Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Summer boots from Charles and Keith

I was supposed to post this 24/03/2013 but was somehow lost and forgotten. Haha.

I do not like open-toe boots but I couldn't resist buying this because I loved the design!

Charles and Keith have become a personal favourite because I have had the experience of plunging their shoes in flood water, ran with it, kept it for some years, and still find it looking brand new. And no, it didn't fall apart after all that.

I do not know with the quality of their shoes now, but in my experience they're quite well-made.


Funny thing is, I found an almost similar style back in June 2012, from an anime.XD

a screenie from Natsuiro Kiseki, the left most side, Strappy+Open-toe Boots!

The reason I took this screenie was because of the shoes actually. When I was cleaning up the files on my comp I saw this and remembered my C&K pair. Nostalgia. :3


I bought my pair at 75% off, way too cheap. So I'm guessing this must have been in the market around the time Natsuiro Kiseki was airing. :D

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Chinese Food @ The Opera

My week-long bithday feast continues, and this time, some Chinese!

It took a while for the food to be served. o_O

Again we had shrimps! :3

Some yummy spare ribs, fried to perfection.XD

This was pretty much everything on our table.

And this was how it looked towards the end. Haha. :P

Until my next post! :3

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Food Review :: A Veneto Pizzeria Ristorante

The first time I tried their food was when they first opened at a mall along Sunset Blvd., it was for takeaway, we had pizza and pasta and it was wonderful!

This time we mainly had pasta.XD I had the Seafood Parmigiana, but also tried their Puttanesca, and something else which I forgot what it was called. (Reminder to self--photograph the menu, always!:O)


The Seafood Parmigiana - served uber hot, the melted cheese on top was lovely.

It's not too evident in this photo but it was placed in a rather large dish. :O

Generous portions of shrimp, oyster, and squid.:3


This was served with a layer of thinly sliced beef, and cheese, on bread, with chips on the side.

For what it's worth, I was expecting more from this... Bread was too thick, too little beef and cheese.

A bit of a rip-off.


Their Spaghetti alla Puttanesca. Tasted nice, only it got too cold quickly (it was served on a platic plate).

I prefer my tomato-based Parmigiana, but this was a good change-of-palate halfway through.^_~


People digging in!


Somewhere in between I was starting to feel very full.:P

Excuse the havoc we caused. :P

We were stuffing ourselves silly, the serving was huge (people were sharing their food), but for some reason I also had a big appetite that day and managed to finish the whole thing.XD

after the war. haha

Was very good overall. They had only one waiter and service was so-so -- We had questions about some of the things on their menu and got some vague responses that did not answer our question. XD

Food-wise I was quite satisfied though.:P

A Veneto Pizzeria Ristorante - @S.Lazaro

Food 8/10
Service 7/10
Presentation 8/10

Photos in this post were taken with my spanking new phone, the Samsung S4.^_~

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Weekends with Pepperoni

I can't think of any other title for this post! :D

I bought a foldable trolley bag for very cheap! I usually have a lot of stuff hanging around me when I travel.. and it'd be so convenient to just put everything in here while waiting at airports and such.

Until recently, there aren't any direct flights from here to Europe, and it is too much of a hassle to go through multiple security checks with a number of (hand-carry) bags. XD

This one is big enough to store my backpack, my shoulder bag, my camera, and an extra jacket/hat (they can be quite bulky).

Good news is that a few months ago they have announced direct flights (certainly a good thing!), so I don't know if I'll still be needing this.:D


I bought some nice stick-on hooks but haven't decided where to place them.

Also have a load of S-hooks hanging around in my room. They are super useful and I love using them.


Books to sort..

I used to be so much of a bookworm (not so much during my univ years); recently this side of me is crawling its way back. XD So I have been clearing my shelves and setting aside books that I no longer need/want t0 read, and books that I would want to read again -- making space for some new ones.:3

I am reading this one by G.P.Taylor at the moment, Mariah Mundi - The Midas Box. Tales like this intrigue me, and the characters delving into such an adventure becomes an adventure of my own. Do you ever feel this way when you pick up a book? (Like you see yourself being one of the characters in the story, something like that.)


I have also kept myself busy reviving this part of my room. The fabric/old upholstery of this couch bored me, and the colour is far too dark to my liking I decided to change it.

Here you see the new fabric, more vibrant, happy colours.

As you can see I have yet to straighten out the edges and stitch in some garter to keep it in place.

I love this part next to the window, it's sunny and perfect place to pick up my guitar and practice.
(More than that one of my neighbours keep their connection open and this is the only part of the room where I get a signal! X3)


I bought this as well, a super cute mobile strap! :3

and some usamimi hair accessories.

Really love these colours and the polka-dot pattern! :D

Monday, July 08, 2013

Food Review :: Yoshinoya

Can you guess this logo??

Well, from the title of this post it's too obvious. n_n"


I came here to buy some foodie for take-away. The last time I tried this place was maybe 3 or 4 years ago, and I don't remember much of it.

The food is really good though! Their tempura not so, but their beef bowls are the best. :D


I had the (pork) yakiniku, and beef;

But also had a bit of tempura -- good, but not the best. The batter was too thick to my liking I guess.

It came with some furikake and preserved ginger. -- I love!! [Furikake is quite expensive and comes in small quantities in some japanese specialty stores here. the preserved ginger is readily available from chinese groceries but theirs was good as well, I like how it is not sweetened and how it contrasts with the sweetness of their yakiniku.]


The store ambience is wonderful,

I think I will try to eat here next time. :D

Yoshinoya - @Central

Food 8/10
Service -- can't say as I had my food for take-away. The food was packed very neatly though! a 9/10 for take-away/delivery.
Presentation 8/10

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Food Review :: The Chicken Rice Shop

Another foodventure, this time The Chicken Rice Shop.

I had Curry Chicken Laksa. Laksa and I, we go together! XD

The meal comes with a choice of drinks, and I had Teh Tarik. I would have liked Teh Halia if they had it though.:3

The meat in the laksa was pretty basic,

but the soup base was so good. It had bits of chilli and I almost choked from swallowing one but still loved it.

Other than noodles they also have (well, as their store name suggests,) rice meals.

One that people come here to eat is their Hainanese Chicken.

I can't comment as I'm not so much a fan of Hainanese chicken....XD

They also had this yummy goodness,


Besides Teh Tarik, I also tried another drink, one made with a local citrus fruit, served with a piece of sour plum. It was cold and refreshing! :D I prefer a warm drink with my food though. :P

Teh Tarik was creamy but loaded with sugar! I ended up very thirsty after because it was so effin sweet (literally). I never had milktea this sweet when I was in Singapore or elsewhere! :O

The Chicken Rice Shop - @Robinsons

Food 8/10 [LAKSA was super good, but the milktea wasn't -- no one messes up something so basic]
Service 7/10
Presentation 7/10