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14th February 2010, Sunday, 14:11:45

Meant to post these pictures yesterday.. but we got home around a little past twelve already (and I slept around 2am!).

Here are photos from CNY dinner at LiLi, Hyatt Hotel & Casino.

where i'm seated, nice plates.

Their tea has a very good flavour too.

The shiny little teapot short and stout..

The rooms' shelves are decorated with random things. The room that was reserved for us today has these.

Intricate detail on the wall.

Some CNY decor they did plus sweets!

I had a really sore throat the past 2 days so I'll have to pass.=.=


the first course, it still makes my mouth water.

these wraps are heavenly!~

Some o kiam chicken

..and what's CNY without a little drink? it's for the uncles.

Us girls had some white wine.

Soup with a lot of stuff mixed in. Shark's Fin, shrimp (i did see some shrimp in it), and the usual fix. Tastes good.

Yummy glutinous rice.

Prawns! :) They make me smile (yes, they do!).

Shrimp with some celery (I ate more of the celeries).

Brocolli with mushrooms. Yum.

Out came the oysters.

And finally, desserts..

..and it won't be complete without this!

These guys came in to give each of us a hong bao,

It contained a few cents and some message. (they differed, it was interesting, like opening a fortune cookie)

And some hong bao from my aunts and uncles. (although this one isn't actually red at all.:P) Nice envelope, eh?

We took some group pictures.. but I did some cropping and am only posting that of myself..

The place was filled with people last night. I took these photos right before we left (which was quite late).

hi there!

Very nice dinner! :D


We went around the hotel while we waited for the valet. (parking was full, too, unfortunately)

Heart-shaped choccies for Valentine's Day.

And this one looks divine!

strawberry dipped in choc.. and are those pistachios?

Decided to take some pictures...!


Have a happy CNY! :D

1st February 2010, Monday, 23:50:10

2010/01/30 - Saturday

Lovely evening! If you've seen the moon, it's worth gazing at.

I was thinking of posting them for Skywatch Friday (on my Photoblog). But that's every Friday. So it's a few more days till that.

Here they are anyway: (low-res version, of course..:O you'd have to visit my photoblog for the better one!)

...this was taken with my SX110 IS. I took another shot using a Canon 500D, the photo will be up this coming friday @ snapperoni. Do comment, and follow, if you'd like.


That aside, some of my activities yesterday included: malling, shopping, wearing my new dress, Walking under the sun, oh, and of course more photography.

A little glimpse into the photos I took. I've already posted the yellow orchids yesterday. I received the most comments so far on that post, so I'm incredibly happy.♥


Watched La Corda D'oro (japanese anime), and I loved it! :P I''ve only been starting and am a good few episodes in. It pretty much revolves around classical music. Will continue to watch it next weekend. and I can't waait.


It's Feb already, huh.

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