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27th November 2008, Thursday, 14:09:43

THE NOW: They're finally showing Twilight (which i'll only be seeing tomorrow). I'm not quite sure of the cast. I feel they could have picked better faces... =.= I don't really have a problem with the main guy, Rob Patti.. But the rest, i'm not very fond of. n_n; So I hope it turns out okay..(would hate to be disappointed. haha. why do i have this nagging feeling i would? o_O)


THE WILL BE: I'm looking forward to being back in SG in dec. n_n; would hate to come back in jan. haha. It'd be a first for my dad to be there. So we'll be showing him around. n_n; It feels funny not spending Chritmas in HK. (And here I thought I could already pack my semi-winter outfits. haha. Apparently not.). And the sad part is, I'm going to miss my turtle and have to ma-huan our 'pet-loving' relatives to look after her while we're away. I think she would have grown a little already by the time I get back. (reminds me, I need to buy her a larger tank...n_n;)


THE MIGHT BE: I'll be taking japanese lessons in January (finally!!) which I think I've prepared myself fairly well for. I'm hoping this time it finally pushes through. I've already studied the basics. Hiragana, Katakana, and very little words! (with the help of my dad, some of his notes, and my own time studying them). And recently I've been listening to Pimsleur audios. which aren't so bad because I'm able to catch up easily. (But it also might be because I'm listening to Level One audios). I try to go through them as thoroughly as possible and devote thirty minutes listening + writing the words i hear. (still need to check if i wrote them down correctly. T_T).
Wait till I get to Level 3! XD

I hate relying on romanized textbooks but I was able to buy this McGrawHill one for the grammar. (which I haven't gotten around to study yet).

So much to study in so little time. =.=

Such a lengthy lengthy post. n_n; don't worry, will be posting pictures next time.

Until then, need to go back to tiam downstairs. T_T

16th November 2008, Sunday, 15:45:20

Monkey and Bunny.

And with the stripey pink mobile phone pouch.

Here's a photo with my mobile phone.

I love this phone. =.= Drew a bunny in it.

Have had this since last year, and I have no plans of changing it yet...

12th November 2008, Wednesday, 21:21:09

Yummy soaps! ☆

the 'shrooms have got to be my favourite!

This, this one doesn't look edible.. but it reminds me of when i used to buy lush soaps... ^_^

And how about this hot mug of cocoa with marshmallows?

Eh.. don't drink it just yet.. it's a candle. n_n;


かわいい~、でしょ?? o^.~o

Oooh. I so love hand-made cosmetics! =.=

You can see more of them here

9th November 2008, Sunday, 23:59:55

Kawaii pink tofu mobile phone holder. =^.^=

(on my equally cute peter bear pillow)

I was supposed to put my phone in it, but i was using it (to take the photo) and was too lazy to get my other phone, so there goes my remote control. n_n;

And here's another photo of the pink tofu on my pillow (with the jap curtain i recently decorated my shelf with).

Adorable little beanies like these are way too irresistible! =.=


Please check my photos too, as I have updated the page. o:


There's this amazing site I'd like to share. I got the link from a chinese magazine.

It's called Virtual Sweden.

And it has these 360 degree views of a number of famous sites

[The Louvre, St. Peter's Basilica, etc.].

Definitely a must-see! o^.~o

Or you can view it later on my links page. {it's a favourite now!)

7th November 2008, Friday, 22:53:34

It was my sister's birthday yesterday, and a friend of hers came by to bring her a yummy cake.

Mom and sis apparently dug into it already before I did. (explains the photo above. ^_^)

And it so happens I got the last slice..

And with the 'Happy Birthday' choccie still on it. =.=

It was yummy. But I'm not a big fan of cream and it has heaps in it. (no exaggerations!)

But hey, it looks nice, doesn't it?


All this talk about cake reminds me how much
I'd love a strawberry shortcake... =.= yum.

3rd November 2008, Monday, 22:38:54 (2/2)

[Sp.] Es una galería del arte par Chema Madoz en Instituto Cervantes:

[Fr.] Et quellesques photos de la petite galerie:

La durée: le 17 octobre - 29 novembre 2008.

admission: Gratuit.


I've covered most of the photos (I snapped those that I find intriguing),

but it's definitely better to see them yourself. n_n;

Until my next post then. :)


Warning: *RANTS* below

--> my reasons for taking a break from language classes

I won't be around Alliance Française or Instituto Cervantes for awhile, since I will be taking a break (quite picky when it comes to profs. I'm paying for the prof.. and I won't "just settle" for a bad one.)

I'm sorry, but I find my French prof boring and dragging and I don't find myself learning anything much from him.

As for my Spanish prof, she's the perfect example of a really bad prof. Her teaching method is all wrong and she discourages her students.. like refraining them from using their dictionaries. It would have been correct to say that one should refrain from literally translating a certain word but she said "Dictionaries are stupid, and you're supposed to ask your classmates the words you don't know." Oh please. That's just all wrong. Your classmates are just about the same level as you are (chances are slim they even know the word) and I believe it's highly likely for one to be misled should this be the case.

If dictionaries are stupid, then one would be more stupid without it. How are we to know the meaning of a word we just encountered? And how are we to express ourselves if we do not know the word for it?

I don't know what you think, but to me, that's totally discouraging and wrong. The dictionary is smart. But literally translating is stupid. There's a difference.

And she has to do something about her personality and attitude towards students. She's being paid to teach, not to discriminate.=.= The discrimination is just too obvious.

I hope Charo gets fired one day. :)


3rd November 2008, Monday, 20:59:22 (1/2)

A pretty japanese bowl i bought two weeks ago.

I actually have four of it. o^.~o

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