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26th January 2010, Tuesday, 23:36:09

Stuffed ourselves silly over the weekend. Ah, nothing beats brunch on a Sunday.

2010/01/24 Sunday

Here is the place we ate at, Burgoo.

the menu..

porkchop and some corn on the side

my order of fish and fries (the classic!).. oh, yummy fried goodness

the coleslaw othat comes with it is quite good too. they threw a bunch of celery in it I think, I happen to love that veg.

Bacon cheeseburger (which i also ate a very small portion of..yum.)

Although I don't get why they stuck a Korean flag on it? Maybe the server thought we were Korean...? Or did they just happen to run out of Chinese flags...and if it's because of the dish, bacon cheeseburger isn't even Korean to start with!

...though it'd look better without the flag...hmm..i mean on picture and everything

some chicken pasta

tasted nice, although a little buttery. I prefer olive oil over butter.. so.

But yeah, if you're not too guilty about consuming a little butter, I'd say it's really good.

(HEH! and who am I to talk about butter consumption after all that fried stuff. *glomp*)


How was your weekend? ;)


On to other things, a friend from my japanese class sms-ed to tell me about enrolling for the next level. Guess what~? I'm getting 5% off again. Yay! :P After all the messed up schedules, crazy-busy work hours, and the 3 classes I missed because of the latter, I still managed to get a good-enough grade. It totally made my day because at least I know I'm not behind, and those tiring nights I had to study after working full-hours.. I'm glad they paid off after all.

Thank you, God. :P (Please don't let this get to my head! >_<)

Only problem is, I'm not sure how many of us are enrolling for the next level, so I hope we meet the minimum number of students to open the class. *fingers crossed*

We're supposed to start this week after all.



P.S. Can't wait to wear my new dress this weekend........

18th January 2010, Monday, 21:20:30

I haven't been able to use any of the languages I've been learning. Used to blog in French here the first couple of months I started. But oh, it takes me so looong to write one entry! xP Anyway, I was thinking of creating another blog to do French translations on. Just so I get to practise conjugations, prepostitions, and whatnot. And I start todaaaay!

translate first, fix webbie later. Lols. Haven't decided on a name.....

There's so many things on my mind right now and so many things I want to start. I don't know where to begin.

  • laundry
  • translate
  • trinkets.. trinkets (not sure about the name.... it's not very catchy, is it?)

    ...remember that half-done webbie I was working on last year.xP
  • organize photos from last year
  • edit photos to upload on fb
  • resize photos
  • reformat my SD cards
  • put more photos on my photoblog (update updates)
  • change the songs on my mobile and mp4
  • eat some meiji goodness (I just stocked up on some choccies)
  • finish the hunts on FFXII! O:
  • review my japanese
  • japan (tentative place) in the summer. time to think of my outfits! [mar/apr]
  • re-take the last level of Spanish I took the previous year for review.
  • check the university for when I start my summer course in *bleep* [end of june/aug] oooh,boy! ♥ LOVE LOVE LOVE ♥ more deadly virus scare this time, i hope
  • my best friend's wedding (literally) [july] -- mais je crois que c'est pas possible.. I have to be in *bleeep* a day before school starts, at the least.
  • worry about my dear A.C.....!
  • celebrate my birthday somewhere fun ..woot [july]
  • hk [dec]

At least that's one thing off my list for now (if you only knew, I slaved away the whole of last night to do my laundry.. Since night is the only time I get to do the stuff I need to get done anyway.....slept around 2am). And once it starts to pile up it will once again show up on my list.

*deep breath*

I am feeling determined to write some French today so..later! :P


I had a weirdddd dream last night, of plushies, and a stranger (sort of), and familiar places.. It's in a bit of a jumble, since I forced myself to get up and was too lazy to recollect my dream. hmm...Funny cos I haven't done any "stalking" recently. Not in a weird creepy way. :P It's like when you check peoples' blogs to see what they've been upto. Something of that sort.......the thought of him travelling with a friend must have bothered me a little~ i even had to dream of that friend----LOL.

Ah, enough talk. :P Shall get to work. :P

14th January 2010, Thursday, 20:37:36

Have been meaning to post Monday but had too many stuff to do.. So...

