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Archives - 2010 May

26th May, 2010, Wednesday, 22:47:42

Went out for dinner, bought a bunch of coloured pens... (to write on my book with? x3)

Thought I'd share a photo I posted on my photoblog..Steep Climb and Stunning View

Breathtaking may be the only word that best describes it.

Our Cable Car tickets

It's a place I'd love to go back to. (despite the rude, and VERY RUDE, thick-faced locals.)


Spent most of last night burning some files on my computer. A friend from japanese class is going to lend me some Anime I haven't gotten around to download/buy yet, so I decided to compile some of the other animes and dramas I've been watching on my comp. The hard drive is almost full too. SIGH.

Took some random photos while waiting.:D

Jasmine a pretty jar. I haven't tried it yet, it's not very fragrant unlike other jasmine teas I've come across..this one smells like seaweed!

My phone-- I've changed my wallpaper to a mongoose! :D What's a mongoose, you ask? the truth is, I don't know either! :D Oh, I could watch Nodame Cantabile over and over and over again!

My daily dose of music is stored here..Using my vaio to charge the battery.

I haven't read a book in a long time (I was just telling my friends I feel my brain shrinking~!). So, I decided to look through my shelves over the weekend and thought because I've had this book for the longest time (but never read it), I might as well start...

It's David Baldacci's Total Control. I have previously read his book The Winner years back and it was good, so I also bought this one.


My sidebar-- I think the piano's cute! (Hehe! It's all because of Chiaki I installed it~~♥)


I have a serious addiction to Teh Tarik (more than coffee la...xD)

A warm glass of teh tarik is great after a long day-- or any time of the day! ^o^


What I've been having for breakfast recently..

I haven't had cereals in a long time-- this is tooooo sweet!

I still prefer tomato juice in the morning! It's healthy and it fills me up nicely too.

Or apple cubes in milk.. haha, but peeling and slicing in the morning...YAWN.


Recently bought some japanese school girl vest, and it came with this:

..a cute little cherry pin!


We're moving on to a new book for Japanese class this week... It's a lot more difficult. MORE vocabulary to memorize + MORE complex sentence patterns. I'm a little worried but I can't wait to study it at the same time. Such a weird feeling. :P Haha.

21st May 2010, Friday, 21:44:44

Am in the middle of studying for my exam again (yes, apparently I have to study for another one again)

Thought I'd post this photo of the moon I took last weekend
(this was visible in other parts of the world too).

It is my post for this week's skywatch (I participate regularly.. at least if I'm not too busy!)

It's rare occasion we get to see Venus and the moon together, and in that particular alignment. I'd say I was lucky to notice it. If only I had the EOS at that time though? This was the only decent shot I got with my SX110IS, and in a moving vehicle too. But it's better than not having been able to capture it, no?


I better get back to studying. Am barely halfway through the book.

Can't wait to get back to my favorite dramas and animes...SIGH.


I have decided on my japanese name.... and it's Miyuu.;P I have considered a bunch of other names. Finally decided on Miyuu because it sounded cute, and it's closest to Shouta's name too.:D Hahaha.


Oh, I seriously have to get back to my book. I don't know what it is with the moon, it still amazes me. xD

16th May 2010, Sunday, 22:42:05

The photoshoot was a success! xD


Our rooftop shoot:


the editing is wonderfully done!

photo courtesy: hachiko






Dresses all over!



This is very nice, isn't it? :D I like it too.

素敵でしょう? あたしも好き!


Geting ready...takes rather long! :)



The smell of cream puffs fill the air. Who's behind it?

cream puff の香りが漂っている。 だれが?


And here, a series of photos taken by my friends and me on my camera:


Me and Hachi, looking through our photos


So it was Reira behind those cream puffs! ^o^

あれ?あの cream puff はレイラが!

Hachi and Reira check on my make-up:


While we modeled for Pirouette, isn't it nice to have some fun with wigs!


Thank you Hachi, for the very beautiful work! :D



For my image, I was to hold Mr. Bloody Bear on my arm in my frilly dress.

あたしのイメジは mr. bloody bear を持って来ると frilly の服をくる。

Okay, I made that up, his name is 'Gloomy'.:D

ごめん! 彼の名前は ”gloomy” です!:D

I kind of prefer Mr. Bloody Bear though! I mean, look at those bloody paws!

