Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer Lace Shorts

I found these super cute lace shorts from Calliope Clothing. It was at 30% off and was the last piece so I didn't mind it being one size bigger. XD

Love this so much.:D


A few photos of me wearing it...

It's very very hot here and I shouldn't be wearing long-sleeved tops. but it's been raining a lot lately so evenings were nice and breezy.

It was very loose so the second time around I used a belt to keep it in place. XD

Soz, my room is a huge mess and I have no time to clean up yet.T_T

DIY :: Sewing :: Dress cropped into a skirt.

So there's this dress I bought because I love the pleated skirt...

In sections..

However I do not quite like the cut of the top part. I got this at a bargain and the quality wasn't as nice.

Here is what I'd like to keep. (This is how it's supposed to look after the alteration)

I love the brihht orange colour and the pleats.

So to atart with, I laid it out on a flat surface and decided where I want to start cutting.

This is the part I want to keep..

So I left an allowance and pullad the garter from the seams.

I started placing pins to keep the fabric in place; and a few hours later,
I turned this dress...

...into a skirt!:p


I haven't had the chance to wear it yet but I will.. soon! :D

Sunday, June 29, 2014

DRINK : Butterscotch Beer (Butterbeer)

I have always been a huge Harry Potter fan. I've tried stuff like Bertie Bott's all-flavour beans (which is amazing and has funny flavours like 'dirt' and 'sardines').

The only thing left to try was butterbeer. XD Anyway I came across one while shopping at an 'american-import' grocery and found this drink. Was damn expensive (more expensive than Guinness -which, by imported beer standards is also more pricey than other beers!).

I was looking it up and found that it included butter, cream soda,......
(I had high hopes!)

But I was disappointed to find it toooooo sweet. I cannot imagine how other people manage to finish the bottle!:O

It tasted like caramel, fizzy soda, and more sugar. I swore to never buy this drink again! Haha. XD

I ended up mixing it with cold water and some Jagermeister and found it wasn't so bad after all.

Food Review :: Bistro Ravioli

Dinner earlier this evening was at Bistro Ravioli. Last weekend we passed by this place and it seemed to have a nice atmosphere + good food + we had to wait in line.

So this week we came a little early! :D

The menu...was quite easy to read. (I picked tonight's food -- One from pasta, ravioli, and pizza)

The interior. Was a little dull...but,

what I liked about it were the seats for single diners that overlooks the kitchen (huge glass window, right side of photo)

While waiting for our food to be served (which did not take too long), I took the liberty of taking photos of random things.

Condiments on each table -- chilli flakes, hot sauce.

And some 20mins later...


Spinach and Feta Cheese Ravioli

This was surprisingly good. Well, the restaurant boasts of its Ravioli so it is to be expected. I've had Ravioli in Rome during my last trip, and the one I had this evening was just as good.

The pasta was cooked just right, with chunks of Pesto soaked in hearty Tomato Sauce.

Where the Feta Cheese comes in I'm not so sure. But taste-wise this was incredibly good.


A while later the other dish was served... *drumroll*


Seafood and Garlic Pasta

I love garlic so much. This was light and beautiful, the natural flavours blending in with the pasta. (The pasta appears to have been cooked in some seafood broth.) It had capers and olives, bacon (though too fatty), clams, squid, shrimp (frozen kind -- which was a little disappointing).

It was good in its own way. And I liked this dish too.


And the last, was the pizza.


Spicy Chorizo Pizza

The pizza was lovely. The toppings were just right, the cheese was nice. The dough I really liked. It was crusty, a little smoked on the underside, slightly salty, and the crust was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. (and not greasy unlike commercialized pizzas!)

It had a pretty even and generous distribution of chorizo so every bite was full of flavour.


I'm already thinking of my next foodventure here. :D

Bistro Ravioli @NorthWingMOA

Food 9/10
Service 9/10
Presentation 7/10

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Food Review :: Almon Marina Sandwich Bar and Deli

Guess where!

If you've seen my previous posts then you probably already know where.... (-- plus the titles says it all.)

Some of the refreshments:

They also have tea.

A closer look at the salads they have on display.

This time I ordered for take-away.

Like I said I tried something different.

I had the Open-faced Roast Chicken.

It was wonderfully laid out.

The meat was lean and tender and the addition of Alfalfa sprouts over it creates a different texture (and of course makes the food look more attractive)

It came with mashed potato, which was nice and light and surprisingly not as buttery as I thought.

And then of course the usual mini-portion of greens.

and some Herbed Vegetables

Quite liked the herb vegetables.:D


But we also ordered this set meal and to our horror, the pasta has already gone bad.

The restaurant to our home was nor far, it couldn't have gone bad in such a short time.

They probably didn't have too many people dine in their restaurant that day since it was a weekday plus it rained a lot. So when we ordered for dinner, we were probably given what was supposedly (had been prepared) for lunch.


That last bit made it less pleasant. but the open-faced roast chicken was in tip-top condition.


Almon Marina Sandwich Bar & Deli @Robinsons

Food: 7/10
Service: 8/10
Presentation: 8/10

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Food Review :: Almon Marina Sandwich Bar & Deli

How many times have I been here since last month? XD The waiter now smiles as we were ushered to our table.

Waiting for my food:

Their salads and some pies on display:

Their salads are actually quite good and crunchy; I see a lot of people eating a plate full of vegetables too.:D

Sausage with choice of pasta and salad. (For pasta you can pick between carbonara, bolognese, and puttanesca)

The sausage is quite good but I just love their Roast Chicken.

I always pick puttanesca for the pasta because I like the olives. But also because I've tried the two other pastas before; bolognese (too plain with just the meat sauce), and carbonara (creamy white sauce with very few bacon).


Here's the rest of their menu.

I really should try something else next time.:D

They serve a lot of different things and it can be too overwhelming for someone ordering for the first time. They take pride on their sandwiches but they also make spanish-style callos -- which I've tried and highly recommend.

They also serve smoothies and lattes. I've never tried- but many people seem to like their iced coffees. (who doesn't?! :D)

Did I mention their thick hot chocolate?!

Almon Marina Sandwich Bar and Deli @Robinson's

Food 9/10
Service 8/10
Presentation 8/10