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Archives - 2008 September

30th September 2008, Tuesday, 17:24:43

I saw this posted on the door when I went to Spanish class this morning... classes tomorrow! o^.^oV

29th September 2008, Monday, 22:20:02

Highly ADDICTIVE, adorable little bouncies.

Click on 'em, drop 'em, drag 'em around, play with 'em.

Have fun!

xxxxxxx.....Sorry, temporarily unavailable..........xxxxxxx

I got it from :)


That's pretty much it for now... since I have Spanish homework to do.

I know, my evening is officially spoilt.

[below EDITED: 02-10-2008 @ 00:04 by Chrizelle]

Sorry but I had to take out the BOUNCIES flash thingy.

There seem to be some problems with it directly linked to the post.

Will fix it if I have time. should I not be able to, the direct link will be made available here.

Inconveniences.. boo.

[below EDITED: 02-10-2008 @ 23:38 by Chrizelle]

Click here for the bouncies

26th September 2008, Friday, 23:11:49

Here's a heart-shaped box that I particularly loved from Daiso:

It's so irregularly shaped I have no idea what to put in it. But I love it still. n_n;

Some photos from when I bought Sho-Comi 10th September 2008 at Kinokuniya: o^.^oV

Here's the front cover (it was the latest issue when i bought it but there's a new one out now):

The inside of Sho-Comi: []

Les dessins sont merveilleux!

This here is another one of the other ones I have, it's Shojo Beat (which is in English), but which has Absolute Boyfriend, Vampire Knight, and Backstage Prince in it!

Absolute Boyfriend from Shojo Beat and the actual 《絶対彼氏》 (Zettai Kareshi) manga. n_n;

This is the original Japanese version of 《絶対彼氏》 (Zettai Kareshi) a.k.a. Absolute Boyfriend.

It's the first book in the series.


25th September 2008, Thursday, 23:32:26

Here are a couple of photos from dinner buffet at Hyatt Hotel & Casino's Market Cafe:

The food was okay I guess, the steamed fish was good, and so was the smoked salmon.

But desserts were bad. The pie was poorly made. And so were the other ones I've tried. Ice Cream would have been the only tolerable dessert and they don't even have chocomint?!

22nd September 2008, Monday, 20:11:08

Next week, (or this week, if I'll be able to), I'll add another background for the layout switcher.
It's currently my wallpaper. n_n;

And in two weeks, I'll be working on the new set of pictures, so hopefully I'll be done by then...

Until then, I'm going back to some online gaming. Lol.

[below EDITED: 01-12-2008 @ 00:00 by Chrizelle]

The Layout Switcher is no longer available. n_n; I've decided to stick to just one layout.

15th September 2008, Monday, 20:08:18

Sorry for the lack of updates. But here I am now. ♪(◕‿◕)♪

I've quite an accumulation of posts for the past 2 weeks. Here they are:

A 10th September 2008 post (supposedly!..):

Choco-mint ice cream which i forever love~

And for dinner, from this place called What's your papadum? (or something close to that!...don't quite remember...), it's at Wisma Atria. It's really good. lol.

It's chicken masala, achar, and papadum... oh, and you gotta have it with teh halia. ;)

A 7th September 2008 post which I wasn't able to put up:

Here's what I got for 中秋節 (mid-autumn festival).

香港的月餅.. mooncakes from Hong Kong.

...and they're pretty good.:)

2nd September 2008, Tuesday, 19:52:09

Some cute keyrings I bought last week!

neko with an animal hoodie, another neko in a green outfit... and... mashi maro!

who can resist that adorable lil bunny?

no need to read this part...this is just something i'd like to get off my back...

and do forgive me for this little personal rant (and my having to write it in fr/eng/chi): mais, maintenant, je deteste 我西班牙的同學. (bien sûr, elle ne comprend pas le chinois...). See, remember quand j'ai dit que je vais au SG ce mois? Mais, i still have mon cours d'espagnol. Et, nous seulement demander si ils peuvent changer l'horaire de les 4 jours (que nous ne pouvons pas venir à la classe).
Mon prof dit que ce n'est pas une probleme est on doit seulement demander si c'est d'accord avec les autres. Agh. Et cette personne dit qu'elle ne peut pas venir à la classe les deux lundis (où on a décidé de changer l'horaire à). 但是 devant, quand notre prof vient de Hanoi et doit faire une 'make-up class', 我記住是她 suggest 星期一的. so how come, now, she can't even go to at least one Monday? Unreasonable. 她這要 'get back' à nous. But for what? ... And so now i'm missing 4 days of Spanish (and that's like 40% what i enrolled for). ..elle va avoir son jour..

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