11th January 2010, Monday

The reason behind my status message 'off to Pulau Ubin..WHAAAT'

The setting: I was back in High School, and the weird thing is, I was still attending scout activities on Saturdays (I must be in my junior year then). Unfortunately though, I wasn't able to go to one important 'meeting'. What it was about I can't remember. It was required and there was something about not passing if I didn't. Mum suddenly comes into the picture. She talks it out with someone in a higher position and they finally came to a decision. To make up for my absence, I was to go to Singapore to join the other scouts! (HAHA). So my face lit up, it sounds like fun. New place, new people, new adventure. I was told it'd be for 5 days, and the airfare only costs $204. Cheap leeeh! We were to be on a training thing on an island between Malaysia and Singapore, in my dream it was called "Palau Ubin", and it will be like a malaysian-singaporean joint thingy. I was really excited about what was going to happen next.

But when I woke up I realized it was another ordinary day. (booo) Imagine the disappointment! :(

Later that evening, I found out there was a place called Pulau Ubin (I got one letter wrong in my dream), and it was between Malaysia and Singapore (right again), on the Singaporean territory (right again), north of Singapore (wrong here, in my dream it was west/southwest).

Funny what we dream about. :D ...............Although I realized it was never coming true.


Got myself a bunch of very cute bunny plushies (I LOVE!) this week. VERY happy. :D

Wasn't able to take a photo though because I've drained the batt from my cammy days ago and have not been able to get any of my extra batteries charged yet.

Oh, and speaking of my cammy, it's taking me soooo long to organize my photos. 3 SD cards... oh, actually 4, I haven't actually transferred the fourth one to my laptop yet. Sigh. I need to empty them soon for when I need them again...O:


Oh, and I forgot to mention a friend of mine came by the office today. I was surprised because I wasn't expecting to see ANYONE. >_< And I was dressed down and all, plus a little tired, and it was around five-ish. LOLS. And what with everyone listening in to the conversation. So I didn't have much to say. (Although I would really, seeing as it's been 2 years!..).

Hahaha, hope i didn't come out a little unfriendly today. Would have liked to talk. :P (but I was a little uneasy because everyone was there. xP)


I will be reaching another level this month (happy :D), but I'm not sure if there are enough students (there's about 6 of us at the moment). I hope we get to start right away (next week). Haha, I still have a lot to review though....!

and the finals, a lot of careless mistakes! o_O I was too lazy to read the rest of the sentence.. oh, do remind me to next time. =.="

p.s. My U-kun has not updated his blog yet! :(

3rd January 2010, Sunday, 22:47:25

Bonne Année à toutes et à tous! ღღღ(♡´∀`)

How's the New Year going for you lot? Me, I used to look forward to each passing year but I'm starting to dread them now. *_* New year = a year older again + back to work. We were planning to head to Esplanade Dr/Merlion Park for NYE.. but the person I was supposed to go with backed out on me. T_T What fun would it be going alone right? So I spent NYE by the balcony, overlooking the streets swarmed with people and gobbling down a bag of Calbee, ah.. and drinking tea, to add to that. o_O

The hols were pretty fun though, spent five days playing PS2 + watching Koshonin (U-kun plays the deathrow inmate) + napping + eating chips. And the rest of the days until the New Year doing a lot of walking, photography, and shopping. Come to think of it, I only did little shopping. Haha, Most of the shopping I did at Bugis (they have a lot of cute frilly japanese-y skirts ^_^) and I bought a pair of shoes that resembled one I've always wanted to have! That's like my New Year gift to myself. >_< I wore them that night, for the 2010 countdown, except I wasn't able to go! *disappointed* But oh, I'm happy, still.

I've also posted this one on my photoblog. (Fairly new..xP Do comment, should you stop by.)

How was the new year from where you are? There were also fireworks and all in SG, but it's rare occasion to see so many people lined along the streets and the football field (not included in this photo). It was FUN. :D

The morning after, here's how the place looked like:

They've placed yellow railings this time (they weren't there when I last took a photo), probably for the previous night's events.

Here's my NYE outfit. Lol.

Glitzy/shiny black top, coupled with a black and pink frilly skirt, high socks, and floral pink shoesies!

I love the ensemble. Quite Japanese!

Too bad I was only able to wear them for a few hours! SHALL wear them again some time. xP


Had a pretty good start this year. Let's hope that carries on. Have a fab 2010!

Cheers! ^_~

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