Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Photography - weekend shots, more breathtaking views

Yesterday afternoon was mostly grey and foggy.

But soon after, the skies have started to clear up and I was greeted with this breathtaking view.

Watched the sun go down. It was absolutely beautiful.

This is what I like spending part of my weekend on.


These ones were taken last weekend, in the morning.

Those sailboats look almost like paper ones!

I love how the sky casts this sheer gloss on the water.

What I see from my room window amazes me again and again. Which is why I always keep my camera ready.xD


Some of these I will be posting on my photoblog.

If you'd like to see more of my photos, please visit:

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leave a comment and it'll make me even happier.;D

Monday, August 22, 2011

Instant Curry, Eating out, Random stuff

Tried this curry a couple of weeks back..

It's another one of them instant-curry you can get from Japanese stores/ supermarkets.

And it's supposed to look like this.. (says the box)

Here, ready to cut..

And pouring the contents..

This is a little different from the one I had last time. This one had too mcuh sauce but had some chunks of beef. Felt the potato was a little different too. The other brand I tried last time had nicer vegetable pieces inside.


So anyway, How about some real food? ;p

This is a restaurant we went to last week, serving japanese food.

This is me waiting for my food...

And here they are:

A fusion of american and japanese (or so it says), these are served with mayonaisse and cream cheese.

These ones had salmon in them. But you can hardly see salmon in it.T_T""

Ah, this is one of my favourites, super soft tofu with those lovely-looking shrooms.

Tempura, fried to perfection.

An overview of what we were having so far,

Here comes curry-omu-raisu, which I used to love. This time was alittle disappointed because it was chuckful of very dry chicken meat.T_T

I hate dry meat.T_T So I discarded them. But I ate everything else anyway.;P

These were shared among myself and two other people, ate more than what I normally have for dinner, and was extremely stuffed.>_<" But in a good way.:P


Last week have also started reading Tintin in Spanish. Have read these before in English so it was interesting to read it in another language. Unfortunately I do not have a copy in French...>_<

I love Snowy.xD


Have also played the guitar for at least an hour this weekend.:P

Usually practice on steel-string but I missed my nylon-string one and played on both.

It seems my guitar skills have gotten worse instead of better as I have not been playing regularly like before.

Have not perfected any of the songs I have been studying, but I feel like playing a new tune for a change, shall look for a couple of new easy pieces to study.;P


Also did a bit of binding. Not that I like it, but because it keeps my stuff neat, I go through the trouble of doing this.


Last week, I have started to watch "To Aru Kagaku no Railgun".

Have been meaning to watch for a long time now but was feeling lazy to look for the CD.:P

Anyway, this is the episode where I stopped last week,

Lol, thought this character is cute, with that hairstyle and all.


Think I should get a bigger screen in my room? But since my room is very small, have felt this is good enough.


When I get bored, I take some photos.

Lol, and some random residential block...


Until then! x

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

For those with a sweet tooth - Doughnuts and Chelsea Butterscotch treats from Meiji

Felt like eating something sweet today...

So bought some doughnuts from...

Thought I'd try this one...

And it tasted lovely! Although I ended up taking out the white parts because they were too sweet.T_T


Picked this up from the supermarket yesterday!:D

Chelsea Butter Scotch.:P

Bought it because (1)attractive packaging.:P (2)because it's butter scotch.

And when I opened it, (3)Because of this cool tagline!:P

The candies are wrapped in very nice wrapper too. (Reminds me of Chiyogami Paper!)

It was a little expensive though, and with only 10candies inside! :(

But eating them makes me happy anyway, so I guess it's worth it too.;p

Monday, August 08, 2011

Instant soup, Maple Tea, Almond Choc, Unhealthy food

Can you guess what this is?

It's the contents of this packet of instant chinese soup.

Just add hot water...

And there you have your hot soup with seaweeds, veg, some carrot, and some egg.


Opened a box of Almond Choc last week~!

Last time I had this was a long time ago, when I was a kid.




Also opened this Maple-infused Ceylon Tea, which was a gift.

I like the wooden case.:P Thinking of putting a little varnish on it later though..

A closer look, the illustration..

Tea bag..

And here it is..;p


Dinner from the other day,,,

I wonder if you can tell them apart but the earlier ones were pork and this one's chicken.:P

Haha, everything we had were fried, not a single veg dish. Not good at all.n_n; But was very filling.


Yesterday night's Laksa Mee. Looks... normal. But tastes incredibly good!

Singapore has loads of good-tasting instant mee.