Monday, May 25, 2015

Shopping :: Kawaii Haul, Crafts, Etc

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I am very bad at crochet but I quite enjoy just looping endlessly and randomly in rounds, and it ended up like this! :3

The adorable cat notepad was thrifted-- boy, do I love warehouse sales! The notebook was the last of it left and cost me about 70yen/0,50eur. Not bad.

And then from Daiso I bought some bento boxes and cute fork & spoon set.


I also bought this drinking glass (thought it was nice),

which would be perfect for overnight oats / enjoying my cereal in the morning.

It says 'Not for hot products.'

And the glass is Made in Mexico. Actually the quality isn't so bad.

The mug beside my crochet. I'm actually making more of these to give to my friends.

Crafting is therapeutic, I tell you. Doing these kinds of things after a stressful day is...very relaxing.

And crafting coupled with some Earl Grey just sets the mood. :3


My morning coffee in my favourite Little Miss Giggles mug.

Who likes the Mr. Men and Little Miss Series as much as I do?? X3


The cute fork and spoon from Daiso before I opened them.

These were the bento boxes from Daiso, really cute with the Matryoshka design.

I'm also super crazy about Rilakkuma since a long time ago (haha).

So, naturally, I'd be super tempted to buy a Rilakkuma product when I see one.

Btw, on the right in the photo above -- is a blue lantern, made with cloth (not paper!), wonderful quality.
(Prior to this, I bought paper ones for 3x the price at Daiso.)


Notepads -- really handy for when I travel. I always find physical notes better than having it in my mobile. (Well, considering how many times my memory card failed me. I used 2x Kingston 64GB and wrecked both. Thee was no other brand available so I had no choice. Now I'm using a 32gb TDK and hope it lasts me longer. I have used TDK before and it works just fine.)


Rilakkuma fridge magnet / and works doouble as a hook.

The legs are bendable.

Just how adorable is it!

And the hands too.

It's quite small actually.

These are the uses:



Bought some stickers for postcrossing:


And jelly cases for my phone... I swear I'm always dropping it. :O (I've never been so clumsy but for some reason I just have terrible grip on this phone....)

funky yellow or mint green one?

I'm using yellow at the moment (for everyday) but I really love the cool mint one (which is why I'm keeping it).


Sunday, May 24, 2015

Cappuccino Thins

Because I loved the Ginger thins so much, I bought this to try.

Was surprised these actually tasted quite plain though. And did not taste like cappuccino at all.

I much prefer the ginger thins and its super fragrant cookie -- of cinammon, cloves, and ginger. Those, exactly.


On a different note,

The reason behind my not being able to post lately -- is because I decided to terminate my ISP subscription. It has served me well for some years but since last year it has just been terrible. The service too. I hate having to call every single minute/hour because they keep cutting off my connectivity. Yep, everytime I download, everytime I open a page. And everytime I call they stall and ask the same fucked up questions (very impertinent) that doesn't fix the problem. Service is super terrible and since the month end was coming I decided I didn't want it anymore.

Problem is I can't live without the internet....T_T

I'm leeching off my neighbour's wifi during the weekends.. but on the weekdays I have to borrow from my sis.x_X Her connection is quite slow.. but I know I shouldn't be complaining. Haha. :P (My 1 download should be finished by now but this one would need 2h15 more.T_T

Have also sacrificed playing KnS on my mobile. :O I've been addicted to this game for months but without internet anytime it's impossible to advance and get the bonuses. I'm Lv.80 (which is the cap for now), but equip still needs upgrades.

I haven't decided which provider to subscribe to for now.

Monday, May 04, 2015

Book thrifting

While thrifting, I chanced upon some wonderful things.

First, is this postcard book. There were only a few cards left but it was well worth the price.

We don't have postcard books like these in my city (sad). I don't really like animals, but there are people who ask for these kinds of cards so I bought them especially for that.

Fierce-looking animals aren't really my thing.

And the other book is this, Kodansha's Day Walks Near Tokyo. Not like I'd be following this myself. But on a lazy Sunday afternoon it makes for a good diversion.

The retail price... thrifted, I got the book for around 40yen.

On the cover, some watercolour illustrations:

Inside the book

To make up for the lack of pictures, and due to the fact that the outskirts are pretty much covered in natural scenery, the book explains in detail about which path to take.

What I love about thrifting is that you never know what kind of book you'd find. They're not always cheap. Art books expecially can be very expensive. but there's bound to be a gem hidden among those piles of rubbish.