Saturday, June 29, 2013

Food :: The Perks of living next to a Hotel

... that is, getting to eat gourmet food after work!:3


Complimentary nuts, typical appetizer in Chinese restaurants.

While waiting for our food, I took the liberty of taking a photo of their lighting fixture. Nothing special. :O

After a while, they served the shrimp!

A special sauce mix, I expecially love the amount of chillis in there! :3

Look at how fresh that is. :D~

Salted Fish Fried Rice. Lovely. It looks ordinary, but tastes absolutely wonderful.

Spare Ribs.

I'm digging in! XD

Sometime in between.

And finally some Taro Puffs.


Once in a while, spending a little more than usual on food is rewarding. Especially after a tiring day at work. :3 (I say that now but don't think so most of the time and don't think I should.:P)

Friday, June 28, 2013

My room, Manga, Rilakkuma

Some photos of my room from over the weekend.

My desk, next to the window.

I have been renovating my room, sort of, so it's a huge mess right now. :O
Photos were taken back in April. :3

I put up a curtain to camouflage all the mess. XD

Some of the manga I picked up during that time. I only buy when it's on sale. :P

Nodame titles I own, these were from some time earlier.

Titles I bought but haven't read.

Zettai Kareshi, in japanese and english. My first manga.:3

The format is pretty much the same.

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e, my first japanese drama, now in manga! :D (Sadly I have not found the time to read this yet.)

Railgun (was the only copy left), and Black Bird.

(I accidentally bought Black Bird #8 twice by mistake, not in this picture. Now I have two copies! =_= Think I'll give the other one to my friend who's crazy about this manga (we only read online).XD


I have a super deep shelf where I keep my mangas (ones in japanese mostly).


It's Rilakkuma~~ and since we're on that subject, here's where I keep mini Rilakkuma plushies.

inside a cosmetic case! XD

There's more where these came from but they're stashed away in a safe place.:3

Here's Peter Rabbit, which I got at a bargain! :P

Ah well, when my room is tidier I will take more photos. :O (hehe, XD)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Food Review :: Toastbox @ Robinson's

The seats are super comfy, only it has specs of bread crumbs and spilled jam on the floor and no one to clean it up.

Ceiling fan, nice ventilation and keeps the place from getting stuffy.

I thought this was nice, would want something like this. XD

While waiting for our food, (photos from where I sat)

It took some time for them to serve our food, considering there weren't a lot of customers then.
Although at that time it didn't really bother me much as I was keen to try this place.

A lot of Malaysian x Singaporean inspired food, being here takes me back to my SG adventures back '07-09..ish. :3

And finally the food came!! :D

White Chicken / Hainanese Chicken (I tried a bit and this tasted good, but in the end I couldn't help but compare this to food stalls I frequented in HK, this is lacking, but otherwise good.)

Next up, was my order... Nyonya Laksa! Oh, how I loved this. XD

I was hoping for the coconut milk base to be richer; Somehow also thought this was supposed to be spicy, and I'm a little disappointed this wasn't, I love spice.

Some minor personal preferences there, but this is something I'd still want to come back to anyway.

The food presentation was perfect. I love the burst of colour, the smell of laksa with the basil leaves.

The shrimp was oh-so-thinly sliced, I'd say only about 2-3 shrimps were there in total. In Singapore they served laksa with prawns.:3

Digging in! The noodles were nice, and with the laksa it so makes me want to slurp, if only I were eating this at home! Haha.

The fried Kway Teow came up next. I can eat Kway Teow days in a row, but this, hmmm. The taste was there, but the pasta they used made it all go wrong. It was too sticky and gooey to my liking. Some hofan from any chinese restaurant in the city might make this work. :O

Overall had a good brunch here, Lovely ambience, well-lit, soft music playing in the background, not too crowded, and I was craving for that certain flavour that I found here. A few minor setbacks but nothing that'd keep me from trying out the rest of their menu, if I happen to step on their door again.

Toastbox - @Robinson's

Food 7/10
Service 8/10
Presentation 9/10