arts. So I desperately wanted to be in it. Luckily a friend and I passed the test (it involving having to draw two different works from scratch -- I drew one of the street view from my room window, and one of Van Gogh's work -- an image which sits vividly in my head).

The trainer (I say trainer because he was preparing us to enter a national competition) made us work with different mediums, testing our strengths. I was enjoying every other medium until this. To be honest I had trouble with watercolour and had to redo some most of the assigned works. T_T

Et voila!

I took watercolour seriously and this is how it pays me back! :S


In the end I entered the competition with my trusty set-of-48 oil pastels, winning me a not-so-shiny piece of metal, .. er medal!

No thanks to aquarelle but seeing this reminds me to work even harder to become better even so. XD


Have you ever strived to become better at something, a hobby, a school subject, or anything else that doesn't love you back?