Monday, October 29, 2012

Totoro meets... Totoro

You can tell them apart because they look different! XD

The totoro on the left is a super old version, I got it from a thrift shop...two years ago. (...of course I had to scrub it and everything...It was a little dusty when I found it, but I was desperate to own it.=_= Lol)

Both totoros together!

Their tails! X3



Ah, that reminds me, I have to dig up some other Totoro merchandise in my room and put them together...:3 Lol, first I have to figure out where I stashed them.......! :S

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Lollipop + Poupéegirl

I bought this today. (because the colour was attractive....>_<")

Have been playing Poupéegirl lately and think it's super cool.

The characters and clothes are cute, and you can visit your friends too..

They all have glamourous outfits.XD


This is the 'dress up' part..


A look at some of my recent ensembles:

Fashion brand community - poupeegirlFashion brand community - poupeegirlFashion brand community - poupeegirl

Which do you like best? :P

Friday, October 26, 2012

Approved (Schengen) Visas

Haha, meant to post this earlier. Remember my post about having to go to the German Embassy? XD Well, all of my passports were sent together with the approved visa in three days! Beat that! :D

What a pleasant surprise, coming home to this! :3

Well, the permitted stay was exactly as I indicated on my itinerary, unlike the one from the Spanish embassy last year, they permitted a stay longer than was indicated.

See, the price for my intended flight changed when I was going to book it, and was going to change the return date to 31 instead of 30..(err, USD 400 difference) but couldn't because of it... Oh well! But that's not so much of a big issue, the thing is everything was smooth, systematic, and went just like they said it would.

You think I should apply at the German embassy again next year? Haha, there are many places in Germany I'd like to visit. XD


Here is the visa from the Spanish embassy last year, together with the stamps from my trip.


Off topic, but here's the visa from the Japanese embassy two years ago.

of course I had to post this!


i want to see more countries and explore more places. (Hehe, that was kinda redundant!) XD

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Japanese take-away for lunch

Some pictures to make your mouth water!



The tempura was sooo good. But the yakisoba wasn't really the kind of yakisoba I was expecting! The noodles were thick and I didn't like it.XD But it didn't taste so bad. :3



Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Package from Japan

The reason why I was at the post office..!XD

Haha, was so excited to open it~! :P

Totoro peeking out from the box~! X3

すごく可愛い~~ ^_^

What's not to love about this character?! >_<

A close-up of the tags!


Heheh, I love it to bits! a new addition to my plushie collection! ♥

A day at the post office

Feeling all touristy and snapping away at the post office today.

Would you believe I have never been here?

Ancient-looking postboxes

There was no one here.. Everything was old.

This was taken from the entrance.

The post office was huge, with a high ceiling, and tons of windows!! (There was even one for telegrams-- surprising!! Apparently there are people who still use this method of communication! :O)

Sadly, I have no photos to show you because *they* forbade photography. (Why??)

So I had to resort to photos outside.

View opposite the post office.

There was a statue of a mailman in front.

Photo of the moon so early in the day!


Finally got my package, and to my surprise it has been there since October 2!

I only got the final notice for the pick up today.:3 So I had to rush and get it.

Nevertheless, I'm glad I got it in time.>_<

Monday, October 22, 2012

At the Botschaft

Botschaft is actually German for embassy.

already the third person to visit!

Had to wake up awfully early today (06:30am -- hehe, although I used to wake up earlier back in univ!) for my scheduled interview.

I ended up getting there an hour earlier than my scheduled time. XD The embassy was already open by then so I headed up, hoping to be interviewed early.

Unfortunately I was told to come back later -- at my original appointment time. n_n""

With not much to do, decided to have some breakfast.

The smell of coffee and bacon... so tempting!

The place was vibrant and well-lit, quite filled with people eating bacon in the morning!

Of course I had to have it too.

Another photo I took before we left, inviting and funky, don't you think?


Photos of the building's interior. It's nice to walk around here in the morning. (such a corporate feel!) -- not sure what it's like for the people who actually work here though!

I hope the week started well with everyone else too!


I was in heels and wore a dress today.

I wish I could have taken a photo of myself.. but there were so many people.... >///< ( taken with my mobile. Had to be discreet with the photo-taking.XD)