Sunday, December 16, 2012

Printed out and Ready

All reservations and boarding passes printed out~! :3 A little bulky,

Exactly two days left! (/*_*)/~


Have been looking at the weather of late, and here is how Berlin is looking:

2012.12.11 Last week

2012.12.16 Earlier today

Looks bleak and gloomy. Also hate it when it rains.
I hope it gets better the next couple of days.
Imagine viewing the city from the Reichstag and seeing only smoggy rooftops. :O


Berlin-Rome-Madrid, and after that I only have one day of rest and then work the following day. o_O My sleeping sched is going to get messed up again. But the trip would be worth the zombieness that ensues..XD (that I'm sure! :P)

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Recent Kawaii gets

Another cute tincan for random thingies.

rings and card reader

paris train tickets, haha.

memory cards, waiting to be cleared

Too cute to use. Wonder what I should I use this for..

Soft plushie.


Something to keep one motivated while studying.

Correction tape. *nyan*

I used to bring cute little whatnots like these back in univ. :D

Were quite distracting and I always end up rummaging through my pencil case more often than I should.:P

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Cards from India

Last week, I bought some books again (..and absolutely no time to read them! XD I now have a pile of books waiting to be read! :P)

..and guess what I found!

Some beautifully-made cards from India..

They're supposedly made from recycled material. (even the envelopes had a nice grainy texture!)

Each pattern held a particular reference to Indian culture,

and were explained in great detail at the back of each card.

Besides these that were printed on brown paper, here are some that were painted in gold.

Such intricate details.

And again a short description about it.

The other one in red

I got these at a bargain, and were sadly the only ones left!

It came with stickers (the name of the card maker on it)

Looks almost like cloth!

Amazing craftsmanship.


Only 9 days until Berlin. ♥♥

Friday, December 07, 2012

Afternoon Pizza

From two weeks back,

I had a couple of coupons for free pizza from blah and blah, and have found the perfect time to claim it.

Tasted all buttery. Not the best, but not so bad either.

Did you know they now serve mini-sized pizzas!

they have been for years now. But it has improved so much since.

Almost gone all too quickly!


Made such a nice break from a whole day of shopping. :D

Filled me just about right. :3

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Not another food post. Yes it is.

Had a lovely one-day work holiday last week, and I spent it wisely shopping. :D


Photo of myself... Photo of some wrist cuffs / bangles from a store.

Bought two dresses I haven't taken a photo of. Haha, I rarely ever go out so I hope I find an occasion to wear them! :3

I also want to get a haircut so badly. o_O Shoulder-length would be just about right. My current do feels long, unmanageable, and heavy. =_=


Moving on, here are some food photos.

Soy sauce and vinegar, the local staple!

Mis it all together with these.. the perfect dip!

Great stuff.


Until my next post. :D