Monday, January 28, 2013

Curry Omu Raisu!

Felt like cooking up some omu-raisu for dinner.:D

T'was sooo good!! :3


Truth is I had some retort pack curry that are soon to be inedible; So before they go bad I made it into this. A huge bowl of rice, 4 eggs, 1 retort pack curry. Makes 2 servings. :D

Hehe, I actually stuffed too much rice into this portion...n_n;

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Illustration: from the Berlin Wall

Spent the evening sketching. Have been meaning to since I came back from my trip but have not had time to.:3

This is from the Berlin Wall, thought I'd sketch something from each of the city I traveled to. :D

For this, I used the Colleen Watercolour Pencils I bought some time ago. The colour came out a bit lighter than I expected -- that meant I'd easily finish the lead if I worked with something of a larger scale. XD

So far I have used Derwent, Faber Castell, and Colleen. I quite liked how brilliantly the colour comes out with Faber Castell.

Not sure how much it resembles the original photo, but this is my version of it. XD

After filling in the colours I pick up my 0.1 pen for the outline.

Here you can see the stuff I used.... :D

This is how it looks with the lines filled in.

I omitted the vandalized parts.XD

Speaking of which, I have sinned for I have done so as well....XD

And my handwriting looks awful because my hands were freeeezing! ^~~~^

Until my next post. Have a lurvely weekend! =X

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Paris 003 - Printemps Haussmann + Cafe Pouchkine

After organizing some photos from my recent trip, it suddenly came to me to go through last year's photos (err, half of which I gave up labeling/sorting).:S

I hope it's not too late, here's a backlog from last year's Christmas holidays spent in Paris.

I so love the atmosphere in this city,

and seeing it in pictures make me yearn to come visit again some time soon!



on Boulevard Haussmann.

Impressive architecture and the most amazing shop displays.

Some of which were these lovely dollies dancing to the music!

Really attractive colours and so russian-inspired, including this pastry shop:

Cafe Pouchkine.

A pretty happening place, but a little too expensive to try!
So I shall only do what I'm good at and take photos from the window. XD

A matryoshka~~

Lovely cake...


And this one I liked best...
Slight pearly shimmer looking elegant.

Matryoshka + high tea


Now my supposedly Printemps-Haussmann-shopping post has turned into food-pastry-yummy post......n_n

Ah well. XD

Saturday, January 05, 2013

When in Madrid :: 20121228 Strike - Alfon Libertad

When in Madrid,

do witness a strike at Puerta del Sol
(I kid, I kid! XD)


But here are some I filmed while I was there, it was a protest on some wrongly accused guy who's in prison for his actions, and people think it's unjust (I am not entirely sure, sorry, I hardly ever watch the news or read the papers.XP)

As if the strikes in the country where I live are not enough... XD


This guy voices out his opinions..

Did you know he was featured in one of the spanish documentaries about people in the streets? XD


How Sol looks in the evening, it's packed with people.


I hope you liked the videos. I had to climb barricaded fountains // metro railings to get these.XD


More people.

Was a mix of locals, tourists, people on strike, a lot of street vendors, and shoppers (due to the proximity of numerous shops).

Where the people have gathered for the protest..

A closer look..

What they were raving on about..

And from the police-point-of-view..


Lastly, the Christmas tree at Sol... :3 (hehe, awfully late to be posting something christmas-y! :P)

I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays as much as I did! (^_~)V

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Buon Anno - roman hangover

Happy New Year!! :3

Photo from one of the markets in Rome, they have a load of these stuff!

We stayed at a bed and breakfast near Piazza Navona, one of the most bustling places to be in Rome. XD

Here you can find some famous landmarks(mostly fountains by renowned sculptors).
In this photo: the Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi, with an obelisk in the middle. Behind it, the Church of Sant Agnese in Agone.

Beautiful sight.

The place is filled with people in the evening! In my case, it was right before Christmas, such a busy place.

In the morning it was calm, with only a few stalls setting up their wares for the afternoon.

Fontana del Nettuno

Almost everything in Rome was a beautiful work of art. The fountains, the churches -- but only in the city centre. The outskirts were disappointing and modern.XD But Itallians are so far the nicest people I've encountered in my trip to Europe, and for that-- my first post of the year! :D

(of course, there are many more cities I have yet to visit! :3)


I hope this year will be just as wonderful-- even better. :3