Monday, April 09, 2012

Paris - entry 001

We arrived in Paris (from Barcelona via Easyjet).

Before, I only got to say "Je veux acheter des billets..." when we had practice conversations in Frenh class, but now I actually get to say it for real.XD

Some photos from when we took the RER from CDG to Luxembourg:

Empty train looks rather nice. XD Although it was not as I expected... The train was old. Getting on and off the train was not so convenient. The walkway was narrow, and me carrying a backpack, a shoulder bag, and my luggage did not help at all.

What I liked about it were the large windows, and how nice it is to just sit there and look outside..


This was our stop:

This is how the station looks:

I lurve this shot! [This reminds me of Annie Mole for some reason!]


Getting out of the station was quite troublesome though.

Me and my bags simply could not fit! =_=""

In fact I saw someone who just "leaped" over it.XD

[photos were taken with my Canon SX110IS and Samsung S8300.]

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Bacon Maki

My first microwaved bacon strips.XD [Hachi would be so proud of me!]

A friend suggested it, and since we had some unused leftover bacon from a pasta episode the day before, decided to experiment... Popped it in for 4 minutes. I think I may have overcooked it for a wee bit. =_="

And since I had some Nori and Kewpie Mayo that is about to expire soon, I rolled them up.XD

Wish I had some wasabi to go with it, but seems my wasabi in the fridge has also expired. o_O"

It tasted lovely as it is though.


Organizing some photos with this plate next to me-- was reminded of Nodame and Chiaki and the onigiris (and how much I feel like watching the anime again)! xD