でも。。 mr. bloody bear はいいね? あの手を見てよ。。:P

It was love at first sight!



So we had a tea party..

The carrot cake for the bunnies were brought out..

And I had to leave Mr. Bloody Bear in his seat..

It was delightful!

Japanese love their cream puffs, so do I!

And then of course, cookies!


Thank you photographer dear, for taking our photos!

I brought Mr. Bloody Bear along in a pink heart-shaped bag I modeled as we stopped by the convenience store.

I'm sure he won't be able to resist some sweets?

..because it's from this fresh batch of yummy goodness


Yuu-sama's rooftop shoot:

We're both wearing pink aren't we! :)

Most of our other photos aren't on my cam, so it'll have to wait.

Everyone's busy. :D


After the shoot, I stayed up until around 2am, studying for my exam!

I was beaaat! You can imagine how hard it was for me to get up the next day!

Lack of sleep = can't concentrate.

As I was taking the exam, my mind wandered... and before I knew it, I fell asleep!

How is that even possible?? Well, it is! I fell asleep as I was reading a paragraph. Good thing there was time left for me to finish the rest of the test.

What a relief!

Until my next post then! Will post some of our other rooftop shots. Most of the group ones aren't on my camera. SIGH.x3

13th May 2010, Thursday, 22:00:05

Had dinner early today (as soon as I got home), replied to my fb messages, and started studying! *_*

It is hard to study for an exam after a series of long breaks. And without reviewing any of the earlier chapters too. Feels like I'm starting from scratch?

*atama ga itaiii~~~*

I'm taking a short break for a while... sipping tea, and so I decided to write a little.^_~

A recent picture of Yuu-sama below (middle):


Until next week then! :)

Currently listening to: [2 Dai no Piano Notameno Sonata D Chouchou K.448 Dai 1 Gakushou.]

10th May 2010, Monday, 20:50:25

Another great weekend! Headed out for dinner Saturday night, and passed by a book shop on the way home. Bought some manga (some = #1-10 of a particular series), haha. *嬉しい....♥*

So I spent the rest of the night organizing them on my shelf again as soon as I got home. Have not started reading yet.:D They're all in japanese, so it might take me a while. Will start next week because I don't want to be distracted before the midterms.:D My friends were telling me to read Skip Beat because it got them hooked and reading until morning! When I watched the anime I quite liked it as well! (*lol, should read it as soon as exams are over and done with!)


Bunny on a cute mug I bought a few weeks back..


I keep forgetting to post this, but I got my JAL card last month.

on the back side of the card..


Yummy OREO cake from last week. xD


Plushies..round 2. :D

Random photos I took when I was cleaning my room. Haha, it's like finding lost treasures.:D

A bunch of boyish toys.. haha, but I used to play them with the castle... :P I wonder where that castle went.. It was my favourite toy back then.. it even had a dungeon..;D

I wish I had a photo of it at least....=/


Am supposed to be using this time to study but I'm going to watch Skip Beat first! :D I already have episodes 1-7 so I'm going to start watching. :D

Oh yeah, I also watched Earl and Fairy last week. It was such a good anime! :D I didn't think it would be that good. It had been on my lappy for a while now but have never gotten around to watching it. Turned out to be really good. :D It's light, mysterious, and has a good storyline. (I think so anyway). The illustrations are pretty good too.

4th May 2010, Tuesday, 19:06:50

I went to the hairdresser this morning. My hair is so short! And when the photoshoot is next week! :O LOL. Oh wells. It'll grow back in a few MONTHS. Hees. I can't wait to see everyone!♥ :D

Had a very nice weekend, played until 2am.xD was overly tired, but had a pretty good rest anyway. I still haven't finished playing FFXII (I only get to play on weekends). A few more chapters to go. But I still have tons of monster and esper hunts left to finish. SIGH. And I forgot to steal the Genji Helm so I had to restart the game (after having defeated the boss -- took about 15mins...=_=). ACK. What a waste of time...T_T

Decided to study japanese after that but I fell asleep! :O HEHE. I managed to get through 3 lessons though, so I guess that's good enough review.

I'm off to watch some anime now. ;D

Later. :D

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