Monday, October 26, 2015

Ramblings 20151025

Hey everyone. S'been a while since I last posted.=_= Sorry about that. Have been busy planning my trip this year and have not had time to write anything.

Anyhow, had my visa interview last week, it was horrible. I slept 3 hrs the night before as we had to pick our mom up from the airport -- She was returning from her trip to Vietnam. I had to wake up early that morning as traffic is super bad. It took me 1hr+ to get there. Anyway, all of my papers were in order. But for some reason, they wouldn't release my passport unless I procured this other paper they were asking me for. Apparently they are allowed to ask for extra proof of they deemed it necessary. I have been traveling to the EU for the past 4 years, why now?:O Anyway it is too much hassle.=_=

Will explain when I do get my visa.-_-

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Ramblings 20150922

Busy these past weeks making preparations for mt trip (the usual stuff, the enormous paperwork to be submitted at the embassy, and a lot of research to organize the whole trip -- in my case printing my own map that has all the streets listed there- I have learned from my mistakes...and it's always better to have a physical map on me.:))

// Düsseldorf - Köln - Hamburg - Bremen - Bologna - Venezia //

That is a lot of maps.XD ... and I better get to work.

Before that, leaving you with a few photos I took in 2013! (Sorry but I have no new photos to post..T_T)
How time flies.... It feels like I just took these some weeks back.

Watching my favourite anime then 'Shirokuma Cafe' and enjoying McD's Caramel Sundae.

Learning to play 'Asturias' on the guitar with some Meiji chocolate to power me up. (Haha). And the highlight is this little plushie. I was deprived of plush toys when I was younger (well, a little. my parents thought it impractical to buy as I'd outgrow them + the fur and all can cause allergies.) so it probably explains how much I love to collect them now.

And my favourite fluffy coin purse! I love frog products and have been collecting them for a long time now. :D

So now you have learned a few things about me.:D

Anyone with suggestions and recommendations in any of the above cities I would love to hear them! <3

Monday, August 24, 2015

Sketches :: The Moomins

These past couple of days were cool and rainy. Today was exceptionally cloudy & windy without much rain.

Made a quick doodle:

First the silhouettes.

Quite enjoyable; I love drawing trees.

Contemplating whether to draw the background in (mostly horizontal lines for the evening sky and added depth).

But here is how it looks so far...

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Quick recap:

Not much have been going on lately. I'm watching this chinese reality show with kids (it is really funny) which is on every Friday and yes, I'm on this channel at ten sharp every friday.XD We also had a work holiday this week which I spent sorting photos from my previous trip. As for my next trip, I haven't decided yet... But I'm very much looking forward to it.
These past days I spent watching Seis Hermanas, a Spanish tv series which I quite like. I'm already on ep. 78 and it is a little dragging at the moment but it's quite nice anyway. :D I also just finished a UK tv drama - Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. Only 7 episodes and I'm looking forward to see the next season, if there should be one.:3
Another thing I'm really looking forward to is Downton Abbey Season 6 (pbs announcement), which is due to air in 2016. (yeah, next year.:/).
On other notes, I have been sending and receiving a lot of cards; but will be on a break from OCT and NOV to prevent cards from coming in on December while I'm away -- I don't like my mail getting mixed up with everyone else's for too long as they might get "lost".:O
I haven't abandoned my blog -- but while I've been away from my comp, I have been learning a lot of German.:3 And also learning a lot of German songs.:O

Until then! xx

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sketches :: Totoro x Spirited Away

Spent the weekend writing some cards to send, and decided to draw a Totoro on the back of the card to someone who likes Totoro.

and then later I decided to draw a similar illustration in a new watercolour journal I bought in the same week...

Here is how it looks with colour!

Totoro holding a Spirited Away (-another Ghibli movie) mask.

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Incoming mail 20150608

Some incoming mail from earlier today...

...coming from Cxech Republic (x2), Germany (x2), Indonesia, and USA.


I mentioned liking Rumcajs (a Czech cartoon) and a family from Breclaw sent me this very nice card.

On the back of the card..

Other than that, I was surprised to find a second card in the envelope (!!).

