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25th May 2009, Monday, 21:43:04

I painted this last night..~ (^-^)


Gaaah. Today has been extremely hot. (-.-)""

21st May 2009, Thursday, 22:52:48

..And that's why I'm happy... :)

Spent my evening deleting not-so-nice photos.. i just realized I haven't uploaded some of my photos from last year. Haha. I'm feeling kind of lazy to because there's like 1000+ photos. T_T Haha. I think I'll just dump some of the good ones on fb then if i'm not feeling lazy i'll resize them to fit here. :)

(maybe next month... xP)

18th May 2009, Monday, 23:27:48

I was supposed to post these photos yesterday but I forgot to bring my charger.. So lappy ran out of batt. (^-^)

I got this last week.. and it's so adorable! :)

This is the inside. :p

And then I also got this super soft mashi maro pillow. (^-^)


I bought some oatmeal cookies for when I go hungry~

I also bought Kimchi flavoured chips! (which are absolutely yummy. They don't taste so much like Kimchi though.. but it's spicy enough..)


I bought Shojo Beat the other day.. Haha. It's a March 2009 issue but back issues are cheaper.;) And I don't really mind reading it 2 months later. :D


I was drinking this while playing on the comp last week. I was so tired. And playing's like one of the things I do to de-stress myself. De-stress (is that even the right term for it?). Not distress okay...! I was telling someone about this and the person thought distress. ^-^


Haha, I don't think I've mentioned the Maple Story pencil case I bought a few months ago. I don't play Maple Story but I just thought the pencil case was pretty cool..

see how many compartments there are? (^-^)


Oh, and lastly I took some random photo of dumplings.

I've consumed a lot of dumplings lately! Haha. It's easy because you just heat em up...xP And it's less oily too compared to when you fry them. Haha. And then I soak them all in the sauce I made and start gobbling them down... Hahaha.


Ahhh. Enough of food. It's making me hungry. I ate McNuggets for dinner (so unhealthy xP)... I think I should make veg curry tomorrow... :D

7th May 2009, Thursday, 23:23:44

Let's play catch?

I bought these yesterday morning to make lemonade... ^-^ Then today it rained (almost) non-stop. Haha. So much for my plan of sipping 'a cool lemonade on a hot afternoon'.. :p

Guess who played catch with me instead? xP



I also bought Ai Yori Aoshi #14 the other day. Lol. I have 6, 7, and 8. Now.. 14. Haha. I skipped through the others. Haha. I'm reading it for fun.. You still get the story anyway even if you skip 'em. :p (It's a cute fun read xP)


Alrighty.. I have to go sleep now.. ;)

à plus! xP

5th May 2009, Tuesday, 21:54:11

I'm home. xP Haha.. you know when you're hungry and you just can't pick what to eat it's always safe to go with chicken rice... ^-^

(err.. it works for me anyway...)

So I had chicken rice again for dinner and beer sausage. It was nice. >.<

Here are some photos from dinner..

食べましょ xP

the menu...

cute bunny display..(^-^)

some stuff on the wall..

pretty colors..aah. the blue is so calming. ~_~


I wrote this yesterday (while i was having breakfast!).. Was supposed to post it but wasn't able to so here it is.. :)

4th May 2009. Moday, 09:21 am

I woke up from a very nice dream this morning!
It started when my crush asked me out... So he picked me up from my place.. and his car was a dark blue one with stickers all over it...(It looked kinda like a race car..)

