Monday, December 20, 2010

Photos taken with my mobile phone (have been clearing up some memory for the trip.xD)

Took these last weekend to get a feel of what I'm going to wear.

It's going to take some leg warmers and inner wear.:D Last time I checked it was 0*C and sometimes a -2*C. The weather is clearing up in recent days, but by the looks of it it will get cooler again.

Will probably post some tweets when I do manage to get a signal around places. Typing with the psp is incredibly frustrating though. Most of the time I will probably be on Skype....xP


Photos I took while on the road somewhere, a blurry and a rather tolerable shot of a Christmas tree.

Have a Merry Christmas.:)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Some photos I plan to use on my photoblog:

Beautiful clouds....

I thought the rounded exterior of the building looked nice with a few greens on its foreground.

Have a wonderful mid-week.:D

Thursday, December 09, 2010

A few more days until Christmas, am not feeling it yet, but isn't it wonderful Doritos came out with this...

And it says these were limited edition shapes.

There wasn't a single perfect shape inside though, a little disappointed because I wanted to take a photo of it.


Finally, one more week to lots of work. Checked the Tokyo weather yesterday and it was about 10degrees Celsius on average. Will start packing this weekend.:)

Off to play Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core on PSP.:D
Out on a fine day, more photo-taking, went home with a migraine from the intense heat...

Then again, these came out so beautiful the headache that came with it was well-worth it.

Some chinese sweet with crushed nuts on the inside, not to be mistaken with silkworm cocoons!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Food Review :: Tempura Japanese Grill

Photos from brunch the other day:

A mix of veg and beef, it was yummy (expensive though, since the serving is so small)

Tempura, and there's only two of 'em left. n_n""

Super soft tofu and onions. My all-time favourite.

Curry Omelette Rice (and again.;p I tend to order the same stuff over and over again)

And these.. Not the best, too much mayo. The mayo was all over my mouth when I ate it.

Tempura Japanese Grill - @Robinson's Place Ermita

Food 8.5/10
Service 6/10
Presentation 8/10


-service was not so good
-waiting time was too long
-where are the waiters when you need them?
-one thing I hate is being served with greasy plates! Please serve me cleaner plates next time. =_=
-But the food was good otherwise.

I bought a Totoro PSP Bag:

Red PSP with Totoro behind it.

It fits perfectly..

And I also bought this pink bunny. It's a little purse, like the ones I got when I was a kid. It's just another cute accessory I get to put on. :D

While I was rummaging through my closet, I found this:

Sis bought it for me back when she went to HK with her friends a few years back.

A couple of weeks before I set off for Japan. UWAH! =O

I looked through my closet during the weekend for winter stuff. Managed to find most of them but my earmuffs.... Where could I have placed them? :SIGH: I have not started packing, but they're mostly in one place for now. Will start packing next week when I find the time. Still need to decide on what to wear (^o^). I have also been following the weather in Japan (so I know how much and how warm I need to bring.).

I bought myself a super kawaaaaii pair of boots. (I tweeted about it the other day). Wanted the grey one at first since I already had brown boots. But they didn't have grey in my size so I got brown instead. The inside is lined with a generous amount of fur and warm materials.

If that doesn't make me ultra-happy I don't know what will. I cannot wait to wear them.:)

Unfortunately I haven't taken a photo of it yet....:P Will post next week.

I also managed to get super-thick black tights.:)

I wish I could get them in other colours too.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Here are some of the photos from when I got my psp two weeks back.:D (It's incredibly late to get one.T_T)

Before I peeled off the protective sticker:

And I got the チョットショット (camera) as well. (But you can't really expect much from it save for a cool few features.)

It even has a case for when you're not using it.

With the cd thing to edit with.

PSP with the plastic casing... Plus the camera plugged in at the top. You can move the camera forward and back, and there's a ring around the lens which you can also move slightly. It lets you pick whether you want macro or normal, but really, it's just the design. It doesn't do macro at all.

And that's me connecting to my みゆう skype account:

Will definitely come in handy for when I'm overseas and need to contact people. :D


Je brule avec impatience d'aller au Japon. =^.^= Uwaaah.

I caught a cold last week but it's almost gone now. Which is good. Have been stuffing myself silly with Vitamin C.
I should be all healthy and fit to enjoy my winter vacation.>_< LEG warmers, I finally get to use them.
Meant to post earlier. But have been too preoccupied with the psp. >_<

Have been following the moon these past few days. It's marvelous.

Photos from last night with the EOS500d: (no enhancements done)

The clouds around the moon..

Since I started taking photos myself I've grown a certain fascination to the moon....xD

Taken with the SX110is: (with little enhancement, natural noise)

Taken with the EOS500d earlier this evening: (no enhancements either, the colour is the moon's natural colour)

I hope you enjoyed the moon shots as much as I did. :P

Lovely evening!

Monday, November 01, 2010

Here, photos taken with the 500d, and shall soon appear on my photoblog (how many times have I said that? Haha)

Winter is coming.:D

The next two photos I love:

I bought myself a bag recently and I love it.:P

I have a skirt with a pattern close to this one. I think it'd go well with the bag.:D

This bottle I got last week, I don't know what to do with it, but I just knew I had to get it. Lol.

Bunny with the bag.

Those were photos taken with my phone cam.


Have a lovely halloween, I'm off to watch Covert Affairs (LOL, Auggie is L♥VE! ^o^ How long has it been since I last crushed on a non-Japanese actor?xP And he has a beautiful bod too -- must see episode 7! ;) *heart.skips.a.beat*)

I think I may have overused the word LOVE in this post. Haha.
Was cleaning up the drawer under my bed today (the CD stash!:P), I haven't touched it for more than a year and it was a little dusty, so I cleaned everything.>_< Took me the whole afternoon+evening, slept at 2am.:P
It was nostalgic.>_< I took out my old discman and listened to one CD after another. :P

The ziploc-ing process begins.

Westlife albums, singles, and concert videos. (all original, btw.:P I bought the goodies from here and there. Some from Hong Kong, some from Taiwan, and the CD singles from a 二手CD shop -- except for Uptown Girl which I bought from HMV a few days after its release.)

OMG. I was a super fan then, and still is, their songs are brill.:P Couldn't get a good shot with my mobile phone..!

Next, the last original CD I ever bought, Maroon5.:P

Here, the first ever original CD I got. "Tearin' up my heart" is my favourite, but I love the rest of the songs in this album too.

Ronan Keating, the man behind Westlife.>_<

I have the whole Boyzone collection too (Keating's earlier group). But I bought the albums that followed too when he went solo.

The cover is pretty neat, eh? This is a CD Single, and it includes a Westlife interview -- one of the reasons why I spent on this one.

His album 'Destination' includes a phat notepad with photos and pages of Keating.

The "All Rise" album by Blue. Bought this one in Taiwan.

Another photo of the stack.

This one's another of my ultimate faves, 98degrees. So old school.

And then came Westlife, after them.

The album came with a Passport jacket. The design was of an old worn out map, and I still couldn't make myself use it... too pretty.:D

I also liked BSB, more the songs than the band itself.

I love beautiful packaging that comes with wonderful freebies. This one came with I think 6pcs 10x10 photos back to back.

That's about it for my CD collection, they're neatly stacked away now.;)