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27th August 2008, Wednesday, 23:24:45

It has been almost two weeks since my last post. Sorry about that. I've just had a lot of things to do lately. Of course, besides Spanish and French classes, I've been busy with Twilight stuff. Agh. I know. It's taking over everything!

I've been busy saving Twilight photos, from the set and all. And they're brilliant. Can't wait for the movie. :)

Currently listening to: River Flows in You by Yiruma! *sigh* It's the sweetest thing I've heard! And it's playing over and over in my head. haha.

I ♥ є∂ωαя∂ ¢υℓℓєη <-- and i love the font too

14th August 2008, Thursday, 19:23:58

Here's a treat to sports fans, the Beijing Olympics.

tickets from the basketball game the other day (which China apparently lost to. *boo!)



And here's a whole lot of things from the Beijing Olympics! ;)

(as well as a map and a green pashmina from 新疆)

This contains the competition venues as well as collectible Beijing Olympics stamps.

This one's comprised of cards containing information on the stadiums/sports centres

(such as diagrams and seating capacities)

Paperbag! for official Beijing Olympics merchandise.

(the mini one.. I couldn't possibly scan the big one that says 'i cheered for beijing.' ^_^)

and finally, the official spectator guide to the Beijing Olympics.

(i have the chinese version! n_n;)

And it doesn't stop there! Should i have the time (that is, me not feeling lazy!), I'll scan some of the more detailed stuff and create a new album solely for the Olympics. You'll have to wait for it though! ^_^

And i have edited my previous post (the ones on the Twilight series) to include a couple of downloadables. ^_^

Avatars and Wallpapers, whichever you prefer.

11th August 2008, Monday, 18:45:43

I finished Twilight and New Moon in two days! (If you didn't know yet, these are the first two of four vampire novels
Stephenie Meyer
has written. And we're all crazy about it!).

I have Breaking Dawn already (which is the fourth one, and which just recently came out.), but I have yet to read Eclipse (which I desperately need to buy!!!).

But here's something I drew last night (out of my addiction!!).

I drew it in less than 8-10 mins, so it may not be too perfect. n_n;

I love it the way it is though! o^,,^o

Click here
to see more of my sketches.

Here are the books, click on them to see the corresponding wikipedia entries on them. ;)

I watched the trailer by the way, of Twilight!
[click here to see it]

Robert Pattinson is so fit for this role! o^,,^o



How can you NOT like Edward Cullen?!..hmm?

~ ~ ~

And before I end my'll find this cute when you read Twilight...

(thanks lyn, for this photo. ;)

...the stupid lamb and the sick, masochistic lion...

It's funny how it was used in the book, because i love lions. n_n; even before it was mentioned.

....although, not a sick masochistic one. hahaha.

[below EDITED: 14-08-2008 @ 20:34 by Chrizelle]

downloadables: *sweeeet!* (click on 'em to save!)


[wallpapers *]

image hosting courtesy of
*thanks to lyn for the wallpapers.
- should these photos become unavailable to you, inform me and i'll gladly send them to you.

8th August 2008, Friday, 20:08:08

S !!!

6th August 2008, Wednesday, 22:05:54

A little something I made.. ;)
This is where I have been taking Spanish.

The library is pretty! n_n;

I love it. It's well-lit and there's so much you can pick up and read/watch/listen to.

I was randomly browsing through blogger and i found something that blew my head off. ~ lol.

Here are a couple of chop-offs from his posts ::

「 Not much thing to do today, just that I went to cut my hair and have my afternoon nap. Ooya! The hairdresser was gentle and soft spoken. BUT, when she massage while washing my hair, she treat my head like stress ball. Wah biang~ *Pain*. Squeeze and scratch and push. My goddness, I totally went dizzy when I got up. But at least her service is quite ok. 」

「 I just remember I got a phone call from a china woman when Im busy doing my project. It goes like...

Zhou Dao: " Hello ?"

China woman: " 唯, 您好请问您会说华语吗?"

*Weird leh, when did I have a super cheena friend, must be a call from chinese fraud company*

Zhou Dao: "Sorry~" *I purposely slang~~~*

She immediately hang up the phone. SUCKER... WAHAHAHAHA

Let me warn you all, when you get this kind of call from some super cheeeeeeena woman, speak in English straight away. 」

Here's a link to the blog..

3rd August 2008, Sunday, 19:09:09

Currently working on some stuff. but here's the new background/layout. ^_^

The old pink one was quite nice. But it's been awhile and i thought it needed some changing.

However, I'm planning to put up a background/layout switcher and i'm still working on the colors i'll be using for the others.

So, patience people! :b

Oh, and i will be posting a couple of photos in a bit. (as soon as i get around editing and uploading them!)

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