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Archives - 2008 December

17th December 2008, Wednesday, 20:13:19

I was looking at a friend's multiply site where she sells the stuff she bakes -- cakes, cookies, sweets.
And I happen to see this one! A Strawberry Shortcake. (^-^)'

Looks like a pound of yummy creamy strawberry goodness.

Check out the site HERE :o)


Last Monday, I finally got myself a Canon SX 110 IS. (^-^)v Sweet.

I won't have to use my camera phone anymore. Although, I probably still would.. if I go to a place where they prohibit the use of cameras.

Here are photos of my Canon SX 110 IS:

the front..

front with the flash on...

back, with the lcd on..

SX 110 IS with its case

12th December 2008, Friday, 21:48:10

I was reading funky tigger 's blog yesterday(which i randomly came across. xD) and read her post on a darth vader and an ultraman cubee. and that was when it all started....!

I rarely use the printer now so there's only black ink in it. Hence, I coloured the bunny in. :o)

I have no idea who this character is but it looked cute nonetheless.

Here's my super-lapin and my sister's mario together on the lappy.

with a background...n_n;

The bunny actually had a weapon. which I was supposed to put on a slit on its arm. But I already attached the arm so I just inserted it in between his arm.

What's nice is that there are these customized holiday cubees (santa, reindeer, leprechaun, snowman, etc) which you can choose to make as it is or customize the face part of the cube (like a friend's face or your face, for instance).

I made one for mum and I think she liked it! If I have time I'd like to make one for my friends too~! But my hands might have fallen off from cutting by then. The cutting part is just too time-consuming!..and tedious. (all because i want it all straight and neat! >.<)

I printed out some more which I'd like to do when I'm free. Totoro and Domo kuuun!. I super love the furry grey totoro ♡. Here are some photos of how they're supposed to look:

these ones are actually less complicated.


my curry chicken katsu dinner last night. n_n; With a UK flag.


Cute clips!

lions. (^-^) Rawr. :O


Christmas gift received today.. a baby tigger beanie!

thank you. :o) I really really love it to bits.


And more random stuff below!

This one stands no matter how much you tilt it.

It says dolphin but it's shaped like a penguin and it does look like a penguin from the front.

And more pretty pretty clips:


This was a pretty long post. n_n;

Maintenant, je pense de SG. Waaah. Je brule avec impatience de y aller!! :o

Weeee. A plus! (^-^).
Je vous laisse.;)

8th December 2008, Monday, 00:43:43

Doodling away in the afternoon... (^-^)

More doodles! Random sketches of outfits I'm going to wear...or not.


Hair accessories I love:

(One very pretty flower and another one which is reminiscent of sweet lolita.)


A bunny bulb! (^-^) which lights when pressed. So adorable.


Mario mushrooms are so cute.


And lastly, here's another advance Christmas gift received this week:

it smells really sweet and yummy.

...but nothing beats The Body Shop's grapefruit scent...!

(I actually bought one bar which I don't use but instead place together with my beanies to keep them citrus-y and nice-smelling! :P)


A new layout just for the holidays! Do enjoy.

I'm keeping it until January. ;)

1st December 2008, Monday, 23:16;53

Here are some super advance Christmas gifts from Aileen:

semi-statement tees. I lurve the shoe..n_n;

and here's another one...

And a cute white belt. (that's my Monokuro-boo beanie...n_n;)


Saw Twilight last friday and.. it was.. hm, nice. Not supah good. Just.. nice. Haha. I came late! (Sorrry!) So my friend and I were not able to catch the first part (whatever it was). When we came in, it's the bella-getting-run-over-by-a-car part. (REally Sorry. Did we miss a lot?). Too much make-up on the vampires though... And I think Rosalie could have been prettier.. She looks old. (She's supposed to be really beautiful in the book). I hope New Moon's better.


Here's a butterfly I happen to come across yesterday..


Mind checking the spelling? n_n;


Haven't blogged in French in ages. T_T I should write in French again one of these days....

Or it'd get all rusty too...

Je ne m'inscrit pas a la classe de francais.. et je ne parle pas en francais souvent... je suis tres vulnerable de l'oublie. T_T

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