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27th July 2009, Monday, 21:14:09

Hey! ^-^ I was reading my 'wishlist' again and funny coz I was going to cross the big-eyed-monkey out. I wasn't able to get it coz the girl selling it was having a really bad cold leh (virus!).. but I did get a bunch of beanies anyway (My bed is full of beanies now. x_X).

Here are some photos from last wednesday (07/22/2009):

We had dinner at this restaurant called Classic Cuisine. The food was actually good. Quite pricey, and the serving wasn't very big.. but the food was satisfying. ;)

the menu..

some tables..

my reflection.. haha. ^-^

my plate..

to my left..

Some of our orders:

fish ;)

garlic rice

laing (it's just a bunch of veggies in coconut milk. Mmm..)

water? Haha

this is where they placed their soup. (cool, right ^_~) --- but it looks kinda empty already because I took a picture after they served it~

That's pretty much it for dinner. Then I took this photo just because...


Some eggtarts from Macau. Mmmm. I didn't think they'd really taste different from the ones here (from same shop also meh). These definitely taste better.

tissue comes with it xP


And I changed my phone too, in case you didn't know yet. I soo love this one ♥

I'm very happy~~~ I was taking pictures with it when I was watching けいおん! (K-ON) yesterday. It's a very cute anime! Haha. I recommend it. ;) I actually spent all morning watching it yesterday and left it going until around evening :D (while I cleaned my room, played FFXII, bound my Jap book, took a nap, threw out some old stuff, and did everything else in between).

this is the main character, Yui

and this is one of the screenies I took. It's Mio. xP (and my current wallpaper~)

I haven't actually finished the anime yet. :D I was saving the rest for next weekend.. ;p (oooh. but i'm itching to watch it.) I stopped at episode 10! :p I think the new character Azusa is cute, but she doesn't act her age... I still prefer the original four. xP

That's it for now! :D *pops a bunch of choco babies~* want? xP

This has been a very long entry! T_T Must have bored you out huh? :S Soz. I'm off now, finally. Haha. Later. =X

21st July 2009, Tuesday, 22:18:09

Another year has flown by~ Gah. Today wasn't any bit more special than yesterday. ~_~

    Things I want for my birthday:

  • i still want an NDS.
  • 城田優 ♥ (of course~~)
  • strawberry shortcake
  • carrot cupcakes. Haha.
  • this big-eyed monkey i saw somewhere
  • ...come to think of it I also like the polar bear one. :D
  • Maybe an SLR!! (but my current almost-SLR cam is okay too :D)
  • more free time
  • UK, FR, JP, SG, HK, ES (Haha, maybe in that order.)
  • change. (yes. one word. change.)
  • resume German classes again
  • more Sho-comi.
  • ......and freebies from sho-comi and Lala.
  • watch hp (haha, haven't seen it yet.. but i guess i don't mind not seeing it either because I prefer lots of other things over this one)
  • more loli clothes.
  • more mini dresses.
  • a lovely pair of boots.
  • frilly japanese-y things.
  • dress up at a decent cosplay event ;)
  • get cute bangs. =.= (Ahhh. I super want. Real soon!!)
  • pokka cappucino
  • a nice book i can pick up and read on lazy afternoons.
  • Hmm.
  • more travels.
  • And I ask nothing more than these.

So far I only crossed one out! =.=

Please make me happy~~~


I made these sushi thingies today. I actually made a bunch of them yesterday but these are the ones from today. ;)

and again..


these are the ones from yesterday :)

wasabi.. of course.


I received this cake from my bestie this morning:

Always so thoughtful.. ♥ Thank you :D


These photos were from dinner-Saturday:

the menu


open-faced angus beef ~

Lovely dinner =)


I want to play on one of these thingies again.. =(

..noooo!! couldn't get this ball (though it doesn't look like it)

The only annoying part is when these ones get stuck....!


finally, I'm ending my post with my pink rabbit. :D

Cute wabbit. ^-^

17th July 2009, Friday, 19:44:10

I called the school today to ask how much discount I'm going to get on my next enrollment. Turns out I'm only getting 5% off! Ahh. Now I wish I had studied for the finals la. o_O (The top three gets a 15%, 10%, and 5% reduction~.) I'm really going to do better on the next one. 15% is a lot, since it's quite expensive.. Plus i could use the extra shopping money. ♥


Foodie photos again...