It was an Alfons Mucha card (and the first in my collection)

and the card was unwritten too!

And this is my first stamp from Czech (I think this is a very common stamp)


Next is a Krtek / Der Kleine Maulwurf card from Germany.

Stamps on the envelope:

Minion bookmark and Die Maus stickers!


The other card from Germany is a Monet art card.



I think July will be super quiet as my Received cards have exceeded my Sent Cards.:O

On another note, I am way behind with this other postcard blog as I have terminated my internet subscription and only go online every so often.T_T (I am quite surprised I can live without the internet for some 3 days max!:O --- but as soon as I have exhausted my whole HDD of TV series to watch I will eventually look for it. Lol.=_=)

And lately I have started downloading japanese tvdramas again. Ones that I'm looking forward to watch are Ouroboros (with Ikuta Toma!!), and these other series starring Chiaki from Nodame -- I do not know his real name.:P

And also there's this other movie I've wanted to download a couple of months back but could find -- Hidamari no Kanojo. Now I found it and with subtitles! I like most Ueno Juri series (which is why I'm watching this), but I don't like the main Arashi guy in the movie.

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Home-cooked Vegetable Pasta

On most days I'm super tired to do anything after work. But on some days I feel like cooking some pasta and having some wine. :3

This year, I have resorted to an almost 70% veg diet -- mostly because I choose it.

I eat less (almost less than 10%) pork than I used to, I have learned to eat lean chicken meat (I used to hate the lean parts), and less fried stuff. But sometimes the fried stuff are inevitable!! =_= I also don't eat chicken skin anymore since a long time ago (oh, but you don't know how much I love the skin!).

But anyhow that's not really what I meant to blab about in this post.

I actually made some decent all-veg pasta. Aubergines, Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Thyme, Basil, Black Olives, lots of Garlic.:D

Was absolutely gorgeous. :3

Monday, May 25, 2015

Shopping :: Kawaii Haul, Crafts, Etc

On Instagram this week:
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I am very bad at crochet but I quite enjoy just looping endlessly and randomly in rounds, and it ended up like this! :3

The adorable cat notepad was thrifted-- boy, do I love warehouse sales! The notebook was the last of it left and cost me about 70yen/0,50eur. Not bad.

And then from Daiso I bought some bento boxes and cute fork & spoon set.


I also bought this drinking glass (thought it was nice),

which would be perfect for overnight oats / enjoying my cereal in the morning.

It says 'Not for hot products.'

And the glass is Made in Mexico. Actually the quality isn't so bad.

The mug beside my crochet. I'm actually making more of these to give to my friends.

Crafting is therapeutic, I tell you. Doing these kinds of things after a stressful day is...very relaxing.

And crafting coupled with some Earl Grey just sets the mood. :3


My morning coffee in my favourite Little Miss Giggles mug.

Who likes the Mr. Men and Little Miss Series as much as I do?? X3


The cute fork and spoon from Daiso before I opened them.

These were the bento boxes from Daiso, really cute with the Matryoshka design.

I'm also super crazy about Rilakkuma since a long time ago (haha).

So, naturally, I'd be super tempted to buy a Rilakkuma product when I see one.

Btw, on the right in the photo above -- is a blue lantern, made with cloth (not paper!), wonderful quality.
(Prior to this, I bought paper ones for 3x the price at Daiso.)


Notepads -- really handy for when I travel. I always find physical notes better than having it in my mobile. (Well, considering how many times my memory card failed me. I used 2x Kingston 64GB and wrecked both. Thee was no other brand available so I had no choice. Now I'm using a 32gb TDK and hope it lasts me longer. I have used TDK before and it works just fine.)


Rilakkuma fridge magnet / and works doouble as a hook.

The legs are bendable.

Just how adorable is it!

And the hands too.

It's quite small actually.

These are the uses:



Bought some stickers for postcrossing:


And jelly cases for my phone... I swear I'm always dropping it. :O (I've never been so clumsy but for some reason I just have terrible grip on this phone....)

funky yellow or mint green one?

I'm using yellow at the moment (for everyday) but I really love the cool mint one (which is why I'm keeping it).