Sunday, November 27, 2011

Downton Abbey

The craze is back! -- well, my craze for Downton Abbey is back.:D

Have finished downloading eight episodes a few days back, and have been watching since.:D

I am now on episode 6, so 2 more to go.=S

Have loved the series since it first came out (last year).xD Waited forever for the second installment.

The lovely music from the first season is still apparent, the setting is just as grand (with a few minor adjustments..because of the changes in the story).

My favourite character still has to be Mary [she is so calm, composed,and strong -- maybe everything I am not!].:D Edith is not as annoying as she used to be. Sybil has started to build more character this season.

Did not like Matthew before, but now he seems okay compared to Richard Carlisle!

Thomas the footman used to be such a bad guy, he still is, but not as evil as he used to be!... (I have yet to see two episodes though, so let's see how this all turns out!;P).>_<

--Rich in story, characters, everything. Great cast too.:P [and that thick British accent almost everywhere is just wonderful...^_^]

McD Food Straps

Finally got the food straps from McDonald's.:D

First wanted to get these when I was in Japan last year, but didn't.:D

And only now did it start becoming available for purchase here.;p

Lol. I think I will get a few more extras to keep.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Xiao Long Bao for dinner

Picked up some frozen xiao long bao from the supermarket.:D

Was told to put a layer of cabbage to prevent it from sticking.

Steamed it for about 30mins (I think less than 30mins would be okay, but considering it coming straight from the

freezer...heating it for a while longer would be safe.)

And this is how it looked after.:D

Don't expect it to be as good as the one in restaurants!:P

Considering how convenient this is to prepare, it's actually quite nice....^_^

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What the Mailman Brought with him this Morning

This~! :3

A Chiang Mai, Thailand postcard.

Sent from Singapore! :P

Thought it was going to be another boring day at the office and then saw this.xD Made me happy. ^_^

ありがとう、アルベルトさん! ^_^


Have never been to Thailand, and Chiang Mai seems to have a very lively night scene!


I also love this turtle stamp! :P [lol, reminds me of my pet turtle! -- though I like most turtles in general.>_<]

It kind of shimmers too when viewed against the light.. are most of the new stamps in SG like this?


Reminds me.. I still have a couple of stamps I haven't sorted...

Most of these are from business mails:

And some more:

As for these ones, found them lying somewhere around the house. [My dad/mom both had a stamp collection, I guess they kept these but never added them to their collection]

[Note: these stamps are older than I am! xD]

These are rather new though:


Hong Kong stamps!

My uncle in Hong Kong sends some documents over occasionally...

[These are from the earlier years...]

and some that are new:


Shall rummage through some of my old letters and photograph the stamps, :D

I don't peel them off the envelopes when the letters are addressed to me, but for business mails I just keep the stamps and get rid of the envelopes.xD

.......Now where did I keep the ones from way back.....o_O

Sunday, November 13, 2011

On the Subject of Ice Cream

Someone had their teeth pulled yesterday-- which was good excuse to get some ice cream!:D

Have not had them for a while, so was very excited when I heard we are bringing some home.>_<

The store we went to had a load of Korean ice cream, which explains why these are all Korean...

This is a taiyaki one that I have always wanted to try (well, wanted the japanese version, but we don't have it here.=S)

A coffee-flavoured bar..


What I am currently eating is different though..

Topped it with a Meiji Dark Choc for photo-purposes.xD


Some games I downloaded and trying on my psp..


Spent most of my afternoon comparing flight prices and schedules, and have finally decided.:D

Purchase done, now I wait for my ticket.xD

Lol, think I should read up on the places I'm going to....:P

Friday, November 11, 2011

Pretz X Pocky

Pretz X Pocky

..are two of my favourite things.:D

This blueberry one caught my eye.

Was a first to get Pocky in Blueberry.

Tasted marvelous.XD

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kawaii notes

Bought some sticky notes today.:D

And a purple marker..

Lol, do not have good use for them, will probably just pile up with the rest of my stationery..

But it had such a cute design I just couldn't resist buying.xD



Also bought a new pair of super sharp scissors.

Have a few pairs of good scissors but they are quite small.:D

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Red packets are not always red.

Red packets are not always red.

Modern ones are placed in colours other than red (sometimes also in pink!)

These are packets I received from my uncle.

The Chinese character on the upper left side of the envelope is also my last name / family name (written in Chinese).

Some HKD, you might notice that the design is different (although the colour is similar)..

The reason for this is that they're issued by different banks.

One is the Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation:



The other is issued by the Bank of China:



Come Chinese New Year I will be receiving more hong bao's.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011


Picked up some coffee the other day from the supermarket.:P

I have yet to try this brand..:P I hope it's good.

And some UCC ones.


Have been busy preparing stuff for Christmas giveaways and such at the company.

Just realized we had a load of wine sitting around.xD

So we thought we'd try this one:

Now to find that corkscrew...