Playing with my food during lunch the other day..

It's messy~! Haha. But I at least managed to make onigiri with not-so-sticky rice! ^-^


I love to eat this one:

Upon opening the box..

yummy ^-^


And here are some photos from dinner last Tuesday (7/14/09)..

Remember when I came to this restaurant before and said how much it sucked? The cooking was really bad at that time.. probably because there were so many customers and they couldn't keep up?

This time when we went there it was quite good~

This was my order.. it's under 'kiddie meals' .. but it looks like a fun meal and i actually kenna liked it. :o)

Grilled porkchop + onion rings (Mmmmm!)

I forgot what this pasta was called but the serving was so small!


I'm going to study a bit for now and read manga later. I also want to play the guitar.. I haven't touched it in a while. I don't have anything new to play. (!) Haha. But I haven't actually mastered some of the pieces I wanted to learn and started to play before...=S

There's just too many things I want to do... =( but have too little time for.


12th July 2009, Sunday, 22:29:59

I just recently received news of Geocities closing. Agggh! What a paaain. I have to find some decent free hosting soon. If there's anything you could sugggest I'd be happy to hear them.xP

I'm posting some random photos from the Dragon Boat Festival Racing this morning. Haha. These pictures were taken from my window.

It was a bright and sunny morning.. great for taking photos.


Trying to get past each other..

Team #1

Team #2

Spectators ^-^

Further beyond the actual event..

The road and street lamp..


I had a pleasant afternoon nap today while attempting to study. =.= Nooo. Haha. When I woke up I played Dynasty Warriors on my ps2. Haha. I got the japanese version one so I didn't understand most of it. Haha. But it's a fighting game so that isn't much of a problem. ;o)

I'm picking up some french children's book now and polish up on the language... o_O

7th July 2009, Tuesday, 22:55:00

Haven't posted in awhile~! Well, I had been busy the past week studying for the jap exam reading manga. (yup yup! I finished all the translated ones on sunadokei and read the one I have on Shojo Beat (total spoiler!) Oh yeah, and I currently love 今日、恋をはじめます. ^o^ Haha. The first part is a bit annoying but as you read along it's a pretty sweet manga. ;)

Lol. So I didn't really get much studying done.. :O I ended up cramming the night before the exam and I didn't like how it turned out! HAHA.180/200. o_O And 4 of my mistakes were careless ones because I didn't read the whole sentence la!
Ack. Why does it always happen to me! >_< Turns out there's this incentive thing for those who get a good score so I was all the more disappointed upon hearing that..xP Hopefully I get it or something though. I think my score is roughly around 94 or something. (midterms 40% finals 60%--=/) I know I could have done better. =S

But on to happier things, I've been looking at 城田優's videos again. Haha. And I think I want to learn some of his songs. :p Haha. I sooo love him. Kyaaa~ How can someone be so shuai. ^o^


Mudslide! Yummy. :o)

Here's the veg pasta I made last week..

I'm too old for snow globes but I love this choccie-cake one with the bear.. :D

Looking up at Central Business District.. (coz i love tinkering with my cam).

And some foodie photos~

The counter..

Spinach and Mushroom Pizza

Deep Dish - Chicago White

Crushed Basil leaves..

I actually liked both orders so we decided to eat half each so that I'd get to eat both of them.. Haha. ;)

This is me with my plate XP

Very small photo! I like the blue dress I was wearing but I think you can't see.. o_O

Haha. I want to go to the hairdresser... My hair's already too long I think...I don't like it. T_T Where is a nice place to get a haircut in SG? :D I'm thinking of bangs.. (Japanese-y bangs are cute..) I want a new look~ Hmmm. -_-

I can't wait to get on a plane and fly to SG. ~_~ i wish the flu was gone already~~

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