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26th April 2009, Sunday, 23:15:22

Haven't blogged in almost two weeks. Haha. I guess I have just been feeling lazy (and had other stuff to do too). Last Saturday's "midterm" went okay. It was so easy! x_X Haha. Perfect so far... But there's a part two this week.. You think I should still study for it? x_X

i haven't been in a very nice mood lately (because some stuff came up and it really sucks). Sigh. But if there are things that definitely made me happy this week, it's these....

hedgehog on my mobile phone

hedgehog reading..manga?

pelouche jolie...!! I think it's a hermit?...

I love the pages of this notebook!

I bought a German dictionary again. I have the big Collins hard cover kind but I's too bulky to bring around so this one's pretty handy. I have a mini Larousse kind but I feel like it's less complete. I think I should review my German.. it's been two years....

C'est treees mignon, l'ours..^-^

Oh.. and I finally got one of these pouches...! It's soo pink and there are bunny ears~~ Haha.

my German dictionary fits in it... :p

...And DQ definitely made my day too. (strawberry-banana rox)

I guess I better turn in for the night now. Need to get up early tomorrow. :(

I'll leave you with a random photo before I end my post. (thought the weather was nice)..

Good night..! Muackz. =X

14th April 2009, Tuesday, 20:14:36


quarter pounder..

large fries..

and apple pie..

I was thinking whether I should have big mac or quarter pounder and had someone pick for me instead.. T_T Usually I'd have Chicken Nuggets.. But it's not enough! o_O Oh, and they don't have curry sauce too. -_-

11th April 2009, Saturday, 16:43:22

These past few days have been so unproductive (haha. totally slacking off).. So I thought I'd draw a bit so that I'd at least have done something.. xP

Does it look okay? I kinda lost my patience so i did away with all the pencil and just drew in ink straight away (except the middle part which I did in pencil first..n_n;).

Here's another one i drew yesterday...

It's supposed to be a temple in Yau Ma Tei in Hong Kong.. xP

I took a break somewhere in between and took these photos..:p

pencils..and kneaded eraser..

the frame which I did in pencil before inking it in. I started with the ones on the front...

here's the type of music I love listening to while drawing...xP


And have you ever wondered what kind of view I get from my window? Hm.. Okay, I'll let you in on that with these photos.. (yesterday's sunset...:p)

This next one took some experimenting but I really love it ^-^

Unusual but pretty clouds...

this next one was from the other day... dark clouds looming over....n_n;


I hope you enjoyed that ^-^ Catch ya later. ;)

I also did my homework already... So... yay. ;)

I might not be online tomorrow.. so, Happy Easter everyone. =x

6th April 2009, Monday, 21:37:08

This week, I'm happy... :p For a lot of reasons.. n_n;

I bought these yesterday... n_n; I actually preferred the light-coloured ones but it gets dirty all too easily so I ended up picking this colour.. They're really nice, by the way.. I'm using them in my room now :p

I also bought a new cover for my bolster. This character is so adorable.. ^-^

I also got myself these earphones. (Well, I originally got them for someone else but thought I'd keep 'em instead. xP)
I prefer my old (not-so-white-anymore) earphones because the sound comes out better for some reason... but i'll hold on to these for now anyway.

Some random photo... Green mushroom hanging on my white bag :) I got it from one of them insert-a-coin thingies in hk. (What exactly are they called..?)

I inserted the giraffe I drew on my jap book. :p I also stamped bad badtz maru on it... xP

And since I have a little free time (because of the holidays), I thought I'd do some advanced studying.. And try to answer these:

Here's the cover of my jap book. I used some old magazine paper (haha, a game magazine..). And cut up some katakana characters for my name. (It reads: ku-ri-zu for Chriz. It's be too tedious to write my whole name in katakana so I just used my nickname.:P

I wonder if it's possible to use my chinese name? ...since Japanese uses lots of kanji anyway. Haha. I don't think my name is included in Japanese Kanji though..?

By the way... It's funny how close the meanings of the kanji characters in japanese are to their chinese counterparts (most of them anyway).. But there are differences usage, etc. Like the word '勉強'します (べんきょうします) for example, which in japanese means studying or will study. xP (~What, are they forced to study? xD)

But I've also encountered some kanji i'm not so familiar with. =.= Like 曜日 when we were studying the days of the week..they're using ~曜日 in place of the chinese 星期~. And they're using 日月火水木金土 as SunMonTuesWedThursFriSat.:p

Enough of Japanese. xP I'm going to watch Scrubs now. (*_*) Haha. I just started today and it's good. ^_^ It's really light when you do not want too much drama and some parts can really make you laugh (oh, i find it funny anyways). And the casting I have no problems with either. They're okay. x.x

Btw, I just saw the video of Jai Ho (the Slumdog Millionaire ost) with pussycat dolls in it. Makes it sound not so original. o_O I prefer the original A.R. Rahman only version.. n_n; (except for the part where they sing in Spanish. Haha. That part makes it less authentic.)

1st April 2009, Wednesday, 21:51:54

I watched The Tale of Despereaux. It's hmm.. okay. The mouse is pretty cute, but the story jumps from one character to the other and it's confusing and off on some parts. They try to bring so many elements together but fail at just that..! Maybe a five out of ten? (I would not consider watching it again~). :p


There's something on my mind right now but I shall not talk about it so as not to keep my hopes up. Haha. (think of all the possibilities~~). Hm...

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