Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Recent buys + drinks

Things I have been buying recently:

Twinings Earl Grey..

Tea smelled lovely.^_^

It also came with these teaspoons:


This one came with the box of Kleenex I bought..

I don't normally bring wipes when I leave the house.. but maybe this will come in handy when I travel..?


Also bought.. Bulldog sauce! xD

Have not thought up anything to use it for yet, but worth a try.:P


More stuff...;p


Also bought this brand of Apple Juice:

..tasted like any other apple juice! xD


Bought Pokka's Sparkling Fuji Apple to try.

Had a good flavour.;P Was nice and refreshing.

Studying + ordering food in

Had a bit of time in the evening during the weekend, so I thought I'd do some reading in Spanish.xD

random stuff.

Was reading with the help of this:

[bought this a couple of years back in SG, when I was studying both French and Spanish at the same time.:P]

It has conjugation guides for both languages:


But the problem lies here...

I do not know what 'auscultar' (-AR) is, so I look up the word to find,

the word 'ausculter' (-ER) as the french translation. (oh wow.>_<")

So now I look up the word in my french dictionary:

Heh. requires a bit of work but I remember more this way and learn words in both languages at the same time.:P


Ordered some food in for dinner again, and it has arrived!


Hot wings.




Friday, September 09, 2011

Faire des courses

Bought this snack today, just to try.

IT TASTED AWFUL.T_T Don't even waste your money on this.>_<"


Also picked up a bunch of other stuff on the way:


Kewpie mayo..


Some Curry roux.;p Last time I bought the mildly spicy one, this time it's the sweet kind.

the curry roux is packed in blocks, like so:

Looking forward to using this.:D

Again, got some roast-flavoured Pretz to snack on while I watch my favourite anime.:D

Pretz comes in many flavours but I like this one.^_^

Bought a box of cheerios, (Did not buy honey-coated ones this time because it's too sweet for me)


Foodie again,

..let's try the mayo on this.

..err, this is supposed to look like a heart.xD

was yum!:D


Have also used the kewpie mayo here:

I think I rolled these up too fat! xD But it's mayo and egg on the inside,

Does not look too appetizing but the flavour was great. ^_^

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Mooncakes. Is it that time of the year already?!

Some of my cousins have come home from HK, and brought some mooncakes over.:D

[They're usually packed in nicer packaging, nice boxes or tin cans.. but my cousin must have kept them....n_n;]

Looks good.

And it's twin yolk too. (if you can read the embossed chinese characters on it..):D

Inside looks like this.:)


And the infamous pale white chicken from HK we love.

Ate it with pasta, was a lovely meal.