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21st March 2010, Sunday, 22:42:20

Will be blogging in English today because I have much to do and it'd take me awhile to blog in another language. :D

Had been busy the whole day! :O I slept in until around 10am, and started playing FFXII again.. Haha, I finished some of the hunts in one area until lunch.. Then I watched Untouchable with porkchop rice in one hand.xP

I stowed some of my stuff away and decided to change my sheets.. Haha, and then I remembered I need to take out my winter clothes. It's not exactly winter anymore but it's still cold, so I need some warmer clothes.:D I'm sooo glad I bought the russian hat when I saw it a few months back.. I recently bought a knitty (with a little fur) top to go with it. Heh.


Anyway, here are some photos from dinner last night at Hyatt Hotel and Casino's Market Cafe. Lovely lovely food to feast on!

An assortment of seafood:

Oysters up close:

Other stuff:

The Japanese corner:

Some of the things on my plate:

I love the Indian corner (I am a huge fan of Indian foodie!)

Helped myself to these twice! (thank you indian chef for the good service)

What I got in the above photo is a mix of lamb, lentils, and fish. That's plain naan on the side. (I did order some cheese naan later too.)

Never mind the place and the people around you, you're supposed to eat them with your hands! :P

Grilled fish.. I can't remember what fish this is but it tastes smoked...not bad, I tossed it in with the lentils. (photo above)

Pizza and some Japanese maki with crablets. I think the soy sauce is too salty (bleaaa). So I had it with plain wasabi.

The crablets above were very crispy though.

This next one isn't my plate. I guess I'm not a big fan of beef.

But for blogging purposes, I took a photo. :D

Pizzza! Nomnomnom.


Chocolate-coated strawberries!

Strawberries all covered in choc:

More sweets:


Thought I'd try this, but I didn't...:P

And again! Looks pretty, eh?

What I got for dessert:

Yummy fresh strawberries..^-^

And this one again..:P

More strawberries of course.:D


It's a really nice place to eat at!

Chef at work:

Very waaaarm..

Can you tell which side up this is?



A cool winter day...^-^

My ginger bread man needs to stay warm too. ;)

Spring's late again.


After watching Nodame Cantabile, I realized I wanted to learn how to read sheet music! Haha. I've wanted to for a long time, but never got around to. ;p I really wish I continued to play the piano when I was little. I was a very stubborn kid.>_< So I stopped at an early age. Just think about all the music I can play if I had continued. T_T

Oh well, there are sheet music for guitars too. I can only read tabs (which are really easy because it's all laid out and numbered.=_=). Haha, so I decided to start with the notes and familiarize myself with it so I can easily identify it when I look at the fretboard.

Here's what I decided to do with my wallpaper.:D

Stickers at the back of my phone:

This sticker used to be red, now it's lost its colour.

And on the front, a shiny red heart.


My very very cute pink bear head! xP I got it last week.


I did some photography in the afternoon too.. and evening, for the moon.

Amazing how fast the sky changes colour, no?

I have decided to take a break from blogging until after the holy week, same goes to my photoblog although I might post something for Tuesday and Wednesday... Will think about Friday depending on the number of comments I get (I kid.. xP If I feel lazy I won't post.)

I'm getting fewer comments this past week, seems like people have started to take their much awaited breaks.:O

Have a great week ahead, everyone. :) I know I will.

8th March 2010, Monday, 22:13:13

昨日デパートへ行った。 pyrotechnics の display ガ有りますから、花火の写真を撮った、きれいだよ。^_^


あたしたちは三月中国へ行く。日本の旅行は取消ですから。。。T_T そのトラベルエージェンシーは不便だ。 でもあたしはとても thrilled です。:D
三の町は行くことが有りません、、、Je vraiment brule avec d'impatience d'y aller! xD


Quellesques semaines dernières, j’ai décidé d’organiser les étagères dans ma chambre. Et meme j’ai pris des petites photos :

Ce que je préfère, cette peluche ! Très adorable, je l’acheté en LV.


Ici, un ours dans le top d’un crayon quand j’étudiais le japonais.

Je l'étudie par L'espagnol.


Ma collection de la série Polly Pocket (et des autres choses) quand j’étais jeune. Ce n’est pas complet.

Les deux la qu’ils n’ont pas les yeux (avec de petit bijou dans ses têtes), ce sont lesquelles un amie me donné avant.


J’ai aussi pris des photos hier, quand on va pour faire les choses.

Tu sais c'est quoi le nom de l'arbre la? Je suis très curieux de ça.

Un beau arbre, tu crois ?


Je l'ai obtenu cette peluche récemment, pour un très bon prix !

C’est un caractère coréen. Et je le trouve trop adorable aussi. ^_^ J’ai une bonne collection de ça. Haha. Je pense de le vendre dans le web. Qu’est-ce que tu penses? $_$

Mais c’est aussi ma petite collection, c’est difficile au même de les quittée. =(


Hier soir, une pizza d’ail et champignons, et une pâte des crevettes. On n'est pas très faim.. Et bien on a pris des petites portions.

J’ai pris aussi un café. Pas tan bon que le dernier, mais…


On a aussi vue le feu d’artifice. C’est comme ci comme ça. Mais sans aucune doute, je me suis amusée de faire la photographie. (avec le Canon SX110IS… Parce-que je n’ai pas apporté mon Canon 500D. xP)

J’aime les effets de faire les settings par le main (manually)!

Si tu as seulement un point-and-shoot c’est un peu difficile. :O


Ce photo ici, Je vais la poster dan mon photoblog.;)

Je l’ai pris parce-qu’elle me rappelles de DDOI. Haha.


Vraiment beaucoup de gens!


Et plus de random photos:

Coming out on my photoblog soon!


Une bonne semaine a tous~!;)

1st March 2010, Monday, 00:10:24


今日は9時半起きました。眠い! FFXII を遊ぶ。^_^ 

昨日日本のクラスじゃないから、昼ごはんまで、日本語を勉強した。 (少し)たいへんだよ。 

あ、そう、三月~四月ごろ、日本行く!すごいね!:D 高いですけど。。。O_o


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