Monday, June 20, 2011

Mouth-watering Melon-pan, メロンパン

With lack of anything to do [-- although there really is a lot to do...n_n""], I thought to do some sculpting and modelling.

This is a japanese "melon-pan".



It took up most of my afternoon but I'm completely satisified with the stuff I managed to do.


Here is a look at what it looked like prior to baking:

The melon-pans, all ready to be baked.


After about 30-40 mins, here is the result:

Which do you think is better? Glazed or the un-glazed ones?

[front - glazed // back - un-glazed]

I have decided to glaze them all anyway.:)

Some are also more brown/burnt than the others. Depends on one's preference.

I personally like them a little more brown.


And here they are, chilling cooling down,

Next is to put them in a nice clear bag, preferably one with cool designs on them.
(I was out of them bags with cute designs, so I used the basic one instead.)

..And give them out to your friends (which I'm sure they would love to receive!)


More inedible goodies in the making.;) Check back soon.

Things I bought today..

Stocked up on some choc while I was out the other day.

I feasted on the macadamia one first..

These look lurve-ly.


And then I bought some travel journals too.

The cover of the journal had a travel theme too.

I love the make of it and the cool pictures on the cover.

But I have not thought up anything to write yet..

Maybe after another of my travels.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Curry, Choc, and Ice Cream

Bought a Kitkat:White bar last week. Have not had Kitkat for ages, and it was yum! ^o^

On the back, it reads 'Un break, un Kitkat.' (French.


Bought a load of Curry-flavoured goodies:

This one here is Curry-roux, blocks of curry in the shape of a choc bar.

And there you have your curry.:)

At least, if you follow the instructions well:

This is (3)Mild-Hot.. but one can also pick (5)Very-Hot or (1)Sweet

..which makes everyone happy.


I also picked up some microwaveable curry.:)

Have never tried but I saw it on Japanese tv once and thought it was pretty interesting.;)

Will probably save this for one of them nights when I'm too lazy to make myself dinner.

This is also mildly-hot.


Lol, lastly, nothing beats ice-cream after a meal.*_*


Monday, June 06, 2011

A Sparkly New Guitar + Stunning Skies

Photo from last night. I quite liked the glow and took a snap.

Was out to get myself a new guitar last night. (Heh, finally!!)

Extremely overjoyed by the thought of it. >_<


And here it is. xD

Did not get a strap for my guitar, I am making one instead. xD Will be going through scraps of clothing and stuff that I no longer use. Denim should make a good strap, eh?

Unfortunately the guitar I got has only one strap button along the base...

So I am still figuring out how to attach the other end.n_n" Would prefer not having another drilled into the neck part as it might affect the make of the guitar.


Have not played a steel-string guitar for quite some time now and my (left) fingers are sore from over-playing.>_<

Nylon strings are a breeze after getting used to steel-string. I have also gotten used to the classical guitar's wide neck and frets.. Lol. Since my old cheap acoustic one broke, I have been playing on classical which is still in great condition.

So I decided to do some finger exercise (which I never manage to finish as I get bored easily... and never get to play without mistakes! :P)

While looking for some picks to use (which I am not quite used to either as I prefer to do without it), I decided to take some photos:

The red one is a pick I got from when I first started playing.

The other ones I picked up from my travels, at least, when I happen to chance upon a music store.

This one is pretty cool..and I could never get myself to use this one.:P

Lol, and that's pretty much it for the guitar. Will probably post more next week. But for now I am taking a break as it won't do my fingers any good.:P


Bought a giant Hello Panda goodness.

10 packs enough to last me for a week. Lol.


And of course, not to miss are my sky shots, taken earlier.

Sky looked extremely blue this afternoon.

Here, as the sun was setting. The sky, a lovely shade.

Photo with the sun shining through.

And another.

Reminds me of Tomohiro's travel to Switzerland. The sky looked wonderful. Looked somehow close to this, except it overlooked the plains.


And the moon tonight,

Thursday, June 02, 2011

A post on Coffee and Tea

もう 六月ですね。。



サンがリア の レグラーブラック。





Tried a new Twinings infusion. my disappointment.

I love Twinings and their products. Except this.

Lacks the essence of tea, and flavour.


My favourite Twinings product still has to be "Twinings - Pure Peppermint" and "Twinings - Lemon".

Both are extremely refreshing.

Better stick to my favourites next time..n_n"