Monday, March 02, 2015

Coin Collection : Nuremberg, Prague, Milan, Turin

Coins from my last travel: (Collecting as much as i can , and whenever I see coin machines.XD)

Coins from Nuremberg, Prague, Milan, and Turin. (Not a coin machine in sight in Bamberg.XD)

Gold coin from the Golden Lane, up at Hradčany (Prague Castle).

Franz Kafka on the reverse side.

Týn Church at Prague's Old Town

reverse side,

Vyšehrad Katedrála sv. Petra a Pavla Praha (we walked all the way to Vyšehrad, a lot of interesting sights on the way)

Reverse side,

Next one is from Torino, and the most expensive one too, bought it inside the church (shop).

reverse side,

Then some coins from Milan.
This one was from the Church shop.

reverse side,

And finally the next one is from a coin machine oustide a souvenir shop right across the Piazza di Duomo (opposite the Church)


I wish I could have gotten more to add to my collection.:3

P.S. You can find an earlier post on my coin collection here --> *A* Enjoy~

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