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25th October 2009, Sunday, 22:49:55

Guess what I had for dessert today...

Macapuno tarts. xP These ones are actually pretty good. I'm not usually one to like them, but this one I do! ;p

this is what's inside...

Sorry I had to show you the part I bit. xP gross leh. But I just wanted to show you the inside. :D


Despite having to work earlier today (because of the damages the typhoon has brought upon the area), went out during the afternoon for some shopping. Haha. I'm quite happy with the the stuff I bought.. (will post some other time because I still haven't taken photos of them yet). I seriously LOVE the My Neighbour Totoro merchandise I bought. It's a steal~~ since they can be quite expensive! I bought 4 designs... There are still 3 other designs I haven't bought. =/ But I'd be spending too much if I did. Ack! Seeing those things make me want to set up my online shop all the more. Problem is, I get too tired at the end of the day sometimes I don't feel like doing anything at all. Hmm, but I will think about it again. Right now I'm more interested in my photoblog. :D

These past few weeks have been really tiring at work. I SWEAR. The stress is getting to me already. >_<
The only thing I look forward to are my classes... :P

Any more suggestions on how to de-stress myself? ?_?


Yesterday I was given this mobile phone by someone. It's very very small! It looks like a toy at first glance, because of its colour. But it resembles the calculator a lot, no? :P It's very old school and I haven't used something like this in a long time. I actually had fun typing in it because it's way easier to SMS compared to the phones now. :P

It's actually a cheena phone, but not so bad.. ;p

(brand name below)

It actually fits my notebook's touch pad just right. :D

SLIM, and light... ♫

clean, and BRIGHT... ♫

(HAHA, why is the song from the Sound of Music playing in my head! x_X)

My hand and the phone.

my current phone compared to it.

Lastly... a close up


Lols, I'm turning in for the night now. Good night. =X

18th October 2009, Sunday, 22:32:16

Hier, l’examen de mon cours de japonais était très difficile ! J’ai 15 fautes déjà ! =S Mais, je l’ai étudié au sérieux le nuit. Ben… alors, j’ai fait mon mieux…j’espère que le résultat va bien. >_<

Ton weekend, c’est comment ? Moi, j’ai vu une filme japonaise, « Koizora ». Je ne l’ai finit pas… je n’aime pas bien l’histoire… *_* C’est plus comme la version de manga. Mais les caractères sont agréables, si je les compare aux autres.

Cet après-midi, j’ai joué à FFXII encore. (Comme tout mes weekends..n_n ) je me suis bien amusé. ^_^ Après, j’ai cousu un peluche gâteau de fraise... Ce n’est pas fini pour le moment… j’ai peu de temps pour faire ces choses, c’est quoi. x_X

Ack, je te laisse….vais dormir.

Bon nuit. =X

15th October 2009, Thursday, 23:10:52

Sweet beginnings and bitter endings.....♪

i just felt like saying it. >_<

It's been so long since I listened to some of my favourite tunes....I realize now how much I still love to listen to The Corrs. They make such pretty music it's quite enjoyable to listen to. xP

I was supposed to start studying tonight but ended up watching episode 19 of 钻石情缘.. still downloading the final episode. =/ Haha. I don't actually know how it will end yet. I hope I won't be disappointed. Haha. To watch it after 3 years from when it aired is still okay. >_<

And then after that I watched Nana2.. thinking it would be as nice as the first one. But it's so dragging! And I didn't like how the story turned out at all. I liked Nana1 better. And did they change the actor for Ren (the bassist)? because it sure didn't look like him. I sat for two long hours to finish it. o_O I skipped some of the singing part.. Haha.


Je dois bien etudier demain.........ack. XP

14th October 2009, Wednesday, 21:18:01

Sorry for the lack of updates! :P

I was without connection after the open house so I just made it into this... which turned out to be not so bad....

Went out for dinner after that... Looking at these foodie photos make me hung-ree!

I had fun making it into like a film thing too! :D

And then there was thing toy convention thing going on~ ;)

I took this when it was almost over. Haha. I have another photo but this one looks better.

PEOPLE. So many.

Random things from here and there:

the full outfits look like they're lacking something.. but because it's hard to come across things like these around here... I wonder how much they cost?

cat ears.. bunny ears.. cute hats.

The ones before were cuter than the ones now. The only one i like is the Rilakkuma one. >_< I'd really like to have totoro, and kon........ I was planning to sew a totoro one but couldn't get my hands on any black and white felt for its body and eyes.

When can i use my giraffe ears, goat ears, and bunny ears?! >_<

Anyone get me cat ears for my collection? :P

Honey-O's... YUM *_*

This little monkey fell off from my bag.

Yawns...! I'll go read manga the night away. Tomorrow I need to get some serious studying done. n_n;

1st October 2009, Thursday, 20:18:30

I just realized I forgot to upload my last post (the one about Ketsana). So yeah, that was my last post for SEPTEMBER -- click here to read it. ;)

Spent last night reading manga. My favourite mangas haven't updated yet so I was manga-hopping and finished The King's Pawnshop... Very short story, and not so bad... but not really a must-read. I like the characters and the illustrations though. xP And then I tried Kaichou wa maid-sama.. i think I heard the title somewhere before because it sounds so familiar. Haha. It's okay I guess... to pass some time. ;p I actually hate the school parts because the main character is so rough. The maid cafe parts are nicer.

Any manga you recommend? :D

I'm soooo tired by the way. I recently caught a cold but it's getting better. Waiting for my download of Heroes. But this evening I'll be watching 钻石情缘. Only started recently and it wasn't so bad... so i'm still waiting for the other episodes to finish. :P

Oh, and did you know there's a new season for Grey's Anatomy? Aaaah! I'm a super huge fan. ;P I hope the new season's good. The only characters I didn't like from the previous one were George and that dark-haired girl who became George's girlfriend.

So.... I dreaded the end of this week because I thought we were going to have our exam. I forgot it was scheduled the week after. *phew!* They're doing an open house this coming Saturday and I'm not sure if I'll be able to go. I can't imagine it being held at the school though (since it's very small and old), it'd probably be better if they held it at the other campus. haha. I need to get some studying done soon. T_T

But first, i'm off to watch 钻石情缘. :D Later. :D

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