Sunday, February 27, 2011

城田優もツイッター があるぜ。。


城田優もツイッター があるぜ。。!( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

A short clip... [and to think I used to hate video embeds on other websites....n_n"]

Friday, February 25, 2011

Dinner, Lush Decor, and a Lovely Sweet Finish

Photos from last night shot with my PSP Camera, who thought it actually takes decent photos!
It was well-worth the money after all.

Took photos of myself while I waited for my ride


Where we had dinner:

Stuff I had on my plate. Lol, I have already started digging in when I took this photo. Messy. n_n;


A look at the rest of the restaurant:

This is the part that I absolutely love:

Bread, and the like.

Heading straight to dessert..

They're lined up pretty nicely, eh?

Used fish-eye for mobile lens on my psp, and this is how it turned out..

Choccie love.

What I actually ate:

...are a load of sweets..

a closer look,

and more sweets (but this is sugar-free, and it tastes lovely.)


I never forget to take photos of.... and this is the ladies room where you get to freshen up...and gossip.


So we did some walking outdoor, and this is the restaurant seen from outside.


The pool area, where they play some cool music.
(here you can see the PSP Camera's flaws.)

If I could swim I'd jump right in.

and you can get your drinks from the bar,


Photos taken @ the hotel lobby:

The place is chuck-ful of lush interior.

Desk, painting in the background..

The other side of the hall.


More photos of the lobby:

Some seating spaces:

Very interesting chair, don't you think? Must be nice to sit by the window during the day.

I am so taken by the grandiosity of it all.

This flight of stairs lead to I do not know, but it sure looks marvelous on this photo.
[.......and yes, these were all taken with my psp. great colour, great quality.]

Arches, dark wood, high ceiling,....

This is where you'll find the front desk, and all other guest services (mail, etc)

Blog Posts and Archives Revived. New Features.

I have finished uploading older posts! Am proud to announce this blog is up and running again (after being away for a few weeks due to some crappy webhosting service), and is still accessible through:

doublecheeseburger [dot] blogspot [dot] com

Cheers! XD

As you can see there are a few minor changes to the layout:

- There are 'Share' buttons for you to tinker with. Please click and share the love.

- I have added the 'Tweet!' Button for my own convenience, and yours as well.

- Comments have been enabled. Don't see why you shouldn't use it. I would love to hear from you.

So please enjoy the site at least for now, the blog posts and the new features.

[Navigation and links lead to nowhere for now, but will be fixed in a jiffy.]

Have a lurve-ly night!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Archives - 2010 July

15th July 2010, Thurday, 23:14:45

It's been a while. ACK. My internet connection hasn't been good for the past couple of weeks. So annoying. :(

I have so much to post I don't know where to start! >_<

Here are some long-overdue photos from my best friend's wedding... (Finally? :P -- I'm really happy I was able to go. I still feel awfully terrible for not being able to be *part* of it, I wanted to, I really did, and I'd never have guessed they'd suddenly cancel my summer course in Spain just a few months before I'm supposed to leave. =/ If I had known earlier....) ... =/

But back to the photos I'm supposed to post:

the wedding cake:

Lyn and Harry:

hmm, and that's about it, the rest are on fb. >_<

(HAHA, and I'm sorry I'm posting your lovely photos without your permission! :O LOL.)


We decided to go around and take photos after. (For blogging purposes + I need more photos for my photoblog)


the rich woody interior

I absolutely love random finds like those in the above photo(s). Well, that shop in particular. The painting, the framing, the masks, and those little trinkets.

the pool area and the huge world cup soccer ball.

the outdoor dining area

again, more pools.


There was another blackout (tiers-monde, I tell ya.) after the recent typhoon. And yes, I'm lacking hours of sleep.

We went for a drive the day after, and it turned out to be a pretty good day for some photo-taking:


I love love EOS.♥


Bianca D's going-away thing was last week. Was supposed to go, but wasn't able to again. (WHY!!! =,c) The person who's taking me there fell sick, what nice timing right? And I couldn't go on my fb too because of the sucky connection. I sms-ed Reira instead. SIGH. And I was really looking forward to see everyone too.

Hmm, but i hope she's well and happy where she is-- Dubai.:P

I'm turning in for the night now. Am getting really sleepy! Shall upload this post tomorrow. It's playing tricks on me again, my internet.

Oyasumi~! ^-^

1st July 2010, Thursday, 23:56:02

Today is my mabudachi's birthday! xD (Reira) お誕生日おめでとう! ^-^


WAH. I just found out a DVD special and another special episode already came out for Nodame Cantabile : Finale! :O HAHAA. I am so crazy about that anime for some reason.:P I'm all thrilled now after knowing they'll be releasing a brand new season Nodame Cantabile : Opera . Chiaki = ♥! :P

すげ~~!! ^o^



I have a new stack of animes to watch! Thanks to a friend from Jap class! :D I've been slaving away all my extra hours for the past week to copy as many cds as I can! :O I know it's 80something cds, and that I can borrow it for as long as I want, but pai seh also to keep them with me when I can return them soon.=_= (Haha, I took a break today though and did my laundry instead.:P -- tiring + time consuming, but I'm somewhat happy I have that off my list of things to do now.)


Ah, it's going to be a busy busy month! My best friend's wedding is Saturday this week, I'm only attending the dinner thing though because I have class + work in the morning, and no one to drive me to the venue! (>_<)

Next Saturday some friends from Uni are planning a get-together for a friend who'll be off to Dubai (for good? :/). I can't wait to see them! HAHA. I only hope it's somewhere convenient (!).:D

On the 17th, with high school people. I don't think they've decided on a venue yet either! Hm, they've decided on one last time and changed it again. So... T_T Our friend Nova's back for the summer, and I can't wait to see her too because it's been YEARS! :D 6 to be exact. :P Hees.:P

So you probably figured out by now I won't be on my Summer Course in Spain. (BECAUSE of... ACK, don't get me started..o_O), but then on the other hand it seems like a fun month.:O


The final-final thing is 3rd Oct with my mabudachi(s)-- (WHAT TO WEAR~~)

Haha, I'm soo excited.:P


Yesterday, we went malling. and I was surprised there were so many people! ECLIPSE...n_n; How could I forget!
But I did. :P The two previous installments were pretty bad I don't feel like watching the third one at all! :O
I wonder if it's any good?

Here's what I had for lunch yesterday. >_< A slab of beef with strips of bacon and chips.


Pocky Almond Crush -- oh yum.


キラキラチャルミ with my headphones. Kawaaaii~ Ne~

without the headphones


DoCoMo mushroom mobile phone pouch


Together ^-^


Finally, some onigiris I made last week:

Hehe, did I get the shape right?:P

It tasted quite alright. Haha. Not the best there is, but I had fun making them. HAHA.

Recently watched Aishiteruze Baby and it inspired me to make these~:O