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26th April 2010, Monday, 22:25:35

A continuation of my previous post.. It was already way past my bedtime last night when I posted so here goes..

Remember my post some time last year of the Rilakkuma plushies in Japan?

I was referring to this photo:

I have yet to get those Oyasumi ones...xD


Here is my jap plushie collection so far, including some vintage ones.;D

The whole Rilakkuma Family:

They are some of my very very prized possessions. (er, collection! ♥). Heehee. This isn't the whole of it, but it's a sneak preview. SIGH. My original plan was to sell them but I'm not ready to give them up yet~~~

The crowned white Rilakkuma one is a 5th Anniversary Special.^o^

Haha, there is a 90% chance I won't be selling these designs because I only have one of each! xD (=for my own collection)


This last one reminds me so much of someone. xD

Though I won't say who...;) HAhaha.


Had cake yesterday afternoon, yum.

and that's my bunny behind it.:D




..And the reason why i'm feeling all giddy today is.. because, well, let's just say I woke up from a really nice dream this morning! :D

If you're bored, do read on..

I'm not sure if I already mentioned it, but my friends and I are sort of set on Japan next year.. B suggested we include APRIL9. Yes, it is a very special date, for it is her P's birthday! And like every year, P goes out with his mabudachis, including J and my U-kun. Heehee. That's a double-date, and triple date if A comes along (although she's supposed to be with T).

so, back to my dream, we were in a different country, a cold one, but I am not sure where. B and I attended some sort of event, and while waiting at the lobby, B told me 'this is our chance to see *bleep* and *bleep*'. And I, being the near-sighted person I am, was surprised I saw U-kun from afar. LOL. So I ran and CLUNG to him.♥ (lol, CLING sounds like the right word for it). HAHA. So my friend B took out her IXUS to take our photo. Only it won't! GAAH. We tried so many times but it won't CLICK. U-kun seemed to be patient enough as he was obviously in a hurry, and some people were calling him already. He eventually had to leave, and my friend and I, although disappointed for not having taken the photo, were sort of relieved that we were at least able to see U-kun.

So the setting changes, I was back again, in my home, (in my dream it was my home, but in real life, I have no idea what that place is supposed to be!), and I sort of offered to walk the dogs. (We never had dogs as pets, fyi.:P). So I headed out, with two dogs on leash. It was afternoon, drizzling, and I did not have an umbrella on me. Right across our house, there's a bakeshop. And suddenly, guess who I saw! xP It's my U-kun. So I followed him and entered the bakeshop too. Like any other dream, all too convenient, I realized I have my camera on me! (And suddenly the dogs I'm supposed to walk are out of the story). I asked the store owner to take our photo. This time u-kun was alone, so we took our time taking photos. LOL. And then I found out he's a regular at said shop, and he was quite familiar with the store owner.. and they were speaking in Mandarin. (WHAT)

Hahaha. My dream ended like that, and I was confused because I am so sure he doesn't speak Mandarin! He only speaks English, Japanese, and Spanish! ^o^

But that was quite an adventure. HAAHA.




Well, i better get going now, have a bunch of new animes to watch thanks to everyone's recommendations. :D

26th April 2010, Monday, 00:10:26

Nothing beats Pocky any day! I would normally buy the milk-flavoured one, but I've recently been craving dark choc!:O (Haha, because it reminds me of when I walked the dark cold streets of Beijing one night (while waiting for some people), and I happen to come across a convenience store around the corner.. stocked up on some chips and my dose of choc...and they didn't have milk pocky! was forced to resort to dark choc. And I ended up liking it.xD)

Some Pocky I bought recently..

Almond Crush is another flavour I currently love.


Haha, I'd like to go to Shanghai next and see the expo~ (So much I even dreamt about it the other night! I completely forgot about it until someone mentioned Shanghai again...That was a nice dream.) SIGH. I'm always like this after coming home!

23rd April 2010, Friday, 21:43:55

I've been watching anime almost every night since last week. HAha, Durarara!! is pretty nice, watched until episode 14... I don't like the OP and ED song though, but they changed the songs after episode 11, and the new OP and ED songs sound better!

K-ON!! has also started airing too! I prefer to watch the episodes in one go, but I can NOT wait until then! o_O HEehee. It's just as cute!

Kaichou wa Maid-Sama has also started airing this April. I've read halfway through the manga before, it's cute, a little typical jap anime. I watch it while waiting for my other downloads.;)

9th April 2010, Friday, 22:08:30

I had a super fun vacation.:D It was a little depressing coming back, and I still have a hangover from all those wonderful sights..Ah, but I guess I just have to live with it, eh.

I was thinking of writing the travel diary here, but I honestly have not started going through my photos yet. (Imagine 10GB+ worth of photos)... Lol, so when I do find the time.....

Ah, I so want to go baaack! Heehee, I wonder how I can squeeze it all in one year? I think I'll be back in SG in 2-3 months, which is nice because when I was in China I realized how much I miss going out at night without a worry and fear of unpleasant events. But I enjoyed the cold weather so much.:O I also miss SG because of their Chicken Wings at McD. Haha, China's McD Chicken Wings are so small! And they're not very cheap too. I also did not like the fashion in China. LOL. But when it comes to a rich history, great photography, and beautiful sights, these things make me want to go back so much. And what of the tulips that grow on the roadside in Xian! And that huge variety of trees and flowers here and there. (Or maybe I see too many tropical flowers in SG..:D The ones that grow in the cold appeals to me so much.)

Did I also mention I can stuff myself silly endlessly with strawberries because they are so damn cheap.>_<


Memories! :O

But now it's back to the usual stuff, my classes, and I guess it's not so bad after all... I feel so motivated to study now because
someone has inspired me to! ^-~

LOL-- we had so much in common.


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