Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Currently on my ym messenger (and on msn too) -- (background: playing/feeding deers at Nara, I think they will choke from my hugging if I'm left with them for a couple more hours! Heeehee! They are soooo disciplined and friendly!)

Yes, I finally put up a couple of photos after being away from the photobloggie world for so long. [and I haven't even managed to organize photos from my trip yet... = I had to go through a bunch of folders to find "this" or "that" photo.]

I might have to sacrifice a couple of more nights home to finish organizing the files from my trip. And where do I squeeze in the time to study Japanese? Err...!


Here are a few trashy uploads from my cam:

Takenoko, I was nibbing on this powersnack before I took out my Japanese paraphernalia (textbook / homework).

I can't nibble on them while I study... Couldn't risk (more like--> I don't like) chocolate smudges.


MocchiMochiChoco is something I recently discovered and I love the flavour in my mouth. ♥♥ [Caramel+Mochi+Choc] ♥♥


To beat late night hunger pangs....

chinese noodles! >_<

Instant noodle bowl against my desktop... [Tokyo Sky Tree can be seen in the background, blending in with the Tokyo Cityscape. But due to the foggy condition this photo was taken in...it's only barely visible]

And err, that is the result of a 3-year usage. I do have a ton of icons!

I'm curious, how does everyone else's desktop look like? xD


Some photos I took before writing this post...

My blog in the background! :D

am loving my fiery red psp, STILL. xD And even more after seeing them on game advertisements in Tokyo.

Here is a fairly new japanese game I got ahold of.

I think there are too many Kanji characters in this game. Haha, most of which I have not studied yet. :P

I prefer ひろのかけら... as it uses hiragana mostly, plus the dialogues are easier to understand.


Aya Brea,on the The 3rd Birthday. Gave it a go after reading D's tweet, and now I am hooked.

It is in Japanese. I cannot catch the radio dialogues, but at least I can understand the missions, more or less! xD

Oooh, this game is gorgeous. Gameplay = great, only downside is that it eats up the batt! (I prefer playing this game with the volume maxed up).


This is Final Fantasy Crisis Core. English. It's good. Have been playing it for some time but stopped because the missions are all the same (+the maps too)...Not a lot of freedom exploring maps either. I like the enemy encounters though, and the limit breaks.

But this is good on the psp.xD I liked it so much at first.

The best FinaL Fantasy I have played by far might be XII on the PS2. [but I haven't played it for a few months now]


My Current PSP theme:

Kingdom Hearts! xD I think it matches the redness perfectly.


Was going through some of my Tokyo photos and took this,

and this, with the Harajuku Station in the background.

and again, still in Harajuku.


I don't have the Christmas Eve photos as promised. [Sorry!], I will remember to set that album aside for my next post!

Until then, please remind me constantly of what I have yet to post....xD

Bonne nuit!

[after reading Benoist's blog, I realized how bad my French has become, was thinking of commenting but nothing was coming out in French. Definitely not a good sign. =(]

I have decided to follow his tweets too.

[note: of course I can reply in English, but there is that other choice of commenting in French.....n_n::]

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