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Archives - 2008 October

28th October 2008, Tuesday, 19:11:37

About three things I was absolutely positive.

First, my internet's back.

Second, there's a part of me-- and I don't know how potent that part might be-- that screams Vampire Knight and Twilight.

And third, I think I love Kuran Kaname more than Edward. n_n;


Sorry you had to read all that. Haha. I can't wait for November 21 (when Twilight comes out).

I know it's that obvious when I talk about absolutely nothing but vampires. :D

Ciao, then. I'm uploading my SG pictures so the page will be up in about an hour.

You can look at my SKETCHES for now.

I love my new drawing (scroll down to my previous post) --> I'm really full of myself, sorry. :P

27th October 2008, Monday, 23:24:45

Happy Halloween. ^_^

This is me (yup, since my hair's currently short. haha).

And I'm in love with Vampire Knight / Vampire Knight Guilty.

I was originally going for a gothic lolita dress. (which i so !)

But when I started painting it was so hard to keep all the details.

(the laces and stockings had to go too. =/)

I'm such a sloppy painter! o:


Internet's still down by the way. So annoying now. They were able to fix it last time... (aah. this is what you get living in a tiers-monde) T_T There's absolutely nothing you can rely on.

24th October 2008, Friday, 20:36:01

I was (finally) able to edit my pictures and they're waiting to be uploaded.

Ugh. my (real) internet's down and I'm currently on dial-up. 45kbps! :c

(i happen to have a few dial-up cards left and they're expiring soon!)!

Reminder to self: call and complain tomorrow morning to said internet provider.

I apologize for the delay. =.='

I will put up the link here as soon as I fix the page. :)

For now, here's a glimpse of the stuff I took.

20th October 2008, Monday, 23:30:35

Tea! --Yes, it's good.

This was from Macau and it's quite good. (And yes, of course, I love the case)


Bought a pretty pair of shrinkies (it's how I call these kinds!), today at CMG.

It comes with a matching pouch too.

Here's how the shrinkies were stuffed inside the pouch.

And the unshrinked one.


I used this bag today. I think it's really pretty.

It came free with the CanCam (a Japanese fashion magazine) i bought last month.

I love pretty little free thingies. Haha.


Until then, I'm really sleepy. Guten Nacht.

17th October 2008, Friday, 20:17:12

Some things kawaii! brighten up your day!

I'm totally digging this shop at Marina Square ...

These little trinkets are sure to capture your heart. ♥ ♥ ♥

Sadly though, can't remember the shop's name (ahhhh. I'm really bad with names..!)

It's along there though, you'll find it, eventually. n_n;

While I was along Orchard...

I was using my old phone to take photos and look what it produced:

(different shots, same subject)

And I thought it was working properly again....! sigh.


Thought it was a pretty pretty thing to take a picture of.

Me and my attempts at photography. Haha.

Very topleftpixel-ish! (i love that photoblog!)

I took this photo. And I love it.

Ain't such a bad photographer now, am I?

It's from when I went to Little India. o^.~o

And one more thing... En decembre, je vais au SG (encore). Lol.

C'est pour sept jours. Et nous allons rester a Swissotel The Stamford. (ouaaaais! je brule avec d'impatience de y aller!)

Et aussi, je vais acheter des petits minidresses encore!


Quand j'étais là la dernière fois, nous avons réservé un hôtel bon marché. [maaaal! maaal!] Et oui, les installations comme les TVs, etc ont été mauvais aussi.

C'est petit, non? T_T

Eh, bien. Cette fois, no more cheap hotels [hahaha].

à plus!

Currently feeling :::

By the way, Vampire Knight Guilty is brilliant. n_n;

still ongoing! and the [PV] is good too, watching it reminds me of the manga.

Again, both good. If you love anime, watch it. ;)

6th October 2008, Monday, 20:32:02

Vampire Knight Guilty (VK Season 2) comes out today!

I definitely recommend Vampire Knight to everyone! It's such a great anime!

And I love Kaname-senpaaaai!

...I hope he doesn't turn out to be one of the bad guys!

(Here's the link to a user in YouTube who's posted the episodes)

//and Vampire Knight manga @ ShojoBeat.//

Look what I bought! from the COLLECTICON (Toy/Collectibles Convention) today!


I'm planning to make one of my own too, actually.

(when I get around buying the materials...!)

And of course, Twilight will be in theaters soon (November..wheeee! ^_^).

So here's the ad thingy at the movies.

Can't wait to see it. And Robert Pattinson. :)

By the way, the cosplay, as it turns out, is this coming Sunday. Agh. Would love to go see but it's in the afternoon.. and my French is on Sunday afternoons. So...=,(

1st October 2008, Wednesday, 23:47:58

My friend, Acha, who's very fond of Pullip dolls, sent me a link and told me I looked like Nina.

She's so adorable.. and she's wearing a schoolgirl outfit... :)

Pretty pretty! Do i look anything like her? *wink.wink*

Here's the Pullip website:

And here are some of my friend's Pullip dolls... including the dolls' lil' bunnies. I love the bunnies.

The photos are quite blurred though, sorry.

I particularly find the dark-haired pullip one with curls pretty. ^_^

Some photos from where we had dinner last night:

I was disappointed, and the food was bad. x.x

Based on what we were served with, I felt it was quite pricey and I could have eaten better food elsewhere with the same amount of money. (or even less!)

Bottom line is, it's not worth it. And if you're into this type of food, there are better restaurants out there.

And loookieee here!
The strawberry beanie from my birthday (in one of the store displays)...!

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