Anyway.. I did not sit beside him! (which was really weird..?) I sat at the back.. and for some reason... i was soo sleepy. The place we were going to was so far. And then, the next thing I know, he was already sitting beside me.. (who's driving now? xP) Anyway.. we reached our destination and i definitely felt like peeing... I didn't know where the girls' comfort room was. There only were men's and disabled people ones. I went in the one with men's sign on it... figuring it was for both men and women (Haha). After I peed, I went in the restaurant and I didn't know where he was. Stupid me.. of course he was waiting outside. So yeah.. we went in together and found a seat somewhere in the corner which was nice. We sat down (he was on my right) as the waitress set up our table. the tables were nice.. because all the food were placed in the middle and there was like a drawer thingy you pull out in front of you that serves as your own space. n_n; (i think I should draw it for you to understand.. it's quite innovative... oh wait, It's pretty much like when you pull out the keyboard..) And so we started eating.. I thought it was a chinese restaurant.. a modern one anyway... because of the ambience.. (it reminded me of the one we ate at at SF). But it turns out.. the place serves pizza! And yummy ones. So I helped myself.. xP For some reason, my grandparents (motherside) came to the picture...My grandmother proposed a toast and i didn't know what it was but my grandfather did not toast to it.. I was so stupid I too lifted my glass and toasted with her not knowing what I was toasting to. He also lifted his glass when I did.. but unsure whether he should. Then he whispered something like.. "Did you know what we were toasting to? I think it kind of meant 'to us breaking up'.." he told me. "Really?" I frowned.. "Is that what she meant? Maybe I should ask my mom later.." I replied. (Hah. My mom huh..). And he told me "Yeah, you probably should." I can't believe my own grandmother is trying to break us up. T_T Then he whispered "It's like in Godfather.." (eeeh? What does Godfather have to do with this date.. :P) I agreed.. (I don't know why :P). I ate the last slice of pizza (How embarrassing.. i'm such a pig! x.x) and he looked like he wanted to eat the pizza too.xP And then we went out after. He was in a hurry I don't know why. But when we got to where his car was parked we were running (he told me to) and we quickly climbed into his car and he sped off. Turns out someone was chasing him (or us..). I did make a mental note to myself that on the way back I was going to sit in the front with him.. But then seeing as we were in a hurry.. I grabbed the nearest door (which was the back) and went in.. So I wasn't on the passenger side agaaain! n_n; And then it struck me... I was involved with a guy from the mafia.. >.< (How thrilling right? :)) So our first date.. he dropped me off at my place.. The second date.. he had to drop me off at the station (what it was I didn't know..? T_T) and when someone noticed who he was, they were suddenly after him. The next day, police and firefighters (why firefighters?) were by that same station waiting for him to drop me off there again.. But he was going to drop me off at my place again this time. xP (My dream fast-forwarded itself...) I was kind of annoyed it ended that way..?

Okay now.. Can someone interpret this dream for me? xP

I may have a few hunches though how this came about...

  • The cereals i recently bought came with race car toys (and stickers to decorate the car with).
  • I was just talking about Mario Puzo with someone last week...
  • Maybe i felt like peeing while i was asleep. Haha.
  • That person I dreamt about.. I haven't even talked to him this week.. :p (And no, I wasn't even thinking of him before I slept)
  • Recently, I ate dinner while on the lappy and had to pull out the keyboard part to place my plate..
  • I may have been thinking about pizza...:D
  • And I would have given him that slice (in real life)
  • Some firefighters put out a fire sometime last week a few blocks from us.. And their siren annoys me. T_T
  • I had been reading Annie Mole's London Underground Tube Blog.. could that have anything to do with the station?
  • Today *could possibly* be special.. (but not anymore?)
  • ..there's something I'd like to comment about but cannot so I'll just keep it to myself..
  • The thrill... Maybe that's kind of what I want?

Haha. I wish we were still doing "Dream Analysis" for GENPSYC. :p

2nd May 2009, Saturday, 00:03:45

Painted my nails today... I wanted to take a picture of it but the batteries for my cammy are still charging so i used my webcam instead.. :) (it's not too clear~)

I love the combination. ^-^ I did the same to my feet. Haha. They're kind of eggplant-inspired...ya think?


Oh yea.. another good thing happened today.... I almost got a perfect score for my test when i was deducted 0.5pts for a mistake i wasn't even aware about. T_T (My answer wasn't even wrong.. hahaha. I just got the character wrong. I thought the character was written this way when it was supposed to be written that way. ---the mistake was so minor. I sorta extended the line a bit when it wasn't supposed to be.) Well. Now I know. Sigh. So careless~ Haha. But 99.5% is ok...o_O (because i didn't even study for this week's test.:P) Haha.


J'ai trouvé ces choses dans le blog de cherry blossom je les aime déjà! Très jolie.. ces peluches.! (^-^)

Elle l'a pris dans une 'arcade' (c'est quoi en français?...n_n;).. avec celui-ci..

WaaAaH!... J'espère qu'il ya quelqu'un qui me les donne!

Haha. Ce sont de Japon.... o_O

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